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  1. Right now I plan on getting Halo 5, Rainbow 6, The Division, Battlefront, and NBA 2k.
  2. Probably gonna forge an awesome h2a racetrack to be featured on here

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Jake Bobius

      Jake Bobius

      I have big glasses.

    3. Will j

      Will j

      Ok forger just started today I'll let you know

    4. Superior Forger

      Superior Forger

      OK, cool, I'll be on BF Hardline, just invite me to a party or message me if you need anything and I will come right over.

  3. Looks like you're working hard, Jeff. I think it will pay off. BRING BACK BATTLETRACKS!
  4. i hope its awesome.
  5. no i didnt. just saw you bitching and not doing anything about it. u posted this thread almost two weeks ago and here you are still posting. Everyone just uses these damn threads for attention.
  6. I like girls that like girls too
  7. get ur head out of your ass. one word comes into my mind with your situation and it seems to be priorities. push real life/ school shit to the top of your list and lame ass SX racing to the bottom.
  8. WAAD Squad wuz top dawg. MacAttack, Aviator, WillJ, Wrangoth, purple? We need something back. All HT is now is supercross bs
  9. Shout out to Curved Bubbles

    1. CurvedBubbles


      Shout back to willj haha

    2. MikeEgan


      Shout out to all remaining '08/'09 kids.

    3. Will j

      Will j

      nah just the '08 purple

  10. Why Louisville? I dont exactly remember either. But my best guess would be hearing about it from one of my old xbox 360 friends named..... Kona Kid lol who remembers that guy? I do remember my first tournament where I got destroyed and quit out on Dangerous Donuts or something like that lol
  11. Honey bbq and garlic parmesan
  12. This would make more than half of HT remaining 200 people distinguished... what an honor?
  13. Dang I wanted Yolt Park Nationals to win.
  14. So none on the weekends And all at the same time? Hosts can run tourneys anytime if there's enough ppl wanting to, right?