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  1. 1. Blue Groove 2. Roca Roja 3. Cancelled 4. Enivar 5. Muddy Hills 6. Rabbit Flats 7. Blergdor
  2. nvm

  3. Hey, does anybody have any information on being able to fix the red dot of death on the Xbox 360 S?

    1. RealDealD


      yeah buy an Xbox One

    2. OscarWiggins


      It's a tempting offer

  4. Name: Nicholas J. Dwornik Gamertag: eNJayDizzle Age: (18 Years Old) Nationality: Canadian Tenure: 4 Years Affiliation: Monster Energy Kawasaki (Member, Former), Muscle Milk KTM (Member, Former), Toyota Yamaha (Leader, Former), Status: Retired Top Achievements: Best Overall Team - Team Monster Energy Kawasaki Member - HT Supercross Leaderboards - [season 7] - {Halo 4} 5th Overall Team - Team Toyota Yamaha Leader - HT Supercross Leaderboards - [season 6] - {Halo 4} 8th Overall - HT Supercross Leaderboards - [season 7] - {Halo 4} 18th Overall - HT Supercross Leaderboards - [season 6] - {Halo 4} Not Classified - HT Supercross Leaderboards - [season 5] - {Halo 4} 17th Overall - HT Velocity Leaderboards - [season 5] - {Halo 3} Season Opener Holeshot Award - HT Supercross - [season 6] - {Halo 4} Notable Records: 2 Podiums (2 Silver, of 9 raced) - HT Supercross - [season 7] - {Halo 4} 3 Podiums (1 Silver, 2 Bronze, of 4 raced) - HT Supercross - [season 6] - {Halo 4} 1 Podium (1 SIlver, of 5 raced) - HT Supercross - [season 5] - {Halo 4} 2 Holeshots - HT Supercross - [season 6] - {Halo 4} 17.1% / Rookie Racer - HT Velocity - [season 5] - {Halo 3} 7 Wins - HT Dirty Racing League - {Halo 4} 3 Dirtiest Racer Awards - HT Dirty Racing League - {Halo 4} Current Accolades: Prospect Racer - HT Supercross Kicking Cassel's ass at every WSOP game.
  5. - 2 Pairs of skinny jeans - Pair of spandex (Yeah buddy) - 2 Flannel shirts - 4 V-Neck shirts - 2 Graphic Tees - 6 Pairs of low-cut socks - Chocolate and other candy - Covered costs for a new helmet and a pair of boots for the racing season! (Funking right!)
  6. Accounts: eNJayDizzle (Main Account) eXeNJayDeeWONeX (Alt Account for the purpose of UK downloading) X3N0N FURY (The Account That Never Was) Gamertag Changes: xNJD1x (The OG GT. Created Boxing day of 2011 after purchasing a non-modded XBox 360.) eNJayDizzle (Changed in 2014 thanks to the nickname given to me by xEasyTargetx.) OscarWiggins (Changed in 2020 after coming back to Xbox and getting into Twitch.) No clans joined to my knowledge. No bans surprisingly.
  7. Funny to think just last year, I was pluming out at 205lbs. Fast forward to present day, and I'm rocking a solid 165lbs. Funny to think what happens when you get your shit together. :D

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    2. RealDealD


      Nice work NJD! Keep it up!

    3. PurpleDinosaur


      Good for you man. Really happy for you.

    4. xSODAPOP 13x

      xSODAPOP 13x

      Cool to see you again NJ!

  8. I'm having some slight issues trying to embed the photo to be viewed without linking directly to the site, so if I could get somebody to do some quick fixes it'd help alot Either way, here's an update on how I be.
  9. Good 5 string bass guitars?

    1. Em0


      A little late, but I suggest an Ibanez SR series, probably the cheapest 5 strings that still play decently.

    2. OscarWiggins


      Sweet, thanks for the suggestion.

  10. Time to bust out Joe. Here's hoping for thunderstorms for shits and gigs!

  11. For shits and gigs, I'd appreciate if you could set me up with in one
  12. You confirmed that one week bonus, so we gonna wait out that one week bonus
  13. I think the reference is only directing towards 5.0, not necessarily the tournament system.
  14. Yeah Gromulen was just the Erosion track not slotted into the season thanks to tracks like Reaper, Filthy Park, St. Lousi, etc...
  15. I'll sign up for the sake of holding a spot
  16. I hear Big Dawg Cassel over here has a birthday, and to that, I hope it's smooth sailing! :D

  17. Sign me up!
  18. Nah Is Office a bitch though?
  19. Nah Should I dump the clutch and let it fly?
  20. Seeing as though there's maybe a dozen forgers as of now, yes. Should I invest for a 600cc street bike (any well-known brand)?
  21. Not with their current lineup. Do YOU like green eggs and ham?
  22. No Yes..or nah?
  23. Started playing Halo: CE in its early days with a cousin of mine. I think we managed to get more than halfway through that campaign and played a few 1v1's of which I lost 95% of the time. Fast forward to 2008 I sort of got back into playing a bit of Halo: CE with other friends. Fast forward to 2010 the same cousin showed me Halo: Reach and I was hooked for the longest time, wanting to create maps and get them out to the public. It wasn't until 2011 when I first got an Xbox 360 that wasn't modded, thus being able to have an online account, and it's been history since. As for Halotracks, 6 months after I joined the ORL and set my status there, I ran into Jake Bobius, of which who told me about Halotracks, with the main selling point of that I'd be top dog of HT, so I ultimately joined. My history here's been alright to say the least. Many arguments have gone down here, some of which I'm more proud of than others, but regardless, I managed to obtain respect by a certain group of people and that's what it all ends up coming down to here.
  24. No, he's a figment of imagination that's ready to kick ass. Can I get some chocolate starfish?
  25. If the intentions are to blow shit up, then yes. Is it normal to have a fear of rejection of the ones you love?