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  1. I know! I was really excited when I saw that, but I've got an exam the next day :'( I'll keep a look out to see if one comes at an opportune time
  2. I'm really confused... After you changed your name a couple of times I lost track of who was who and sometimes read your name as Office, and sometimes as Offrce. Whenever I read it as Office I thought it was you and whenever I read it as Offrce I thought it was Gogeta for some reason.... I have no idea why But yeah, I'm kind of glad I waited on the MCC, but I am excited to get back on the track!
  3. Thanks for the help, everyone. This is good news - I was concerned that the community may be fairly inactive, but it sounds like there's plenty going on! There are some good deals on the Xbox One with a digital download of MCC (that 60+GB download's going to be fun Luckily my internet got upgraded last year, so it's faster and I might actually be able to join games!). I'm not making any promises yet, but it looks like I might be seeing you all on the track in about a month
  4. Hey HaloTracks! Long time no see. I fell out of touch with the community towards the end of Halo 4 due to my school exams, my fading interest in the game, and the fact that I'd have to splash out £400 on an Xbox One to continue with the MCC. I've been enjoying my time playing PC games like League of Legends, but I miss the awesome community and the fun I had with all sorts of racing. The price of the Xbox One is falling (I might even be able to pick up a cheap preowned one), but the state of the MCC at launch kept me away from spending money on it. I have a few questions about the MCC (and H5), which should help me make a decision on this. I could buy the MCC after my exams are finished, or I could wait until H5 is released, and see how that does at launch. So, on to the questions! - What is the community like ATM (HT and Halo in general)? Is it bigger/smaller than towards the end of H4? - What is the MCC like? Which issues are fixed, and which still exist (does multiplayer work properly, and are we still restricted in relation to the number of objects on the map for certain party sizes in custom games?)? - What was the general consensus on the H5 Beta? I know it was just the arena multiplayer beta, but it looked a lot less "pure Halo" and more towards the H4/COD style to me, is that what it felt like to play (I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but I think I'd prefer the original pure Halo multiplayer)? - How much help are 343 being? Are they fixing and improving the MCC, or just focusing on making a good H5? - What DLC (paid or free) is out for the MCC? - Is the official race gametype any good? What has been done in terms of custom racing gametypes? - How does Forge/making gametypes work in the MCC? I'm under the impression that H3 and H4 get their orginal Forge modes and H2A gets its own shiny new one (with scripting and stuff). Are gametypes interchangeable between games, or do we have to make different gamemodes for each game? - Is most of the Forging/racing done on H2A, or is it spread over the collection of games? - What's H2A like to play? It looks and sounds to me very similar to H4, but does it feel like H2? - What's the mongoose in H2A like compared to other Halo games? Sorry for the rather long post; feel free to contribute as much or little as you want. I hope I can get a clearer idea of the state of the MCC, and get closer to a decision
  5. I'm fairly sure there is a way of doing it. I don't have any videos on my Twitch so I can't test it, but if you go to, you can link your YouTube channel to your Twitch account. Then there should be a way to export your Twitch archives to YouTube. You can also use an unofficial Twitch video downloader, and upload those videos to YouTube, but that could take a while, depending on your internet speed and the video length/quality. EDIT: Yep, that photo Swat posted is the page I was talking about.
  6. The difference here, however, is that this game could threaten 343's ability to make money. Fan-made videos are hardly likely to steer a noticeable number of customers away from a game (they're far more likely to attract people to said game), but this game, if it becomes popular and takes fans away from Halo, would stop 343 making as much money as they otherwise would. As stated in the OP the competition would likely be good, but if 343 are losing money to a company who are using their trademarks and ideas without permission, they will probably take legal action to retain as much market share as possible, and make as much money as possible.
  7. Personally, what I think is more likely to happen if 343 see this is that Microsoft will take them to court for trademark infringement. I'm not familiar with US law, but I don't see any way they can legally call it a 'Halo' game with the 'Covenant', and many very similar assets. If they were making a unique Halo-inspired game I'd be interested in playing it and supporting them, but unfortunately they seem to just be copying Halo onto PC.
  8. I first played a racetrack before I got an Xbox on Halo 3 at a friend's house, and I loved it (it was a foundry roller coaster I think). When I got my Xbox and got Reach, I started forging some maps with the new Race gamemode. I googled around for some more maps, and found HT had links to maps, and I joined the site (although it took me about a week to join because at the time the captcha code didn't work on internet explorer, so I think I had to use my phone to make an account)
  9. I was a huge Games Workshop fan. I spent a good few years amassing a collection of Warhammer 40K, Fantasy, and Lord of the Rings miniatures. I would play with my friends and with my dad, and I even had a birthday party at Games Workshop 1 year, when an army of all sorts of aliens tried to storm a human castle. I've still got all of my figures, but I don't play them any more. I loved playing, but I also spent a lot of time reading the books and planning cool armies, as well as modelling and painting my figures (although, unfortunately, rather a lot of them have been left unpainted, as I'd get distracted by a new army or project before finishing the first one). Before that I also played a bit of Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh. I've also just started playing D&D with a group of friends of mine. We started with an old (from 1991, according to Wikipedia) starter set that my friend has, and a few weeks ago I purchased the 5E Player's Handbook and I started DMing a proper custom campaign for them. It's incredibly fun, and I hardly have to plan anything, as it's basically all player led (they just decided to stage a raid on the castle of the Duke they had been working for ). I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who has the motivation to put in a few hours a week (to playing and any planning/set-up that needs to be done) to try it, and the basic rules can be downloaded for free from the Wizards of the Coast (the developers of D&D) website.
  10. It looks fine to me. Normally the videos take a while to update, so just leave it for a bit to see if it fixes itself. I've never had any problems with it for my videos.
  11. Mobile YouTube links in the Shoutbox will now behave themselves, so feel free to post them!

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      (also, YouTube links will now automatically link to the video like any other link, without manually putting in tags)

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  12. I use my Turtle Beach X11s, and they're great, especially considering I already had them; that sucks that yours give static though. However, I have heard many people recommend Blue mics, and the Blue Snowball looks like it is pretty good value, too. I haven't really heard of many mics apart from Blue, but don't forget to research some quality tests before you buy it, and make sure that it's compatible with your system (e.g. I think some use a special connector instead of USB, which requires some magic audio equipment)
  13. Pretty much everything Purple said, plus: Race - I hope we can get better positioning registering, be that through dedicated servers or some other method. - Some more unique gametypes, which we can build custom race gametypes from (e.g. VIP and Speedpile). - Ability to race in teams. Forge - Hopefully the new box'll reduce frame rate lag, allowing us to use lots of complicated objects in a tight space. - Bigger maps with a bigger budget to fill them with! - Maps with a large variety of interesting terrain for racing. - New forge pieces, and maybe the option to change the textures, too. - Being able to change the colour of 'gooses again (and having them change colour in the race gametypes would be awesome too)!
  14. Woo hoo! One week until my exams finish and I can actually start doing fun stuff again! :D

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      I still did all the fun stuff I usually do doing Exams :)

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      My last exam is on Wednesday!

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      RT Office. Damn people from the UK always ditching all their hobbies for exams.

  15. Frank O'Connor has confirmed it too on NeoGaf, so I think we're safe