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  1. I agree with this. One giant flat pillar or cliff is enough for flat terrain. It would have been greatly appreciated to include land with more varied scenery. I would have liked to see some hills, mountains, caves, rocks, trees, ponds, rivers... I would have liked to see an island closer to sea level where we can forge slightly below the surface of the water, like we were able to in Forge World. The number of areas Halo 4 Forge restricts us from exploring is sad, considering we don't have much land or space to forge in to start. What we have is better than nothing; but at least do better, if you want the community to be happy and grow.
  2. i like street cones.
  3. I use both. While I liked the idea of the Light Rifle, because it's basically the BR from Halo 2 beta, I wasn't comfortable using it and I didn't like the HUD on the scope. I haven't used it too much, and I haven't used the Carbine too much either. I like my DMR more than the BR because I feel that I'm more accurate with it than the BR, but still, both weapons are in my loadouts. One is much more effective close-range, and one is much more effective long-range. I've only played a little bit of BTB and Infinity Slayer.
  4. I just recently played Halo 4 Matchmaking for the first time. I should check out this playlist next time; it sounds interesting.
  5. Yes, I'm excited to play Halo 4 because of all the new bells and whistles, and the new canvases that we will be able to forge on. Plus, all the new customizable settings. My only concern is with all the armor abilities, upgrades, specializations, etc. I haven't played Call of Duty multiplayer games. My only wish is for it to not be too time-consuming to customize your player's loadouts, specializations, and playstyle. I'm the kind of guy that spends up to an hour when creating a player, so I don't wish to be spending too much time with all of the customizations for a shooter. I'm fine with spending time in creating players for sports games and games like Skyrim, because it's more about how the person looks. In shooters, it's only about how you want to kill your enemies... so, hopefully it's rather straightforward to unlock and equip stuff for your spartan. Basically, when Halo 4 comes around I just want to jump in to multiplayer and enjoy the new things without too much hassle, and I want to enjoy Forge.
  6. The mongoose looks like it accelerates faster than previous versions from this video: You can see the mongoose at 5:45 and 11:16.
  7. I'm guessing something like the UNSC equivalent of the Revenant, or something like this: http://saintsrow.wikia.com/wiki/EDF_Scout ^ but maybe without the rocket launcher? like this: http://redfaction.wikia.com/wiki/EDF_Scout_Car Here's video of the vehicle in Saints Row 2: www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4UOGP_vYmQ btw, it's funny how if the mongoose in Halo 4 didn't have the white stripes on the front, it would look almost exactly like the one in Halo Reach, albeit more hi-def. imo, the simple white stripes on both sides of the mongoose adds a lot to the design.
  8. I'm a pretty good forger, although most of the racetracks I've been working on are built on terrain and creating unique paths in normal multiplayer maps. I haven't made any skytracks or race maps using large amounts of forge objects, but I test my race maps for hundreds of laps on my own. I try to make race maps that are fun, and I also keep an eye out for any z-fighting or bad object placement. I hope so too. Time will tell when Halo 4 is released.
  9. Welcome to the site!

  10. I'm getting the Limited Edition pre-ordered from EB Games.
  11. Hey everyone, I'm oObeX. I'm an active member of GrifballHub, and I like Grifball, Racing, HORSE, and regular Slayer and Objective gametypes in Halo. I also really like to Forge and perfect all my measurements and object placement. I've been creating maps since the first Far Cry on the original Xbox, and also on Halo 3. I can't wait to start playing Halo 4 and working with the new Forge tools and canvas maps to see what new things are possible. I'm looking to race with you guys some day during custom game nights, and maybe some tournaments for fun. I may or may not be hosting a racing contest soon for multiple communities, and maybe looking to use a few maps from some of the members here on HaloTracks.org.