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  1. Yikes man. Didn't realise you were suffering. Hope that you're feeling better soon. As someone who also suffers from depression and stress, largely due to my Aspergers, I feel for you man. It can be very difficult just to make it through the day sometimes. I also attempted suicide back in my teens, though I not sure how much of it was me or the now banned antidepressant I was taking at the time. I was fortunate enough that some one caught me before I could make the attempt. It does get better though, there are people out there that are able to help if your willing to ask for it. There is no shame in asking for help, everyone at some point or another as needed it. Know that there are people out there that care about you, none of us are truly ever alone.
  2. Site needs more emoticons!!!!!!!!! Where have all the old ones gone?
  3. Another bug seems to have appeared from no where. When I try to view a map post, it's starts to load the page, then suddenly reloads the map homepage instead. Okay scratch that. its only the top current two map posts that do that.
  4. My imaginary friend thinks that you're stupid!!!...............

    1. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      Tell him I said to fight me. He don't know me. He don't know my struggle. F that bish.

  5. The glitch with checkpoints that wouldn't register when entered, you don't have script brains close to each other(Like nearly touching horizontally) do you? It was an issue I found with my current race map that certain checkpoints wouldn't work if scripts brains where too close to each other.
  6. Right, that's my map finished. Anyone around later to test it?

  7. Not sure if a bug or just a missing feature. Re-adding my photos back into my old map posts, since the originals long since expired. However, the add header images section is only letting me add one picture at a time, which is making the process very tedious.
  8. Yes I'm a massive Passenger Fanboy. No I don't care what you think, come at me bro!!!
  9. Me with my little one.
  10. parody

    Seriously? Your wife has never forced you to watch Frozen? You've never heard "Do you want to build a snow man?", or any of the other (and better parodies of it) on Youtube. Actually saying that you have two young boys so I can't imagine it being their thing. Sigh, I knew I should have picked someone else :P
  11. I'd like the following emoticons please: LOL Face - Dope Slap - Chequered Flag - The next lot obviously not as big. Scott Rally Hog - Mongoose - Ghost -
  12. For those of you who tested my new map out last night. Is the cylinder in the starting alright as it is, should I make it smaller, or remove altogether. Also the first spilt section, do you think the track is wide enough. For those who haven't raced it, you can test it here and tell me what you think. Please note that it's still a work in Progress.

    1. Mad Hatter

      Mad Hatter

      I honestly wasn't even able to complete a lap because the checkpoints in the gametype weren't working for me. So if i fell off the track at any point in the lap i would have to restart the whole lap :(

    2. OrionHardy


      Where the checkpoints not registering you'd passed through them, or where the checkpoints working, but you kept re-spawning at the start. If it's the second one I can fix that, not sure about the first one. I had a few times when I tested it on my own, where I you pass through a checkpoint and it not move on the next one, only did it twice for me and seemed to correct it self, so I'm assuming it's an issue with the game that I can't do nothing about.

    3. Mad Hatter

      Mad Hatter

      they were randomly showing up for me... like one out of every 3 times i died would i ever see checkpoints.

  13. parody

    What no comment @ducain23. Come on I put a lot....... okay, okay, some effort into this. Least you could do is comment. Please tell me people can tell what I'm parodying here?