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  1. Arndt I A Boss https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/map-variants?lastModifiedFilter=Everything&sortOrder=BookmarkCount&page=1&gamertag=ARNDT%20I%20A%20BOSS Found his maps through a friend a bit back. I don't see this guy a lot, he doesn't post here, but his tracks are pretty cool.
  2. I like this update. It's like the first one that isn't almost entirely made of half-assed or delayed content tbh.
  3. Okay so I downloaded Poopercross SX. what the actual f*ck? lmao

    1. Offrce


      So all that because you didn't get to dress up your spartan the way you wanted to?

    2. UltimaNylocke


      What's the point of having customization if I can't use it the way I want because of dumb luck?

    3. Jake Bobius

      Jake Bobius

      Yeah I want Hayabusa.

  4. For an update titled "Memories of Reach", there isn't a whole lot of Reach. The armor is great for sure, plenty of throwbacks to Reach in that, but that's where it kind of ends (also not counting the other misc. things). The map is just a remix of Torque (I've already stated my opinion on map remixes and map variety). The new weapons added are the Plasma Rifle (which didn't debut in Reach) and... Jorge's turret? Yeah going with Ducain23 on that one, many better actual Reach choices. The vehicle is just insulting. Would've been the perfect time to add a Falcon, but we get... a buffed up Phaeton. A Promethean (Halo 4 and onwards) vehicle. I fully understand that there was no indication they'd add a Falcon and they don't have to, but c'mon maaaan. :/ Infection though is really great to have. I could be that guy and say that we should've had it since the beginning, and I would usually, but I'm just happy it is here and it looks really cool, I love the new infected design and how they made sure to have it made right for custom games (Jenga returns bby!). So as an overall update, it's alright.
  5. I feel SX tracks have gotten really stale since Halo 4. A lot of them just feel the same to me. SX tracks in Halo Reach always felt really different. Am I missing something?

    1. Kat2BKittnMe


      you can't forge sections at an angle in H5 and no one really made any in mcc

    2. Stair


      The new tracks Edward, mtndew, kitty and purple are making sick tracks in my opinion

    3. Superior Forger

      Superior Forger

      What do you mean you can't forge sections at an angle?

  6. Way too many of Halo 5's maps are similar to one another. Irritated.

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    2. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      That isn't that good

    3. UltimaNylocke


      I actually really like Torque. One of my favorite maps.

    4. UltimaNylocke


      Shame they're remixing it for a DLC map :/

  7. So yeah, played a LOT of Halo 5 the past few days. Loving the game. I'm a god at SWAT. A very inconsistent god but a god nonetheless. I also am not a fan of having all the armor / skins / emblems being unlocked by REQs (If we could have a middle point, that'd be great, I just enjoy unlocking stuff in video games and that concept seems to be leaving us nowadays) but if it funds DLC and that's why all the updates are free and stuff then that's cool. So yeah, I've pretty much caught up to speed on everything. "I don't think I'm gonna be as obsessed with Halo as I used to be haha." Yeah this is starting to look more and more false as time goes on.
  8. Dear lord my About Me is so outdated it hurts. Fixing now lol

  9. As if a lot of you remember me anyway :VVVV. So ya, I was a decent Forger during late Halo Reach early Halo 4. Made some cool maps here and there. I had a slight presence here, not as much as the other guys but it was one nonetheless. Halo Reach was/is still one of my favorite games ever, and Halo 4 was pretty great too. But then my Xbox broke and by the time I came back, nobody on my friends list was playing Halo anymore and one of my best Halo friends was off my friends list and just gone. I eventually started playing more with a friend of mine and I was getting back into it. And then Halo MCC was announced and I thought it'd be great, but the friend from earlier wasn't getting an Xbox One and between server problems and I didn't like H2A's Forge, and I didn't have any friends to play Custom Games with. So that killed my interest in Halo for the time being. But then I got Halo 5 for Christmas because, despite my interest being killed, I still love the series and such... I just didn't start it until a couple days ago. I love it though. The gameplay is amazing and the forge looks the same. Having a lot of fun just f*cking around on Arena already. But despite my love of Arena, I've always been a casual custom game kind of guy. That was my sh*t when I was playing Halo. So along with some questions and somewhat concerns, I'm looking for some friends to play Halo with. Just casual custom games, maybe some race or some arena fun, consider adding me. My gamertag is same as my username here, UltimaNylocke. I'm a decent player all around, have some great games and some bad games, really good at SWAT. So some questions, what exactly are reqs and how do they work? I thought they'd work with loadouts for slayer, but no. That's not the case apparently. My friend says it is Warzone and that's probably, but I still don't understand everything about it. But you also get armor solely from these packs? I kinda dislike that because it's rng. And how exactly has the Halotracks community been? I've looked at the maps section and I don't see a lot of different trackmakers. On that subject, where's the non-map maker category? I didn't see it. Basically, I wanna get back into the Forge and Halotracks community although I don't think I'm gonna be as obsessed with Halo as I used to be haha. I'm loving Halo 5 but nobody to play it with
  10. So how exactly does the new File Share work? It just automatically shares all your files? Then how do you tell if a map is finished or not before you DL it? Or what if you just don't want to share a map?

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    2. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      Hey Ultima, it's great to see you around. You might consider posting a topic regarding some of the questions you have about Halo 5 and such. Status updates disappear pretty quickly, but a topic is a permanent resource for anyone that might have the same questions :)

    3. UltimaNylocke


      I've been thinking about that.

    4. UltimaNylocke


      Although most of my questions has been answered

  11. Also since there's no Race gametype, is there any kind of KOTH variation (like Racetracks in early H4) or anything like that I have to download? If so can I have a link?

    1. NukedIceCream


      No KotH since that isn't in the game either. All the gametypes we use are just slayer with indestructible vehicles. I have a good gametype in my files.

    2. UltimaNylocke


      Jeez I didn't even notice there wasn't KOTH I just assumed... wtf lol