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  1. Sweet Pictures!
  2. Sure. I'll do another one of these tournaments. It has been too long. Sign me up!
  3. When i tried Chrysolite SX, it wasn't racetracks compatible.
  4. To bad i am unbelievably inconsitent. lol
  5. BTW, it is map makers with FEWER than 9 maps, not LESS than 9 maps.
  6. Sign me up. Don't forget to add me to the list!
  7. I really want to see the video or evidence that RLD used for this video.
  8. Sign me up D00D
  9. Sign me up D00D
  10. I think this playlist brings halo 4 back to being fun again. I felt that infinity slayer and big team infinity slayer were always on the same maps, but with this playlist, I never get put on the same map twice in a row.