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  1. I mainly play warcraft 3 frozen throne online Island Defense FTW
  2. Lol i finished the campaign like yesterday, 5 hours on heroic And its not really a long walk considering me and my friends found some mongooses
  3. Cya Best Friend From America!!!
  4. I think its blam!ing rude, Kayne West is a Douchebag seriously that was just discusting, I hope his career gets ruined for that. Lady Gaga has a blam!.
  5. Well ..... getting away from the outsiders insults I enjoyed HT Velocity and I will be sad that it is ending (even though I've already left). HT Velocity was very fun as their was strong competition, but I think the "thing" that down-graded this squad was some of the members eg. Fleck, Jake, Chew. These people always caused constant arguments and problems during tournaments. I do hope that HT Velocity does recover and return. Goodluck On A Side Note: Letsmicrowavethis : Gtfo out of this topic honest to god, you have been constantly spamming with useless suggestions. 1. Fix the shoutbox yourself 2. Stop adding on information to past posts in a similar posts 3. No-one cares if you threaten to leave, Frankly 4. And the only reason you are getting "Bullblam!" is because you shouldn't be posting in our topics when your opinion isn't needed 5. If you have anger management issues then by insulting others is not helping 6. Stop blaming other people eg. "Cassel started it"
  6. I'm Just Letting You Know That I Have Decided To Leave Halotracks/Velocity. I Have Enjoyed My Time In Velocity But Now I Have Decided To Quit Due To It Being Not Enjoyable Anymore. Thankyou Bomberman914 For Organising This Squad. Regards Tonka.