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  1. Track Creator: Kat2BKittnMe Track Name(s): Tribus Supercross, Thunderbird Field, Great Lakes Stadium .mvar File: Eventually Fileshare GT: lel nah Track Name: Stonehenge S X with aesthetics by NukedlceCream
  2. 3 rce mahps r dun. Jct kneed naymz.
  3. 3416572 1. Blue Grove 2. Enivar 3. Roca Roja 4. Muddy Hills 5. Cancelled 6. Rabbit Flats 7. Blergdor
  4. Track Creator(s): Kat2BKittnMeTrack Name: Muddy Hills Moto (Erosion), Rabbit Flats Trail (Ravine) mvar files: yes
  5. My trek has been completed. MeowlelTrashCross on Ravine. Truly a hideous sight to behold.
  6. wow much title. big creative.
  7. rce 4 added
  8. Round 3 added.
  9. HT Supercross Official Videos: HTSX Preseason Race 3: HTSX Preseason Race 4: No Laws Claws Onboards: HTSX Rd. 2: Round 3 Hammerpoint Stadium: Round 4 Victoria Field 1:
  10. 1st - Straights MX2nd - Whitehorse MX3rd - Glaciation
  11. GP/Terrain race on Sun Aug 2nd on xbox MCC.

  12. map is done. Bucky Chokes MX. Also will extend the deadline a week for others to finish or create maps from scratch. Appears that we may be approaching a full lock down in the USA.
  13. That qualifies as a sign up.
  14. Ok well I doubt we will actually have to judge. If we get more than 10 maps I'll be stunned.