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  1. Hey folks, Our 26.2 hour stream starts tonight! Don't forget to tune in!
  2. April 15th, 2013 changed the lives of the people of Boston and its surrounding communities. Since the National Grifball Association (a Nonprofit Corporation) is headquartered out of Boston, we felt action should be taken on our behalf to help our fellow citizens in this time of need. Over the next two weeks, we will be holding multiple "marathon-themed" Grifball events, and we have an open charitable donation campaign on Donations are now being accepted, and will continue to be open throughout the events. Please give generously, as every donation will completely go to The One Fund Boston, Inc. We are pleased to announce that so far, we will be giving away download keys to two great games from Fire Hose Games (@FireHoseGames), which is run out of Cambridge, MA: 10 codes each for Go Home Dinosaurs and Slam Bolt Scrappers. We have also received 26 Boston-themed prize packs from Yawkey Way Report (@YawkeyWayReport), a publication about the Boston Red Sox, and Beantown Collectibles (@BTCHeadquarters), a sports-and-geek memorabilia retailer. Both of these companies are run out of Boston. In addition, the fine folks at Halo Waypoint (@HaloWaypoint) have agreed to donate a Halo-themed XBox Live download to each donor in our drive. This includes themes, Avatar armor, props, and picture packs. If you are reading this, and would like to help us in the way of sponsorship, please send an email to SquirrelBurrito or MasterSundown. Our most sincere thanks to our generous donors so far! EVENTS May 4th 6:00PM Eastern - May 5th 8:20PM Eastern - live 26.2 hour Grifball stream. We are asking interested community leaders and Halo personalities to join us on the stream on the NGA Grifball channel for half-hour blocks of Grifball. We are maintaining a Google document with all available time slots. Please contact us in any of the ways listed on the document if you are interested in participating. May 6th - May 12th: We will be encouraging the community to commit to playing 26 games of Grifball during this week. Players who report their games through a form on our site will be eligible to win prizes when the week is over. We will also give a prize to the player who gets the most sponsorships for this event. More details, including how to donate or sponsor your favorite Grifballer, can be found here, and will continue to be updated as the event nears. In addition, we are strongly considering holding a pay-to-play Grifball tournament, to be held on or around May 18th, depending on the amount of interest from the community at large. 80% of the fees for the tournament will be donated to charity, and 20% will go to the winning team. If this is something you and your Grifball team would be interested in, please drop us a line. There will be a cap of 16 teams (with four players) for this event. To stay up-to-date with this charity drive and our events, be sure to watch the forums, as well as following @Grifballnet, @squirrelburrito, and @MasterSundown on Twitter. Thank you for your time and support! #BostonStrong #GrifballStrong #SpartanStrong - - - Update - - - We've partnered with Duxter! If you can't donate money to the cause, you can still help out by donating your time! For every person to sign up to the duxter community, They will donate 20 cents to our charity drive! Use our referral link and take 2 minutes to create a profile, and you will be entered into one of our weekend prize drawings for 800 MS Points! Additionally, if you can spare the bandwidth, have our stream open on Saturday/Sunday (even if you don't watch, just mute it). Help us become the top channel on twitch this weekend and get the word out! You can make a difference!
  3. Thanks to everyone who came out! Hope you all had a good time, and I look forward to any future events!
  4. For the record, EST = EDT, sorry about the discrepancy between banner and announcement thread. EDT is simply a notation to signify the Eastern time zone, observing Daylight Savings. And the whole "griefing" thing is more or less just a conduct thing. Honestly, if that is how you get your jollies, then be my guest
  5. There's no need to be good, just come out and have a good time! Also, so that I do not misplace it. LolFerret AKA VK Victus wants to join. (Request via PM)
  6. I am proud to announce that the Halo Community members have been invited to a mixer with the members of HaloTracks! When: Sunday the 22nd, 7:00PM - 9:00 PM EDT. For those of you not familiar, HaloCommunity is a community in the Halo Universe that specializes in community events and tournaments. We have many interesting members, from forgers to MLG tryhards! If you want to take a break from trying hard in matchmaking, or if you enjoy casual racing on fun and interesting racing maps, then be sure to join us this Sunday. Rules: Have fun! Whatever that means to you. If you want to drive around in circles, great! If you want to go tryhard and win great also! In order to preserve the fun, we should have some pretty basic rules of conduct during the night of the mixer. Remember that if you participate in this site sponsored event you are representing your respective site, and we want to have a great time, but we want to conduct ourselves in an fun and appropriate manner. 1. No GRIEFING. We will be playing mostly racing style games. Do not intentionally knock racers off the map, drive backwards with intent to slam into the lead racer, or anything else that may be considered griefing. 2. Should we venture out into Matchmaking or other non-racing custom games, Standard HC game night rules apply. No holding the objective, keep the teabagging and trash-talking to a minimum, and absolutely nothing considered a bannable offense from your respective site. If you have to ask, it's probably safe not to try it. Respect your party captain and follow their instructions and we will have a great event! Please reply to this thread to sign-up so we can get an idea of how many lobbies we need to host! From Jeffh3962: Halo Community are pending affiliation with HaloTracks. We are using this mixer simply to test how both communities play together. We will be doing events like these frequently. Please treat Halo Community with the respect that they deserve, and let's show 'em a thing or two about racing in Halo
  7. I'm the community cartographer over on HaloCommunity, I also handle most of the tournament action as of late, as well. I see you also enjoy the finer arts of forge :)

  8. I see you have some sort of Ninja skills on Halo Community, what exactly do you do over yonder?

  9. Welcome to the site! Hope you enjoy!