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  1. Get me in here Ice!
  3. Gameboy Color! Dude go to the old stuff and appreciate what they brought to you!
  4. WOOT! Talk the blam! Savior! Dude! Got the same thoughts! The words rushed through my head as they went through my eyes and then WOW my eyes popped open and I thought "holy blam!" he's talking the right "blam!" Awesome Savior!
  5. I like your sig, whoever made that is smexy

  6. Don't listen to nugget! Listen to me ^.^ I know how to actually win a race ^.^

  7. Love my new sig thanks to Zerker!

  8. If u remember that trick i told u last night then u will win a tournament eventually

    hope i see u soon in another tournament

    P.S 1ST

  9. You know the sol emblem with a four diamonds background? Yea that.
  10. I wanna join! I like cake. I wanna have fun!
  11. Yea, I'll just join one of your games one time, maybe tomorrow or something lol, I don't follow that with Halo Reach.
  12. Okay, thanks Zerker! And, I guess like Orange or Blue or something Cookie. Thanks again. Oh and that goes to you too Zerker!
  13. I have no idea how to bank, I know how to angle a bank, just can't get it smooth, Help!
  14. That's a great buddy bond idea! Lol.
  15. Oo, yea Cookie, a sig, make one for me! Thanks!