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  1. 1. blackout 2. baked falls 3. violent storm 4. acid rain 5. death run 6. frostbite 7. calamity
  2. Track name: Fixed Ankle HCTrack Creator(s): Brendan, Sqeazu, Nuked, SullyFileshare GT: NukedlceCream Track name: violent stormTrack Creator(s): NukedFileshare GT: NukedlceCream
  3. Track Creator: NukedlceCream Track Name: Eventide Station Fileshare GT: NukedlceCream
  4. blue groove cancelled enivar roca roja muddy hills blergdor rabbit flats
  5. Track Creator(s): NukedlceCreamTrack Name: Enivar MotocrossFileshare GT: NukedLceCream
  6. I made a track it's called Noisore Robcross it's pretty cool rce
  7. 343 doesn't have an online method for downloading files for MCC at the moment, you have to do it in game. When you're in game, you have to open up the roster and select your name, from there you can select "find player", and type in the gamertag of the person who made the map you want and look at their file share. Some more recent tracks have been made on PC and these currently aren't able to be shared by normal means. We'll be getting some sort of PC file share at some point in the early part of 2021 but for now there's a workaround to share them that's only available on PC. If you're on console the only way to get them would be to have someone else put on the map for you, however this isn't an issue with most tracks you'll find.
  8. Hello hello! After a very long absence due to lack of activity, we are finally back! Sort of. We're not going to have a big fancy leaderboard or any of that stuff, but we're still that same old outlet to get in that classic dirty racing. Currently only 1 tournament per week, but I'm open to expanding to 2 tournaments in order to cover more timezones and get more people involved if the interest is there. There will be a couple changes to the proceedings compared to how things were ran in the past, some of these are gone over in the in depth rules topic, but I'll cover them here as well. tl;dr: DRL is back, it's pretty insane. Sign ups: Tournaments will be ran through the HT Tournament system, this means you're required to have a HaloTracks account to participate. Tournaments will be posted roughly 1 week in advanced and will be advertised on discord. Sign ups are on a first come first served basis, however the player cap is now 14 so more people can get in on the action. Race start procedure: Instead of the classic "DRL" shout starting method, we'll be using a more traditional sticky detonator starting method on track that don't have starting gates. While the novelty was fun, it's pretty inconsistent and always caused confusion on when you were actually meant to "go". Dirtiest racer vote: We will indeed be voting for dirtiest racer still, however we will be using the "original" voting system where each person only gets 1 vote per tournament. While per race voting is nice and gave a more accurate result, it drags the tournament on far longer than it should. It's the dirty racing league, not the dirty voting league. The vote itself is a fun side thing, you should be racing dirty as much as you can regardless of the vote. Racer cap: In the past tournaments were always limited to 10 people, this was mainly due to the 360s nature to be quite laggy with even 10 or 12 people in games. With MCC and it's release on PC games are far more stable, so I'll be capping tournaments to 14 racers. If 14 proves too unwieldy for the connection and/or maps, I'll drop this down to 12. Some maps are definitely not chosen with 14 racers in mind, so some races could get insanely chaotic, providing even more contact and wrecking opportunity. Leaderboard: The veterans of the squad (or anyone that's been around me), remembers the old leaderboard WhiskeyWarm made for the squad. It had so many stats, all the data, and a complicated ranking system that factored in everything, and was always able to evolve so it didn't matter when you jumped in. I tried my best to "reset" the leaderboard and mess around with it to potentially re-use it, however I am what some might call "dumb". With that being said, for the time being we will not have any leaderboard ranking system. I'm not in a rush to create a leaderboard, as I feel it wouldn't currently add anything. I will however keep track of stats and in the future I'll start a primitive system to keep track of people's tournament wins, race wins, win%, dr votes, etc. for the sake of it. It won't be pretty or efficient, but it would still be nice to have at least some various data points. With all of that being said, I'm sure I missed some key points and haven't properly ironed out the rules yet. We'll work on this as we run tournaments and fix the issues as we come across them.
  9. Map Name: SalvageGamertag(s): NukedlceCreamDownload link to .mvar file: Ghetto Fileshare
  10. I have to remove an object in order to add in a new one, I don't want to remove an object that someone's potentially used in their track already in order to add in a new object.
  11. I forgot about it while creating the item list, would like to but I can't modify the item list after the contest has been published.
  12. (Shameless bump to put this on front page of announcements so more people see it don't @ me) : )
  13. Voting has closed. Congratulations to purpledinosaur0 for winning the contest with Straights MX! A very close competition with 2 points separating the top 5 tracks, with meliora coming in 2nd 1 point behind, with Whitehorse MX, Tsavo Reduz, and Glaciation coming a tied third.
  14. DescriptionIt's the return of a fan favourite, the Scrapheap Challenge. This is a contest that pushes your creativity and resourcefulness as your items are limited. You only have a handful of each object to work with, let's see what you can create with this pile of scrap. JudgesNukedlceCreamAdditional judges pending, will be named when decided Rules1. One map per person. You can change your submission choice before the deadline, but must do so here in the thread.2. If a map is co-forged, each person involved must receive the proper credit.3. Any map started after the post date of this challenge is allowed. 4. The map may be forged on any level of sandbox.5. The map must be 8 player compatible.6. The map must be compatible with the RACETRACKS gametype, which can be found on NukedLceCream's fileshare.7. You may not use any more of each object than the amount on the list below.8. If you use objects that are not on the list, or if you use too many of any given object, your map will be disqualified. 9. You will not be able to modify your map after submissions have closed. All maps will be downloaded and hosted on my fileshare for the judging and voting periods. 10. It is strongly recommended you forge your map on the Xbox version of MCC if possible due to lack of PC file share. However if this is not possible, I will be accepting both Xbox and PC submissions. The Objects There is a map on my file share (NukedLceCream) named Scrapheap 2 with all of the objects already on the map. It is not required to use this map, you can start with your own empty canvas map if you desire. You are also not required to use all of the listed objects, you just can't use too many. 6 WALL 4 WALL, HALF 6 WALL, QUARTER 7 WALL, CORNER 5 WALL, SLIT 6 WALL, T 8 WALL, DOUBLE 4 WEDGE, SMALL 6 WEDGE, LONG 6 BLOCK, LARGE 6 BLOCK, DOUBLE 5 BLOCK, TALL 7 BLOCK, HUGE 5 WEDGE, HUGE 6 RAMP, LARGE 5 WEDGE, LARGE 4 WEDGE, CORNER 4 TUBE PIECE 5 TUBE Y-INTERSECTIONS 4 TUBE CORNER 3 TUBE RAMP 4 COLUMN, STONE SMALL 3 COLUMN, DAMAGED SMALL 4 COLUMN, BLUE SMALL 4 COLUMN, RED SMALL 5 COLUMN, LARGE 5 COLUMN, STONE LARGE 4 BLOCK, TINY 5 BLOCK, SMALL 3 BLOCK, FLAT 6 BLOCK, ANGLED 3 CORNER, SMALL 4 CORNER, LARGE 6 STONE BRIDGE 5 OBELISK 4 FIN 2 RAMP, SHORT 5 RAMP, WIDE 4 RAMP, THICK 5 STONE PLATFORM 5 ARCH 4 SCAFFOLDING 4 WOOD BRIDGE, LARGE 3 WOOD BRIDGE, THIN 2 BARRICADE 3 RADIO ANTENNAE 4 FUSION COIL 4 PALLET 4 GRAV LIFT 2 CANNON, MAN 2 SHIELD DOOR, LARGE 4 WEAPON HOLDER 1 BLUE LIGHT 1 RED LIGHT 1 KILL BALL 3 TIN CUP 2 GOLF BALL 4 WALL, CORNER, SHORT 3 STEEL RAMP 4 STEEL WALL 4 STEEL BARRIER 3 STEEL WALL, CORNER 2 WATCHTOWER BASE 2 FORERUNNER CRATE, BLUE 2 FORERUNNER CRATE, RED 2 COMM NODE 2 SUPPLY CASE 2 BARRICADE, COVENANT 1 TUBE SHIELD 1 FORKLIFT 1 DINGHY 1 SOCCER BALL 3 DOOR, SMALL 2 DOOR, MEDIUM 2 DOOR, LARGE 3 DOOR 1 RECEIVER NODE 3 SENDER NODE 1 ELEPHANT 8 MONGOOSE 8 RESPAWN POINT 1 GO TO POINT 1 FX (Your choice) How To SubmitMap Name:Gamertag(s):Download link to .mvar file (if required): All maps will be downloaded at the submission deadline and your submission will be locked. Rewards1st Place: Pride that you made a very solid Halo 3 map, TBD2nd Place: Pride that you made a solid Halo 3 map, TBD3rd Place: Pride that you made a solid Halo 3 map, TBDJudging1. Maps will be judged on the following: How well they are forged, how creative they are, how well they look, and how fun they are to race.2. The judges will decide on their top 5 maps to go into community voting.3. If 5 or less maps are submitted, we will head straight into community voting.4. The community will vote for their favorite maps, and the scores will determine the final result! DeadlinesMap Submissions: October 14th 2020, 11:59PM ESTJudging: If required, after map submissions, being completed ASAP Community Voting: After judging stage ends, lasting for 2 weeks. SubmissionsSalvage by NukedlceCream (PC)Sand Rush by Sir Shivershaft
  15. DescriptionWe have reached the community voting portion of the Avalanche Forging Contest! Forgers have spent the last month working on their creations and now is time for you to start picking them apart and deciding on which maps will be your top picks. Voting Instructions, Specifics, and Rules To vote, reply to this topic with your top 3 favourite maps out of the 8 submissions, in the order of preference (1st, 2nd, 3rd). Each 1st place vote will give a map 3 points, a second will give 2 points, and a third will give 1 point. The total of all the points at the end of the voting will determine the placement of maps. You may not vote for your own map, although people who submitted maps are encouraged to vote. You must vote for exactly 3 maps. You may not change your vote after voting. You are not allowed to encourage or pressure others to vote for a certain track or do anything else to rig the results. Due to complications with some maps being locked to PC, I will be uploading 10 lap previews of each track to give xbox users a chance to vote for all maps. A playlist of all the map previews can be found here: Youtube Playlist PC Users can download all of the maps for voting here: Onedrive Folder Maps created on xbox can be found on NukedLceCream's fileshare. Rewards1st Place: 200 HT Points, Youtube feature on NukedLceCream's channel in the quality of that era, TBD2nd Place: Pride that you made a solid Halo 3 map3rd Place: Pride that you made a solid Halo 3 map Maps Meliora by xDangles25x (Xbox) Whitehorse MX by Populare (PC) Glaciation by NukedlceCream (PC) Frostbound by IceyOtt3700 (PC) Tsavo Redux by Sir Shivershaft (Xbox) Rotundra by SXR Wahrheit (PC) Tire and Ice by SeanAxxx (PC) Straights MX by purpledinosaur0 (Xbox) Members Who Have Voted NukedlceCream SeanAxxx Populare IceyOtter xDangles25x whizpop Jake Bobius Kenjamin1 MI Mrs StarStrukk UltimaNylocke Em0 Camonized Kat2BKittnMe Current Map Scores Whitehorse MX - 12 Tsavo Redux - 12 Glaciation - 12 Tire and Ice - 9 Straights MX - 14 Meliora - 13 Frostbound - 5 Rotundra - 1 (Scores will be double checked when deadline is reached in case of any errors) Last UpdatedKat2BKittnMe's Vote DeadlineSunday, September 6th, 2020, 11:59PM EST My Vote1st - Straights MX2nd - Tire and Ice3rd - Whitehorse MXClose honourable mention - Tsavo Redux