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  1. Many thanks, Zigy!

  2. Hi Yusi! Welcome to HaloTracks! I'm Zigywig (A.K.A. The guy you don't talk to on your friends' list )
  3. Ha its good to hear we enjoy making them and me and iley888 who make them are still debating if we should make a 3rd

  4. I lol'd when I played both maps. I was wondering if there's a sequel, because I can't find it.

  5. Yes Im your man why lol you ask?

  6. Yes Im your man why lol you ask?

  7. You're the guy who made Raging Spaceships, am I right?

  8. ^This. I hope we get to play more mixers with other communities as well!
  9. Get two maps featured.

  10. What did you do to obtain your "distinguished" rank, out of curiosity?

  11. I LOVE the tire with the HaloTracks logo inside of it. Great job so far, if its not finished.
  12. I couldn't agree more. Aside from Luckycat999 complaining about doing all race maps this was a lot of fun, ESPECIALLY TURBO.
  13. It's all good brah. I haven't been that active on XF lol

  14. Yeah sorry about not being active around these parts recently. Like you said, I'm an XF person.