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  1. Whoops, I missed Jeff's Birthday. Belated Birthday wishes Jeff.

    1. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      Thanks Orion :) Hope you and the family are doing well!

  2. I have never changed my gamer tag, because it is awesome.
  3. Surely it be using the same connectivity as those playing on the 360.
  4. It's a shame they didn't do this from the get go and gave us Halo 2 Anniversary as a stand alone title instead of the MCC. I'd have brought a Xbox One from the get go.
  5. racing

    I keep seeing you guys bring this up from time to time, talking about throttle control and gears as if we're driving real vehicles. What are you talking about?
  6. Nah, prefer the size of the soccer balls. Though if you want to give that a go, My map name is just a place setter for the moment. @AutzenDucks don't forget when you've edited a map, you have to make it visible again.
  7. Do you forge on Xbox or PC? Also Copropoophernia? Cheeky.........
  8. @AutzenDucks, had a quick go on your map, and it's a good start. The right side of the jumps on the middle section needs a bit of work, apart from that the rest work well. As for appearance, I unfortunately don't really have any experience with that type of track. I suggested bookmarking some of the ones on here and just having a quick look at them in forge to see how our guys did them. Also note that we do have a game-type that works with checkpoints and automatically spawns you in vehicles. You should be able to find links to them in some of the other threads on this site, along with links to book marks for game type scripting and checkpoints. Any who, welcome to the site. Hope to see you around more. We could do with some new blood. Oh and speaking of scripting. @Kenjamin1 MI, could I have some help setting up some my rocket ball map from either you or one of you friends?
  9. Oh god, my horrendous driving is now live for the world to see. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Thanks Purple. Before testing I'll have to figure out the scripting I'll need for the game-type to work especially since I'll be using soccer balls instead of hills. I'd also like to try and set up the three second timer thing like we have in race. So players spawn, there's the 3 second countdown, then the 4 balls are released into the map.
  11. Update on the second one. I took a quick look at @ARPOD's Riverbank Freeze-way map to see how he did the frozen river. I then promptly face palmed at realising how easy it was, and have gone back to glacier and started again. Looking at the first map myself, I am going to move the ramps out. -Update- This is how my Rocketball Arena is currently looking. Obviously the lighting isn't finished. Has you can see to the left of the picture, I intend to have colour lights above each starting area to help differentiate the map since the layout is four way symmetrical. Also more plans for more obstacles/trap on the main arena floor.
  12. Thought about starting this thread so we can post pictures of our works in progress and ask for feedback, advice or help in general. I've got two tracks on the go at the moment, a Terrain track and a Rocket Race map, but with a difference. The Rocket Race map I only started last night after the tournament so it's a very early work in process. The intention is for it to be a re-imagining of my Rocket Race map from Halo 4. In that version, instead of static hills, there were 4 hills (only 1 active at a time) attached to soccer balls that move around the map, making use of man cannons and the players rockets to move them. Of course with the new version I hope to make use of the scripting and new items to make it more chaotic than the original. This is what I have so far. Of course, not got very far. However, what I'm wondering is if I should keep the outer ramps and sides where they are, or move the out so the start of the ramps touch the end of the outer edges of the floor there. What do you guys think? The terrain track at the moment is called Ice Village Raceway. Initially tried building it on Glacier to make use of the cave. However I wanted a semi frozen water running through the map and it didn't seem practical to use the realistic water thing that forge labs showed on a large scale. So I've tried to semi recreate what I wanted on Tidal. Here's what I have so far. Two quick overviews here, that bit done in the corner is a prefab I've gotten of waypoint, though I do intend to modify the flat part so I can race through it. However, I finding it really difficult to do what I want so I was hoping if someone was able to help me, with the terrain parts, or make it a full co-forge, I don't mind? Maybe @ARPOD if he doesn't mind since his terrain tracks have been excellent. #brownnose This is the suppose to be one of the focal parts of the map, a large-est waterfall you drive past, however, the effect there doesn't have a very good draw distance, and I'm not sure what to put there as well to make it clear it's a waterfall from further away. Any help on this would be appreciated.
  13. My list is massive. That's the problem with having a family. You don't get much time to game, and even when you do you're usually knackered. Complete Skyrim, Fall Out 3 (DLC) and New Vegas. Complete Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and get one with the rest of the series. Complete or actually play my Xbox 360 back catalogue, which is in double digits, and that's not including the games above. Play some of the other games that we have for the Xbox One Get some decent games for my Gaming PC (I'm tempted to get Skyrim for PC and transfer my 360 save over.) Get more than 2 Halo 5 forge maps made.
  14. I don't know, it got quite chaotic with just the three teams. I can't imagine the chaos if we had even managed another team.
  15. Wouldn't that cause issues with teams just spamming the checkpoint with rockets so no team could score?