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  1. The Waypoint forums make me mad sometimes

  2. I certainly haven't dropped a post in here in a long time
  3. it's been a while, but I have returned!

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    2. The Aviator13
    3. Keebler XII
    4. Keebler XII

      Keebler XII

      And thank you very much, I've always had a thing for waffles of a blue coloration.

  4. I like how your profile picture is in reference to the blue waffle disgusting picture of a female.

    Lol :D

  5. She made a post
  6. This isn't a post
  7. successfully sent a game request
  8. You've got to be joking...
  9. 8/10
  10. Wow that was a major betrayal...
  11. Well i signed up for a tournament but now i can't find the thread to check the date and time :(

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    2. Spencermx14
    3. Keebler XII

      Keebler XII

      Maybe it was a squad tourney i'll check there

    4. Yugnoswam


      HT Shift starts next week, I think you signed up?

  12. yay!!! go us!!
  13. I enjoy skytracks the way they are but i feel more creative skytrack one that does more than other skytracks would be very cool.
  14. no no no no no