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  1. Ha, this guy is hilarious.
  2. I be taking teh signup
  3. Derp. I thought we just showed up. *sigh* Add me to the backup roster.
  4. Wednesdays are usually no problem, I should be able to make 90% of them Hope to be there tomorrow!
  5. Just realized I can never make Fridays, I get home from school at 5 :/. School sucks.
  6. Banned for not loving me.
  7. Les goooo. Kittehz signz upz.
  8. Me three am showing interest in joining by replying to this topic, mainly because my posts are the sauce.
  9. I blame you for me running out of toilet paper, and having to use a mat.
  10. It's going to be a lot different. But it looks like a game I would enjoy and play frequently.
  11. -1
  12. Impressive.
  13. Er MAh Gerd
  14. What a surprise, Cassel won.