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  1. Hey, that matchmaking in Halo 3 was fun today! We should do it more often!

  2. Winning matchmaking and ranking up...............

    1. RushMyPancake


      thank you for beating me at chess lol

    2. BMW350


      hahahahahaha! i know

  3. Winning matchmaking and ranking up...............

  4. Going fihing, catching a fluke

    1. Treser


      Catch me a nice big ass

    2. BMW350


      wow you would say that

  5. Going fihing, catching a fluke

  6. Welcome to HaloTracks! I hope you enjoy your stay here! We have tons of fun stuff! You can make maps to post in the gallery, race in tournaments, and other fun stuff!

  7. There are plenty of tournaments in the Free for all section

    There are also plenty of squads to sign up for that has races in a Series like HT Shift and Adrenaline

  8. Hey there are lots of tournaments going on, go check them out!

  9. bro when is there going to be a free-frall racing for halo reach and when is it cause i am in

  10. Hey BMW350, welcome to halotracks! have fun and if you need any help go check out the new members forums and there is alot of answers there!