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  1. Round 3 added.
  2. HT Supercross Official Videos: HTSX Preseason Race 3: HTSX Preseason Race 4: No Laws Claws Onboards: HTSX Rd. 2: Round 3 Hammerpoint Stadium:
  3. 1st - Straights MX2nd - Whitehorse MX3rd - Glaciation
  4. GP/Terrain race on Sun Aug 2nd on xbox MCC.

  5. map is done. Bucky Chokes MX. Also will extend the deadline a week for others to finish or create maps from scratch. Appears that we may be approaching a full lock down in the USA.
  6. Wreck SX/MX FORGE CONTEST Due to some recent tournaments being hosted by Rob Chokes we have decided to run a forge contest based on his style of tracks. They are so uniquely crafted, and have seen such a high demand to race on, that we feel the community needs more tracks readily available. This style of track is of course the drunken SX/MX track than intersects with itself. These tracks will be raced with wrecking allowed so it is encouraged to make the tracks as hectic as possible. If you need to see a track for reference it is recommended to check out Uptown SX by Rob Chokes. This contest is being held on Halo The Master Chief Collection. You are allowed to create a track on the following games: Halo 2 Anniversary Halo 4 Halo Reach Rules: The track must have 16 spawn points inside a spawn gate on Halo 4 or Halo Reach. No gate is required on H2A but the 16 spawn points in the starting area is still required. The track must intersect itself at least twice. The track must be SX or MX or AX style or a hybrid. (aka compound) The track must have checkpoints helping guide the racers on where to go as well as to keep track of laps being driven. (Colored lights or pieces are also helpful but not required) The minimum lap time is 25 seconds. No co-forges are allowed. You must be the only person to design the track. The mongoose is the only vehicle allowed. Gravity Lifts and Man Cannons as well as other memelike objects are allowed. All tracks need to end on a finish line jump. It can be any sized jump. The tracks can have sections where racers are going in opposite directions. Contest Date Begins 12:00 AM EST - Saturday, February 8th, 2020 Contest Submission Closes 11:59 P.M PST - Sunday, March 15th, 2020 Judging: If needed a panel of judges will be used to limit the entrants to the best 10 submitted. This will help narrow down the contest before the voting begins. If there are less than 10 submitted the voting will begin right away. Judges (Kat2BKittnMe, Le Hefe, Rob Chokes) Voting: Once the judges have selected the 10 best maps voting will open up to all HaloTracks members. Members will vote on their favorite 3 tracks, in order, to determine the winner of the contest. They will have one week to vote on the contest before the winner is announced. WHAT DO I GET WHEN I WIN? You’ll get nothing and like it! The top 5 tracks in the contest will be raced in a tournament on the following Monday, March 23rd after submissions close. The 1st place track will get a piece of custom HT Memorabilia. Signup List: 1. Kat2BKittnMe 2. Rob Chokes 3. Real Deal D 4. NukedlceCream
  7. That qualifies as a sign up.
  8. Ok well I doubt we will actually have to judge. If we get more than 10 maps I'll be stunned.
  9. you can enter daddy
  10. Forge Contest baby!

  11. sern me erp
  12. Any progress on a season @Le Hefe?
  13. ya I cut it for time.
  14. Here are the race videos from Motomates 3. (Will link the other videos once they are uploaded) Race 1: (Poopercross Field) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_NGRyyzfUQ&t=9s Race 2: (Verdant Park SX) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_w4JDppPzzM&t=3s Race 3: (Miquian SX) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwMrmWJ8rbk&feature=youtu.be Race 4:
  15. ya just let me know whatever you need me to do.
  16. Ya I would love to race on Halo 5. Sure its different and not as smooth but it is still very fun. I like the SX in the game but I understand people not wanting to. Honestly if us 3, Pancake, MtnDew, and Edward all make one track each the list will be plenty big enough. I'm very down to do a season just hope my schedule can match up. I'll make some post race highlight vids and/or lap times for the top 5 or whateves.
  17. we doing more sx soon pancake?

  18. There's a Ball Me 5.0 somewhere on mine or Offrce's map list. We just have to add da new checkpoints.
  19. http://www.halotracks.org/forum/index.php?app=tournaments&module=tournamentview&section=tournamentview&id=136

  20. Edward when are you finishing poopercross or have you already and I just don't know the name?

  21. is that a bot? vvvvvvvv

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    2. Camonized
    3. OrionHardy


      Maybe we should let him know.

    4. Mad Hatter

      Mad Hatter

      I have tried messaging him every way i can.

  22. Supercross tracks inbound. The goal is to have 3 done in the next 2 weeks. :/

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    2. Kat2BKittnMe


      i have the layouts down for all 3 with the tracks 90%, 80%, and 10 % done. Da stadiums haven't been made doe

    3. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      Dos trax wun get axepted if dey dun haz stadum

    4. MtnDewX97


      Still working on mine. My free time has dropped significantly though. Don't know how long it will take to finish it.