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  1. Hey guys, it's been real, and it's been fun, but it ain't been real fun... just kidding. Even though I'm an awful racer, it's still a good time. However, I'm playing in a vball league on Wednesday nights starting next week, so I probably won't be in any Wednesday tourneys for a while. I'll try to jump in on Fridays or Thursdays if possible though. Keep it real, fellas. (And for Pete's sake, someone take Whiskey OUT!)
  2. I'm the worst racer known to man... other than Purrismo, of course!

    1. CoookkieMonster


      Lol don't be hasty now, little Hobbit

    2. Em0


      You've obviously never met yoshi.

    3. Lazy Algorithm
  3. Hey Coookkie, you've got me on there twice. Sorry, I think me leaving a comment messed you up lol. Fluffball should be in the first replacement spot.
  4. Looks like I'm gonna be finishing in 10th again...
  5. So I had several clips from the tournament last night that I wanted to submit for highlights, and then I played a ton of games afterwards and the films are no longer in my history. Anyone wanna help me out with some highlights of Xx Jonocide xX?

    1. CoookkieMonster
    2. jagale


      Thanks Coookkie! There were at least two times in races where I was toppin' out the RPM's, hit a bump, did a complete barrel roll, landed it and continued maxing out the RPM's lol. Pretty funny

  6. Still think it's lame that we restarted a game on the 8th lap when I was in 2nd place... that would've changed everything lol
  7. I suggest my map SpaceOut SX I've tested it in some other racing environments, and while it's not a traditional split-track SX like PurpleDeanosaur would prefer, it still provides for side-by-side racing, tight corner passing, and plenty of obstacles for great goof ups. Additionally, many of the SX tracks that have been used for DRL are not traditional split-tracks.
  8. Goodness... everyone is so bitter that they didn't sign up fast enough lol. Everyone will get a turn, guys! Just be quick on the trigger!
  9. Let's get some highlights up in here!!!
  10. So a 10th place finish last week in the DRL... Hoping for redemption this week! I might have to get a little dirty...

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    2. CoookkieMonster


      Tryin' to catch you drivin' dirty!

    3. DemolitionTurtle


      Get ooott gogeta! :D And just practice, and you will soon get better results! :D

    4. DemolitionTurtle


      (Imagine that was in a Scottish accent)

  11. Just take a peak at me every once in a while and you're bound to find a hilarious blunder.
  12. Count me in!
  13. Darn it, Whiskey. You ruined my plan to make the podium this time! <_<
  14. Unfortunately, the pileup wasn't enough to get me a top 3 finish... or even a top 7 finish for that matter. I've gotten learn the tricks of the trade!
  15. At least I'm not last on the list
  16. Obviously my newb-ism was evident with a last place finish in my first tournament. Hopefully, next Wednesday I can redeem myself. It might help to test out the tracks beforehand!
  17. Count me in! I have 1 race under my belt now!
  18. Gamertag: Xx Jonocide xX Favorite racetrack: Big Dipper by RLD Hot Tamale is fun. More of a rollercoaster map though. I like actual racing on my own map titled "Xx The Great Race xX" Looking for a squad to race with?: Sure! Your greatest forge map or invention: (Doesn't have to be a racetrack): Racine, and on the map I added a pressure plate that opens a door What is your favorite multiplayer map (unforged)? Exile What is your favorite gametype in Halo 4? Big Team Battle and Custom Games What is your highest level & rank in Halo 4? 75 so far! Is there anything you need help with on HaloTracks?: Nope, CoookkieMonster got me on the right track! How did you find out about HaloTracks?: YouTube/Google Other: I'm an original Halo guy. I owned the first game the day it came out and played it with my buddies. I've been hooked ever since. 11 years and counting!
  19. Hey guys! I'm new as well! My gamertag is Xx Jonocide xX, and I am a new map maker as well. Still trying to perfect the craft, but have enjoyed being creative and testing out others' maps as well.
  20. Please sign me up for the squad. I would like to join the racing league!
  21. I would like to join. Please sign me up!