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  1. I like PIE!!!!
  2. Sign me up, man
  3. Wow your Scottish too. Finally, I hated being the only Scottish member. You really need to get a mic so we can talk

  4. Basspro241: I alreadt saw that but thats for rollarcoasters, i want it for double wide racetracks. Thanks, AdamLaw1997
  5. I want to put a smooth spiral in my next racetrack but i don't know how. If someone could help me it would be much appreciated. Many Thanks, AdamLaw1997
  6. Thanks
  7. Is there anyway to remove maps from HaloTracks? Thanks, AdamLaw1997
  8. Thanks, Spencermx14 :)

  9. Hey welcome to halotracks!

  10. NEW RACETRACK: The Blue Lagoon: a smooth, twisty and incredibly fun racetrack, is now available on my FileShare, AdamLaw1997. Be sure to check it out, enjoy and reccomend if you like it.

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    2. c u l8er

      c u l8er

      No one will check it out unless you take pics, post it, etc

    3. AdamLaw1997


      Where should i post it smm2010 :)

    4. smm2010


      Send me a PM and I'll walk you through it.