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  1. Santo Capra Motocross Park Creator: MtnDewX97 Track Name: Santo Capra Motocross Park Map Name: Awash Supported Gametypes: Race Description: Santo Capra is a a well forged motocross track. It is also one of the most technical tracks challenging even the best racers to find the fastest lines separating the good from the great. How to Download: While on MCC, select your name from the roster and navigate to "find player". Enter MtnDewX97 and view his file share to find and download the track. Interview What is your personal favorite part of the map? My favorite part of the map is the fact that it offers something different from any other motocross track in the game. This was the first track that really focused on the terrain aspect of the track, and not the jumps. Although this track has skillful jumps, the terrain keeps you constantly aware of what is going on around you on the track. I think it has a nice balance of skill in the terrain it's self, and the jumps as well. What inspired your creation? Obviously the contest helped me get the track along, but after making Area 51, and testing the forge boundaries with that map, I wanted to test the boundaries even more. I started the map when the customs update hit, which gave me more options to do with the map. Also, I really wanted to make a track that had several aspects of real life tracks. For example, the Washougal whoops, a Unadilla-type wall section, and rough terrain. I think these aspects help make the track what it is. What aspect of the track took you longest to make? With any motocross track, I will tell you the same thing: bordering. Making bordering work, as well as look nice is always a large pain in the ass. So that was the number thing, which I also always dread doing. There were a couple other sections that took awhile including making the whoops and rhythm section to work exactly how I wanted them to. That's why you only get a good run through the whoops if you rail the outside berm, and only get a good run through the rhythm if you enter it in a perfect way. Many people confuse this for inconsistency, but they just don't have enough skill to drive on the map apparently.
  2. *Something something yeah its gone now* Sorry just didn't really want it posted anymore, nothing else to say.
  3. When I signed back in on a new device I realized that I hadn't updated my terrible password. I went to change it but am unable to as it requests me to change it via the ACP due to me being an administrator of the board. I'd assume this is a user group error.
  4. DescriptionIt's the return of a fan favourite, the Scrapheap Challenge. This is a contest that pushes your creativity and resourcefulness as your items are limited. You only have a handful of each object to work with, let's see what you can create with this pile of scrap. JudgesNukedlceCreamAdditional judges pending, will be named when decided Rules1. One map per person. You can change your submission choice before the deadline, but must do so here in the thread.2. If a map is co-forged, each person involved must receive the proper credit.3. Any map started after the post date of this challenge is allowed. 4. The map may be forged on any level of sandbox.5. The map must be 8 player compatible.6. The map must be compatible with the RACETRACKS gametype, which can be found on NukedLceCream's fileshare.7. You may not use any more of each object than the amount on the list below.8. If you use objects that are not on the list, or if you use too many of any given object, your map will be disqualified. 9. You will not be able to modify your map after submissions have closed. All maps will be downloaded and hosted on my fileshare for the judging and voting periods. 10. It is strongly recommended you forge your map on the Xbox version of MCC if possible due to lack of PC file share. However if this is not possible, I will be accepting both Xbox and PC submissions. The Objects There is a map on my file share (NukedLceCream) named Scrapheap 2 with all of the objects already on the map. It is not required to use this map, you can start with your own empty canvas map if you desire. You are also not required to use all of the listed objects, you just can't use too many. 6 WALL 4 WALL, HALF 6 WALL, QUARTER 7 WALL, CORNER 5 WALL, SLIT 6 WALL, T 8 WALL, DOUBLE 4 WEDGE, SMALL 6 WEDGE, LONG 6 BLOCK, LARGE 6 BLOCK, DOUBLE 5 BLOCK, TALL 7 BLOCK, HUGE 5 WEDGE, HUGE 6 RAMP, LARGE 5 WEDGE, LARGE 4 WEDGE, CORNER 4 TUBE PIECE 5 TUBE Y-INTERSECTIONS 4 TUBE CORNER 3 TUBE RAMP 4 COLUMN, STONE SMALL 3 COLUMN, DAMAGED SMALL 4 COLUMN, BLUE SMALL 4 COLUMN, RED SMALL 5 COLUMN, LARGE 5 COLUMN, STONE LARGE 4 BLOCK, TINY 5 BLOCK, SMALL 3 BLOCK, FLAT 6 BLOCK, ANGLED 3 CORNER, SMALL 4 CORNER, LARGE 6 STONE BRIDGE 5 OBELISK 4 FIN 2 RAMP, SHORT 5 RAMP, WIDE 4 RAMP, THICK 5 STONE PLATFORM 5 ARCH 4 SCAFFOLDING 4 WOOD BRIDGE, LARGE 3 WOOD BRIDGE, THIN 2 BARRICADE 3 RADIO ANTENNAE 4 FUSION COIL 4 PALLET 4 GRAV LIFT 2 CANNON, MAN 2 SHIELD DOOR, LARGE 4 WEAPON HOLDER 1 BLUE LIGHT 1 RED LIGHT 1 KILL BALL 3 TIN CUP 2 GOLF BALL 4 WALL, CORNER, SHORT 3 STEEL RAMP 4 STEEL WALL 4 STEEL BARRIER 3 STEEL WALL, CORNER 2 WATCHTOWER BASE 2 FORERUNNER CRATE, BLUE 2 FORERUNNER CRATE, RED 2 COMM NODE 2 SUPPLY CASE 2 BARRICADE, COVENANT 1 TUBE SHIELD 1 FORKLIFT 1 DINGHY 1 SOCCER BALL 3 DOOR, SMALL 2 DOOR, MEDIUM 2 DOOR, LARGE 3 DOOR 1 RECEIVER NODE 3 SENDER NODE 1 ELEPHANT 8 MONGOOSE 8 RESPAWN POINT 1 GO TO POINT 1 FX (Your choice) How To SubmitMap Name:Gamertag(s):Download link to .mvar file (if required): All maps will be downloaded at the submission deadline and your submission will be locked. Rewards1st Place: Pride that you made a very solid Halo 3 map, TBD2nd Place: Pride that you made a solid Halo 3 map, TBD3rd Place: Pride that you made a solid Halo 3 map, TBDJudging1. Maps will be judged on the following: How well they are forged, how creative they are, how well they look, and how fun they are to race.2. The judges will decide on their top 5 maps to go into community voting.3. If 5 or less maps are submitted, we will head straight into community voting.4. The community will vote for their favorite maps, and the scores will determine the final result! DeadlinesMap Submissions: October 14th 2020, 11:59PM ESTJudging: If required, after map submissions, being completed ASAP Community Voting: After judging stage ends, lasting for 2 weeks. SubmissionsSalvage by NukedlceCream (PC)Sand Rush by Sir Shivershaft
  5. Map Name: SalvageGamertag(s): NukedlceCreamDownload link to .mvar file: Ghetto Fileshare
  6. I have to remove an object in order to add in a new one, I don't want to remove an object that someone's potentially used in their track already in order to add in a new object.
  7. I forgot about it while creating the item list, would like to but I can't modify the item list after the contest has been published.
  8. (Shameless bump to put this on front page of announcements so more people see it don't @ me) : )
  9. DescriptionWe have reached the community voting portion of the Avalanche Forging Contest! Forgers have spent the last month working on their creations and now is time for you to start picking them apart and deciding on which maps will be your top picks. Voting Instructions, Specifics, and Rules To vote, reply to this topic with your top 3 favourite maps out of the 8 submissions, in the order of preference (1st, 2nd, 3rd). Each 1st place vote will give a map 3 points, a second will give 2 points, and a third will give 1 point. The total of all the points at the end of the voting will determine the placement of maps. You may not vote for your own map, although people who submitted maps are encouraged to vote. You must vote for exactly 3 maps. You may not change your vote after voting. You are not allowed to encourage or pressure others to vote for a certain track or do anything else to rig the results. Due to complications with some maps being locked to PC, I will be uploading 10 lap previews of each track to give xbox users a chance to vote for all maps. A playlist of all the map previews can be found here: Youtube Playlist PC Users can download all of the maps for voting here: Onedrive Folder Maps created on xbox can be found on NukedLceCream's fileshare. Rewards1st Place: 200 HT Points, Youtube feature on NukedLceCream's channel in the quality of that era, TBD2nd Place: Pride that you made a solid Halo 3 map3rd Place: Pride that you made a solid Halo 3 map Maps Meliora by xDangles25x (Xbox) Whitehorse MX by Populare (PC) Glaciation by NukedlceCream (PC) Frostbound by IceyOtt3700 (PC) Tsavo Redux by Sir Shivershaft (Xbox) Rotundra by SXR Wahrheit (PC) Tire and Ice by SeanAxxx (PC) Straights MX by purpledinosaur0 (Xbox) Members Who Have Voted NukedlceCream SeanAxxx Populare IceyOtter xDangles25x whizpop Jake Bobius Kenjamin1 MI Mrs StarStrukk UltimaNylocke Em0 Camonized Kat2BKittnMe Current Map Scores Whitehorse MX - 12 Tsavo Redux - 12 Glaciation - 12 Tire and Ice - 9 Straights MX - 14 Meliora - 13 Frostbound - 5 Rotundra - 1 (Scores will be double checked when deadline is reached in case of any errors) Last UpdatedKat2BKittnMe's Vote DeadlineSunday, September 6th, 2020, 11:59PM EST My Vote1st - Straights MX2nd - Tire and Ice3rd - Whitehorse MXClose honourable mention - Tsavo Redux
  10. Voting has closed. Congratulations to purpledinosaur0 for winning the contest with Straights MX! A very close competition with 2 points separating the top 5 tracks, with meliora coming in 2nd 1 point behind, with Whitehorse MX, Tsavo Reduz, and Glaciation coming a tied third.
  11. Submissions for the contest have closed! We will be proceeding to voting with all 8 submissions and the topic will be up within the next couple days.
  12. DescriptionIt's been nearly a decade since the last Halo 3 forging challenge, so I think it's about time to dust off that old forge monitor and get back to work. With Halo 3's PC release comes a plethora of new features and tools for forge, including the elevation of avalanche to a full on forge canvas. With that elevation, avalanche will be the centre point of this challenge, where forging your map on it will be required. JudgesNukedlceCreamPopulare Rules1. One map per person. You can change your submission choice before the deadline, but must do so here in the thread.2. If a map is co-forged, each person involved must receive the proper credit.3. Any map started after July 13, 2020 (H3 PC Launch date) is accepted.4. The map must be forged on Avalanche.5. The map must be 16 player compatible.6. The map must be compatible with the RACETRACKS gametype, which can be found on NukedLceCream's fileshare.7. Entrants will not be allowed to vote for their map during community voting.8. It is strongly recommended you forge your map on the Xbox version of MCC if possible due to lack of PC file share. However if this is not possible, I will be accepting both Xbox and PC submissions.9. If you do make your map on PC, you must include a download link to the .mvar file of your map. You can use this guide on how to if you are unsure how to access this file. This file must be accessible throughout the entirely of the submission and judging stages. How To SubmitMap Name:Gamertag(s):Download link to .mvar file (if required): The map must stay on your fileshare for the duration of the contest. If it is removed, your submission is forfeited.Rewards1st Place: 200 HT Points, Youtube feature on NukedLceCream's channel in the quality of that era, TBD2nd Place: Pride that you made a solid Halo 3 map3rd Place: Pride that you made a solid Halo 3 mapJudging1. Maps will be judged on the following: How fun they are to race, how well they are forged, and how well they look.2. The judges will decide on their top 5 maps to go into community voting.3. If a low amount of maps is submitted, we will head straight into community voting.4. The community will vote for their favorite maps, and the scores will determine the final result!DeadlinesMap Submissions: August 21st 2020, 11:59PM ESTContest Judging: August 26th 2020, 11:59PM ESTCommunity Voting: After judging ends, lasting for 2 weeks. SubmissionsMeliora by xDangles25xWhitehorse MX by Populare (PC)Glaciation by NukedlceCream (PC)Frostbound by IceyOtt3700 (PC)Tsavo Redux by Sir ShivershaftRotundra by SXR Wahrheit (PC)Tire and Ice by SeanAxxx (PC)Straights MX by purpledinosaur0
  13. Unfortunately not at this time, they're working on a pc file share that consoles (hopefully) will be able to access to download normal pc maps but we don't have any details other than it's coming in the future. I'll be uploading 5 lap videos of all of the tracks when it comes to judging so people that can't play all the maps can still have a proper say in the contest.
  14. Map Name: GlaciationGamertag(s): NukedLceCreamDownload link to .mvar file (if required): Ghetto File Share
  15. Some remarks/notes that don't fit in with the initial contest post. I've uploaded a canvas map 'C' to my file share (NukedLceCream), feel free to use this to create your map Save often, there are still some glitches that can cause your forge monitor to freak out and get objects lost out of bounds. This is particularly apparent near walls. Take note that while the budget is increased, the hard cap on items is not. Be careful with your item budget, there is only about ~280 objects you can spawn.
  16. You should increase the voting deadline to at least a week, this gives people time to actually play the maps before voting like you're encouraging. You should also include a rule where a map creator can't vote for their own track. It's always been an honour rule in contests we've done but it's better to have it written down. With that being said, my votes (with respect to the honour system) are: 1) Spam Fritter 2) Reset 3) Mt. Lelsuvius
  17. You should be able to edit a lot of the information about your map by double clicking on the thing you wish to edit. For example the name or the description, you can also delete images by double clicking on them and navigating the prompt.
  18. Disregard last map post, will only be submitting raildoors to the contest.
  19. Map Name: Chingadera Creator: NukedLceCream
  20. Map Name: Raildoors Creators: NukedLceCream & Rob Chokes (Nuked's fileshare)
  21. I built a map
  22. rce?
  23. I've been wanting to do a follow-up post for a little bit now. Mostly as an update on my situation, as well as a thank you to those who I have not already talked to. All of your responses mean a lot of me and I thank you all for taking the time to respond. I'm pretty awful at these kind of things, so that's all I can really say; just thank you all. Onto what's happened in the past month. For the couple of weeks after my initial post stuff was still really rough for me. I still just felt physical illness for the few days after that weekend and was just feeling really down. I had also uncovered some stuff accidentally about some of the events following my attempt back in last March. Just finding part of it triggered so many memories of was going on in my head and what happened in the months to follow. A few weeks ago I was looking through some of my old threads on here, and specifically for my post where I retired as Head Map Maker, just to see the date. I officially retired on May 14th, which co-coincides with the time where stuff was getting really bad for me again. I was definitely at the stage of feeling suicidal again. All of this happening unknown to everyone I was talking to. Retiring as Head Map Maker wasn't something I was doing just because of my lack of interest or the controversy present in the community at the time. It was to give a formal goodbye in case things got worse again, and I'm very glad they it didn't. Again I would like to thank you guys for the support not just with your responses, but for making this community a great place to be around.
  24. This gametype is my modified version of the race gametype that 343i provided us with on their custom maps. It includes many changes which I believe improves the overall experience and brings back a more classic feel to it. This will likely not be the final version of the gametype and I will include any changes I make to the scripting setup at the bottom of the tutorial. I advise checking there before going through the setup phase in case there is anything that needs to be changed. If you would like to see the documentation for the original gametype that includes the majority of the scripts that I used here (scroll down to the minigame design docs seciton and download.) The race document also includes a breakdown of all the scripting channels used (as mine uses the same channels) so you can make the necessary changes. Core differences between 343i provided gametype and my own: Removed "GO" countdown Modified checkpoint navpoints to be more intuitive Added checkpoint sound when crossed Added lap sound when crossed Permanent leader navpoint that changes on checkpoint basis Scoring on a lap based counting system Item Prefabs & Gametypes: Here is a list of all the prefabs that will be required to set up my gametype. You can bookmark them and you can then access them through the prefab menu in forge and go to the forge bookmarks section under edit search. I have also included download links for popular gametypes used by our community. Race Brain Race Checkpoint Final Checkpoint Race - download link will be provided once 343i updates their HaloWaypoint to show minigame gamemodes on browser, see NukedLceCream's bookmarks ingame for bookmark. HT Supercross - Official gametype of HT Supercross, see Le Hefe's files in game. Checkpoint Setup: In order to setup checkpoints the easiest way will to be to bookmark my prefabs for both the regular checkpoints as well as the final one as it requires a little bit of extra scripting. The checkpoints have 2 different brains that make up their functionality. Checkpoint Boundary (Neon Blue, Neon Blue): This brain controls the boundary of the checkpoint much like it has in past Halo games. Simply ungroup my prefab and resize this as necessary to fit your track. Navpoint Indicator (White, Yellow): This brain will indicate where the navpoints will be for each checkpoint. You can have as many of these as you want per checkpoint but my gametype comes with 1 centred in the middle of the checkpoint like past games. In order to set up checkpoints you will want to setup the checkpoint to the proper width and regroup it with the navpoint brain. Simply duplicate these around the track and adjust the spawn order to correspond to the checkpoint number. When you get to the endpoint of your track where you want the lap counter to score a point you will want to place a checkpoint after that point on the track as my scripting setup checks for the lap loop on the 2nd last checkpoint. For the last checkpoint you will also need to have an additional script which notifies the game that it is the last checkpoint. I have included a link to my prefab that includes this script in the introductory sentence of this section as well as the download section at the beginning. I will now be going through all the script brains and explaining what changes I've made, and also what changes you will need to make in order to set it up on your map. The easiest way to set this up will be to bookmark my prefab and just spawn it into your track. I will be referencing the brains based on their colors and labeling based on what they control. Interactive Switch This switch is an ingame reset switch that only appears in forge to help test your settings. Whenever you make a change to any of the brains you will need to activate the switch twice in order to re-initiate the gametype. Game Manager (White,White): This brain controls general game events for the minigame mode. Do not make any changes to this brain. Mode Manager (White,Black Light): This brain manages mode specific settings for the race mode. Do not make any changes this this brain as well. First Gate Manager (White, Neon Green): The first gate manager sets which gate on your map is to be designated as the first gate. The spawn order should be 1 and there shouldn't be any changes needed. Last Gate Manager (White, Neon Red): This brain manages what the last gate on your map will be and will allow your checkpoints to continue to loop around so you can do laps. You will need to set the spawn order of this brain to how many checkpoints you have on your track. Direction Manager (Black,Black): The direction manager set's which direction the checkpoints will be going (forward/reverse) and which checkpoint will have the first navpoint marker on it. The spawn order should be set to 1 unless you want a checkpoint further on in the track to have the first navpoint. Player Manager (Brown, Neon Pink): This brain manages the checkpoint advancing, scoring, and position. There are a few changes you can make within this brain and they correspond to the checkpoint get sound and lap complete sounds. In order to modify the checkpoint get sound you will need to go into script 3, and navigate down to Action 4. If you wish to not have a sound play when you cross the checkpoint you can simply set sound to <none> or "remove last action" (be careful not to remove or modify any other settings.) To modify the lap complete sound it is a similar procedure, You will need to go into script 6, and scroll down to action 4 and modify the sound. Note that if you have both a checkpoint and lap sound they will both play when you cross the final gate (with the checkpoint one playing immediately before the lap sound.) Player Gate Nav Manager (Brown, Neon Yellow): This manages the navpoints that appear on each checkpoint. Within this you are able to change the colour and text that appears on the navpoint. To modify these settings go into script 3 and scroll down to action 3, where you can change the colour and text. If you do not want to have navpoints over the checkpoints you are able to delete this brain and it won't effect anything else. Leader Nav Manager (Brown, Brown): This manages the navpoint that appears over the leader. This will update based on whoever has the most checkpoints and will remain until someone else takes over the checkpoint lead. In order to modify this it's the exact same process as the checkpoint navpoints. You are also able to remove this by simply deleting the script brain. If you have any questions or would like any help feel free to comment below or message me on xbox live. Changelog: When the leader of the race crosses the first checkpoint the screen freezes for everyone for 2-3 seconds. This can be mitigated by covering your initial spawn points with a checkpoint boundary with spawn order 1 (no navpoint brain.) This works best if your spawn area is off the main racing line as on subsequent laps you will not hit these and the navpoint will function as normal. If your track has only 2 checkpoints (ie supercross), do not place the checkpoint ontop of the spawns as it will mess up scripting. Place it somewhere such as the exit to spawn or in the starting gate.
  25. 1. I believe the despawn is linked to the interactive switch that comes w/ the brains. That switch despawns those brains and respawns them to allow you to modify and test settings without having to restart the game. 2. I haven't spent enough time tinkering with this to be able to give you a useful answer. 3. That is something I'm also not sure of, but should be easy to test. Have a single brain setting a number on a channel on a time interval, and a second brain looking for when that number is set and then broadcasts a sound globally if the condition is met.