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  1. Thank You all for your submissions. Submissions are now closed. Voting will commence soon.
  2. Map Name: Artifact Creators: Superior Forger & Tote Trays
  3. Posted a map "Eye in the Sky" needless to say the editor in which to upload a map is buggy. And I can't edit my own post. Lets talk the issues. Issue List: 1) Selecting a Map name is not obvious. I mean it says map name, but first time around I had no idea where to name my map. Maybe it's just me. 2) Text editor I understand is limited now, kind of takes away the flare that I like to add to my map posts, but I get it, nobody really wants to read map posts anymore. 3) Uploading Images - Once images are uploaded, there is no way to delete them, i.e. change the order in which they are displayed. Also uploading images should be specified a one at a time policy rather then figuring out how to use it with little to none direction. 4) Though I selected MCC, after the map post was created, it said Reach. 5) I hit submit post with just my name as the author "or map maker" and it didn't submit, so I went to add author, obviously couldn't find my name because I was already the poster, but that screen wouldn't let me back out until i selected somebody else "a second person" - which now as the map is submitted has two other authors that did not create the map. 6) Can't edit my own map post. I understand from the past why that might not be allowed, but when it comes to fixing things that didn't go perfectly planned the first time around. I think perhaps a time of edit in hrs before post is locked from editing should be put in place. Unless it's just a bug all together. That concludes a few things that I spotted without going to much further into details.
  4. I'm in the planning phase for making a new map as well.
  5. H2A Demotrack Forge-Off next two weeks! Be sure to sign up!

  6. Welcome Halotracks forgers! Demotracks is making a comeback as most of us are in quarantine from the rest of the world. It was a true learning experience to learn how to make a demo tracks, after many failures finally came success. Looking to expand the epic fun demo-tracks list. So without further ado, lets have a Demotracks Forge-Off. Deadline: Start Date: Saturday May 2nd End Date: Sunday May 17th Testing/Judging: Start Date: TBD - Early map submissions may be tested Earlier Judges TBD Prizes: 1ST - TBD 2ND - TBD 3RD - TBD Note there will be prizes, just not decided upon at this moment. Rules: 1) Must be a Fresh-Start Map from date of this post 2) Co-Forge is allowed (please be sure to identify the authors) 3) Must have Blocker Shortcuts and be identified as such so that the racer can't take them and cheat 4) Must have kill boundaries in spots where racers/blockers are not suppose to be (better gameplay experience) 5) Must be a H2A Map 6) Finished Map must be posted on Halotracks "under Demotracks". Please be creative with your post, sell your awesome map! View the below video for any information pertaining on demotrack requirements and/or just an idea of what it is if you new here: Hope to see some old school forgers return from the dead. Happy Forging!
  7. I'm going to be building a few tracks for H5. Do I have any competitors?

  8. StarStruck is hosting an H2A Demo Tourny today, we need some of the old players that know the rules. Lets have some epic fun!

  9. Performing Data Management Tasks: Currently in the process of moving videos to my FHR channel from my two main accounts that I uploaded to years ago. FYI, my xbox TRED account is not more. I was unable to login with that ID and it gave me a new GT. Don't know if you can find my old maps from the Halo 4 days anyhow. It's more so history now. Superior Forger is my only account now. If Halo 6 becomes a smashing success and forge is great then I will certainly try and make a few maps, but until then I will remain inactive in forging halo racetracks.

  10. I liked Casslefied better, IDK who this "Camonized" character is...haha!
  11. Got a new computer and going to be making vids again for FHR. Mostly just map previews,

  12. halo 5

    In the process of finding all Halo 5 Racetracks, not everybody tags theirs and I don't remember all of the gamertags of people that made them, but I am going to continue the FHR Preview Series to Halo 5. Need some new categories so please feel free to jump right in and give me some ideas. Also feel free to post all of your racetrack names with your gamertag or of that of someone else. Thanks Everybody!
  13. I think I will make my last racetrack for the mountain dew series and combine Code Red & Blue. It will be a hard coaster!

    1. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      Work hard, brother

  14. I'm working my way up to prepare for running a Marathon this year :) Ran 9 miles in 2hrs yesterday evening, VA Beach.