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  1. I'm up to 15 Mile runs, moving to 17 this Saturday. 6-8 more weeks and I will be at Full Marathon!

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      hell yeah bother


  2. Running every Saturday! 13.2 Miles yesterday morning. Two mile increase every Saturday tell I hit my target max of 35 Miles. Four months ago I did the ultimate challenge for myself to push my limits and run 5 miles for 7 days in a row. It was tough towards the last few days, but I did it and I'd like to do it all in one day. I know from here lots of hard work, discipline, training, and mind over matter will get me to my goal!

  3. Voting Period open for H2A Demo Forge: 


  4. Working hard to get this BS sorted out with Pinnacle Studio 23. Look for Demo Voting Topic Friday night.

    1. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      In case you miss my messages in the shoutbox, I suggest you dump Pinnacle Studio in favor of Davinci Resolve. There is a free version that basically has everything. This is what I use, and what even major film editing studios are beginning to adopt. It has a node based compositor for FX work, excellent audio tools, and a color suite which is widely considered to be the best grading software in the business. Why more people aren't using this when Blackmagic is just giving it away is beyond me...

      Get you some:

  5. H2A Demotrack Forge-Off next two weeks! Be sure to sign up!

  6. I'm going to be building a few tracks for H5. Do I have any competitors?

  7. StarStruck is hosting an H2A Demo Tourny today, we need some of the old players that know the rules. Lets have some epic fun!

  8. Performing Data Management Tasks: Currently in the process of moving videos to my FHR channel from my two main accounts that I uploaded to years ago. FYI, my xbox TRED account is not more. I was unable to login with that ID and it gave me a new GT. Don't know if you can find my old maps from the Halo 4 days anyhow. It's more so history now. Superior Forger is my only account now. If Halo 6 becomes a smashing success and forge is great then I will certainly try and make a few maps, but until then I will remain inactive in forging halo racetracks.

  9. Got a new computer and going to be making vids again for FHR. Mostly just map previews,

  10. I think I will make my last racetrack for the mountain dew series and combine Code Red & Blue. It will be a hard coaster!

    1. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      Work hard, brother

  11. I'm working my way up to prepare for running a Marathon this year :) Ran 9 miles in 2hrs yesterday evening, VA Beach.

  12. I bought my very first brand new car last weekend. It's a 2018 KIA SOUL+ :) Time to move on to a new chapter of my life :)

  13. I'm sound proofing my car next weekend, then in a few months I'm going to install a 15inch sub and down fire it into the empty spare tire compartment of my 2014 KIA SOUL! I probably wont need the two twelves anymore, anybody want to buy them? It's simple, two twelve inch subs with box and 360 watt amp. But has a pretty good kick! I just want to feel a harder thump!!!

  14. Life without my Xbox has been fantastic! I miss you guys and often look back on all the fun times we had. Thank you all for the epic fun we had in the day, I'll never forget that I was first pick in Demo, hahah!

  15. I just got two Twelves put in the back of my Soul!!! The bass is incredible :)

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      Superior Forger

      You do remember that I am sXe right

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      Mad Hatter

      No sorry, I don't know your sex.

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      Superior Forger

      oh goodness, do I have to spell it out for you Hatter... Straight Edge = sXe

  16. I ran the Surf n Santa 5 Miler race last night in 01:05:06 at an average pace of 13.02 per mile in a Santa Suite!!!

    1. kogaGmente III

      kogaGmente III

      Good to see your still around about HT.

  17. I ran my 1st Half Marathon in 3:13:00 this morning at the Chartway Nofrolk Harbor Half Marathon. Though the run was painful mostly after mile 7, the shits is much much worse!  I am so proud to have hit my goal and have decided to run for another year and focus on half marathons before I go to a full one.

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      Congrats! Keep going!!!

    2. Mad Hatter

      Mad Hatter

      Who hurt you child? What are you running away from?

    3. Superior Forger

      Superior Forger

      The worst thing was that about two hours after I finished my run I got the shits and it sucked!!! My legs are still sore from the run. But I'm taking 7-10 days off from running to recover and decrease my chances of injury. I have decided to run Half Marathons and below for the next year before I train for a full marathon. So I will either run the Shamrock Marathon or the Seashore Nature Trail 50K in 2019. I plan on running the Chartway every year!

  18. Ran 10.5 miles in 2:30:00! Training paid off and I am ready for 13.1! Whoo-Hooo!!!

  19. 14 days away from my Half Marathon! I ran 7 miles in 1:36:28 today. I was going to run 9 but I ran out of water and didn't want to risk it where I was at.

  20. I ran my 1st 5k yesterday :) My time was 37:30. Not as slow as I thought. I rand over 3 miles Monday and Wednesday so I was prepared for the small battle!

    1. Superior Forger

      Superior Forger

      Correction, gotta go strong: My 13 mile race is comming up on thd 19th this month. So I think I will stick with 3:15 finishing time.

  21. It's final, in 29 days I'm running 13.1 miles! Got some hard work ahead of me. Ran 5 miles Thursday night and didn't make six, so I have to try again tomorrow or today. Which ever!

    1. Superior Forger

      Superior Forger

      I know I can do the distance, I just got to figure out when I need to replenish my body with food and drink so I don't dehydrate myself or worse!


    2. Mad Hatter

      Mad Hatter

      are you allowed to drive 13.1 miles instead?

    3. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe


  22. I am happy to say that I finally can run over an hour. I know there is a 10% increase rule, but I really want to run the half Marathon in Mid November which is exactly 30 days from now. So I think with a 2 mile increase every week with 1-2 short runs and the long run a week I should be right on time. I admit It's a little fast, but you got to have goals and you got to put them as a priority or they just sit on the back burner and they just become a memory something you didn't accomplish!

  23. Really liking my career, I bought my 1st car last Saturday, it's a 2014 KIA Soul, I wanted the sports car, but it had a blinds6019193330291518pot that killed, but it did hall ass! This one does to so no complaints and lots more space. Oh, and I'm building another rollercoaster for the mnt. dew series I started last year. Whats new with you guys?

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      What do you do again? I know it is some secret shit...