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  1. Gun customization doesnt matter anymore because everyone has the exact same thing because black ops ruined it.
  2. Welcome to HaloTracks xAwesomE ToasTx!

  3. I think city maps are the best followed by sx and hard roller coasters with a close tie for second
  4. I bought a lvl 1... and got 14 points :(
  5. My original gamertag was HomicidalKarma0... an xbox live generated name. I wanted it to be Soccerman but that was taken and I saw HomicidalKarma0 in the list of names and just picked it. After about 8 months my friends and I got mw2 and we all joined the kLuTcH clan... I was kLuTcH x iNsAnE. We did that for about another 4 months and it fell apart because I and 2 of my friends started playing Borderlands. After a month of Borderlands 8th grade was almost over and after finishing a test and having half an hour to wait for the class to end I came up with AwesomeToast so I ran it by my friends and they liked it, but AwesomeToast was taken so I used xAwesomE ToasTx. None of my friends joined me after that, but I didn't care because it's an "awesome" (Haha) name. Half way through summer I talked one of my friends into changing his and about a month ago he became xAwesomE BacoNx. And that is how I got my name.
  6. Why is it not putting my pictures on here?
  7. I'm glad that someone agrees!
  8. "-wish I had."
  9. I lawled it up because of this
  10. 10 sensitivity Default Not-Inverted Best way to go
  11. Saving Private Remi is hilarious
  12. How do you not find this funny... especially episode 3 Boom Headshot! Killing Spree! Running Riot! Killtacular! I'm Batman!
  13. Glenwood, IA, small town about 20 minutes from Omaha, NE
  14. I didn't pee all over the toilet seat, it was the yellow elephant... over there!
  15. = Episode 1 = Episode 2 = Episode 3 = Episode 4These are some of the funniest videos ive ever seen! haha