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  1. And i Haz internetz again YAY

    1. OscarWiggins


      The tree got some treeware

  2. YAY im not suspended on xbox live now

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. treez0


      mine was because of a payment method update error

    3. neudlez


      Mine was because my internet is a douche.

    4. treez0


      my internet is a douche too damn australian internet

  3. cant play online because my account got suspended...;(

    1. ShaddoBlade


      Create another account.

    2. Superior Forger
    3. treez0


      because it wants me to update my payment method and when i do i wont accept it

  4. Happy New years HT from Aust guys i hope we have yet another year of great racing and Racetrack building....

  5. And now im 26 damn im old

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    2. CoookkieMonster
    3. OrionHardy


      I remember being 26!!! :D

    4. Superior Forger

      Superior Forger

      26 is considered old, I wonder what 40 is considered...

  6. "HaloTracks & Masta Hippie: Keeping kids off crack since 2007."
  7. Cookie your the one who inspired me to become the forger i am now, So im glad to have had you as a friend in what little time i have been friends with you i will surely miss you but i am wish you the best in what ever you choose to do with your life and hope that one day after all this is over done that you can think back on all the creations and friends that you've made and think that you had a great gaming life and have no regrets... I wish you all the best.
  8. Almost completed making my new map illusionary

    1. treez0


      tho its not going to be the best map ive made and its an idea

    2. CoookkieMonster


      Can't wait to see it!

  9. My New and Last episode to season 6 featuring Gr1m R33par's Fluctuation

  10. Uploading my new and last video for season 6

  11. Hoping noone has used the name ILLUSIONARY for a track because im current;y making one with that name