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  1. Hey guys, sorry i havent been on in a while. I stopped playing Halo for a couple months when Far Cry 2 came out. Ive been playing again recently however and i plan on doing a new track on Sandbox. By the time Mythic is available to everyone I will have a new track for you all. Thanks for all the great comments. Im glad it is still a popular track. By the way, I have changed my gamertag online. I am no longer SpoonHunter420 My new tag is onePi55ED B OWL
  2. ok guys sorry i havent replied to anyone here. to be honest, i didnt realize how many freaking comments there were here. just so you all know a second "uncheatable" version is in the works. the main reasons for not blocking those cheatable sections talked about was because of the lack of objects available. i used so many double boxes for the turn over the cliff and the main divider wall that i ran out. i am rearranging some objects to make it uncheatable but it may also take away some of the aesthetic value of the map. as a result of this i am going to make TWO new versions. The first will be a "freestyle course" that will be cheatable but be more freestyle oriented for those of you getting bored with the long straightaways. the second will be a "less-pretty" uncheatable version for anyone worried about having to race with Chew myPlums.... ^_^ you all know what i mean. this way you will have the best of both worlds depending on your racing mood. and i did say why i was only able to do 6+1 mongooses in the main thread i believe but i will say it again, i was using a money glitch canvas as well and it messed up a few things. while i was working on the map i had 3 friends in the party, SkankinDrunk22, HT Chew myPlums, and Masta Blastr. they were messing around and someone must have deleted a mongoose. after they left and i was done with that session everything appeared to be normal and i "saved changes". wrong move right? i know. now i cant get it back. if anyone knows how to fix it please tell me. you shouldnt have to look forward to there only being 6 ATVs in any of my future maps. so no worries. ALSO, i got the RROD yesterday so i wont be able to get on my xbox for at least a couple weeks. which means i wont be able to make any more fixes for a couple weeks. thank you all for all the great feedback. see you all online soon. i will still be active here on the site.
  3. nevermind... i got the Red Ring of Death yesterday so i wont be on for a couple weeks. i would do forging frenzy otherwise... i think i actually posted this right before i heard about that, then my xbox broke so......... yeah. i wont be on for a while. >_<
  4. I havent done a group project yet and wanted to try one. I am looking for two other map makers skilled at interlocking to work with on a new track. The collaboration of ideas from a group of people would most likely be more fruitful than coming from just one of us. Feel free to post ideas for a new map, what you would like to see, what map you want it on, etc. Anyone interested in doing this let me know by replying to this thread. If a lot of people are interested i will divide it up into different groups and projects. Or you guys can do that amongst yourselves.
  5. the interlocking on this looks really good! is there a way you can make the single-wide open box bank into two lanes? like another single-wide open box bank right next to the one next to the one you made already? that might ease up some pile ups and i think it would look cool too. good job so far!
  6. the tracks chosen would have to be uncheatable, easy to race (most likey meaning wide tracks), and no places where you occasionally get your mongoose stuck in a corner because of a grav lift. we would nominate 5-10 maps from our group that we know race well. this way there would be better results for a playlist.
  7. damn, that's in half an hour.... i cant make it. i wont be home in time. maybe another time... glad to see my map at the top of the list though! have fun!
  8. Creator: SpoonHunter420 Race Track Name: Glacier Rally Map Name: Avalanche Gametype: http://www.halotracks.org/gametype.htm Description: This is a wide-open rallycross styled track on Avalanche. It features a very smooth long banked turn. Maybe one of the longest banked turns made yet. Almost flawless interlocking for being built on an only semi-flat surface was accomplished for aesthetic and flow value. Some of the longest straight aways in any track in Halo yet make this track about overtaking on the turns, as it is hard to pass people with a vehicle with a fixed top speed. The gravity-assisted turn is a crucial part of the race as it will either put you ahead by taking the inside over the jump or slow you down if you take the safer route on the outside where you are less likely to flip. The bridge overpass has a few different outcomes depending on where you hit the bottom going up. Sometimes you just float over the entire bridge, sometimes you wheelie all the way across and all the way down, and occasionally you flip for hitting the bottom at a bad angle. Past the bridge is the interlocked turn suspended over the cliff edge. Shield doors guard you from flying off on the outside, however, the inside is open so dont take it too sharp! At the end of this turn is the uncheatable checkpoint blocked to people on foot with teleporters that teleport you off the cliff edge, putting you a lap behind. After going though the checkpoint you are bounced back onto the map with a shield door jump ready to do another lap! Long Banked Turn Air & a Wheelie Turn over edge to Finish What inspired your creation? The fact that i hadn't raced on any good tracks on Avalanche yet... =p How long did it take to create? I spent around 25 hours making it plus 10 hours of testing while making it. So all together about 35 hours. What aspect took the longest to get right? Well you would think the banked turn right? Wrong... The bridge section was the hardest to get right. I actually had to build it twice because the first one had a corner at the top that you would fly off of with too much speed. Download Glacier Rally Here This post has been promoted to an article
  9. pretty good stuff up there... how long will it be up? i noticed that our group is the only group up ther right now and there must be others besides us... good to see that HaloTracks is getting recognized now though
  10. i am confused as to what the point is. do they come back into the game thinking they are invincible? if so wouldnt they just realized that they arent after they start getting killed for not being carefull? i dont get it.
  11. yawn.....
  12. i interlock all my banked turns. i place spawn points at the corners of what ever obect i am trying to interlock. this way when you start a new round and the object has not spawned you can see the surface plane you are trying to continue. this takes out a lot of guess and check that can be very time consuming. i used this method extensively on Glacier Rally. it payed off though...
  13. 1v1

    alright chew, i wanna race again but this time its gonna be on Glacier Rally. 10 laps, same sules. and i WILL NOT be drunk... hopefully... ps - i like how you said i was your best competition, AND that i was drunk. it was also 5:30 in the morning and i had been up all night. YOU had just woken up!
  14. sounds like too much work. i like to mess with people on XBL but i do it in matchmaking with hiding tactics. there is NOTHING more funny than watching your opponents run around in circles beneath you wondering where they are getting shot from. Epitaph is my favorite level for this.
  15. This is a screen shot of Glacier Rally while i was working on it...