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  1. Really sorry but I can't make the Tourney tonight.
  2. The guy with the retarded laugh is back (Me)!!! Sign me up!
  3. Sign me up!!! Sign me up!
  4. Sign me up. I will try and remember to turn up to this one! ;D
  5. I'll race! Sign me up!
  6. Ohhh noooo! I'm such a descrace to the DRL. I nearly forgot to sign up 'till today. Please forgive me Icy pleaseeeeee... Sign me up for short.
  7. Me play me play!!! Me play me play!!!
  8. Sign me up, can't wait to race again!!!
  9. Sign me up! Tonight will be my 10th ever tournament and my spartan will be wearing a special armor colour. It should be cool.
  10. Sign me up!!!!!!!!!! ;D nearly forgot