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About Me:

Most of the Halo racing community refers me as TRED. But my real name is Kevin. I respond to many names. Anyways a little about myself... I graduated early from High school and went to college and got my B.S. Degree in Network Security Administration at the age of 20. Now at age 23 after working as a Hardee's Biscuit Maker for a little over a year I got a job in my field as an IT Data Analyst. I never would have though I would be doing something as important as I am doing now. I can't go into details of course but as somebody who wanted to do nothing but save lives and serve our wonderful nation USA I am doing the important behind a desk. Aside from my career I am happy to announce that I met a wonderful girl and we are in love! She also has my Xbox for the moment since I don't have much time for you guys anymore. But that will change in time and I will continue my efforts as the surprisingly epic racetrack forger you all have gotten to know and love...LOL.

I've lost 75 pounds since last August 2016, regretfully I had to delay my marathon due to asthma for the cold weather; as it turns out I have to do all my running in the summer months of the year so I will train to run a half marathon later this year in the warmer months. 13 miles is much more acceptable anyhow, my body hurts enough already so running a full marathon may not be the best idea after all. A health fact for ya.. Running 3 to 6 miles a week is acceptable to being a healthy individual as 20-50 miles a week is required for the 26.2 mile marathon, so don't beat yourself up if running a full marathon is to hard for you because it's hard for everybody!!!


I started forging racetracks towards the end of the Halo Reach in 2012. I only forged 4 or 5 maps in Halo Reach and they were not that great, but you got to start somewhere right? I forged another 30 or so in 2013 on Halo 4 before I gained recognition. I later became an Elite Map Maker under the GT "TheRedEyedDevil" and continued to forge High Quality tracks until the end of the Halo 4 in 2014. I started forging in Halo MCC in January 2015 under the GT "Superior Forger" and am currently Forging in Halo 5.

H4 Racetracks by TheRedEyedDevil

TRED's 45th



Collision Fusion

Collision Fusion 2

E 4 Extraneous



H2A Racetracks by Superior Forger


Record Breaker

Pumpkin Patch



PO-PO Police


Occupational Hazard

Catastrophic City

Superior Logic

Roads of Art




H5 Racetracks by Superior Forger

Dark Side

Go Army

Nitro Runner (Most liked racetrack in Halo 5 currently)


Mystifying Enclave

(3-5 projects I'm currently working on)