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  1. On meh way to the NFL! :D

    1. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      You're gonna be the best punter ever :)

  2. Does anyone besides me even play on the 360 anymore? :( If anyone does, I was thinking about hosting some DemoTracks Lobbies or 1-2 hour racing tournaments, but only if people actually show up and want to. I'd imagine the popular answer would be "I'm not going back to 360" tbh though. On Halo 4 that is
  3. Gender - "Not telling" See you're a woman!...

  4. I'm down
  5. You forgot to mention my "My girlfriend thinks im a pedophile" prank calling XD
  6. Went tryhard in DRL first 2 races, got f'd up on Wongatti when I died, then started trolling by prank calling people and wrecking Adam :p

    1. CoookkieMonster


      I'm so glad I wasn't there

    2. DarkLynx976


      Adam couldn't stop giggling when I was prank calling people

    3. NukedIceCream


      yeah, wasn't the best tournament, only 2 raceable tracks

  7. Seahawks are gonna win. I'm a Seahawks fan, and stand by them. No way is Brady gonna throw to Sherman and NOT get picked.
  8. Wednesday's are good for me. Sign Me up
  9. I was teasing Star the whole time Lolz XD
  10. Me and Its Baconn
  11. Sign me up and It's Baconn
  12. Dang Hero...your not pretty