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About Me:

Most of the Halo racing community refers me as TRED because my original gamertag was TheRedEyedDevil. It's a long story as to why I created a 2nd account as Superior Forger, but there is a story. Anyways a little about myself... I graduated a year early in High school, class of 2010 and went to college and got my B.S. Degree in Network Security Administration at the age of 20. Because life is hard, I didn't get a job in my field until I was 23. I worked at Hardee's as a Biscuit Maker for a little over a year and suddenly got the call that changed my life for the better. I got a job in my field as an IT Data Analyst. I never would have though I would be doing something as important as I am doing now. I can't go into details of course but as somebody who wanted to do nothing but save lives and serve our wonderful nation USA I am doing the important behind a desk. I've grown so much these last few years, often thanking back to the good days of Halo forging and racing.

These last few years, I've ran two half marathons and many other smaller races. I run for pleasure, not for competition. Just like I shoot Billiards Pool, I enjoy it but I don't want to be labeled as a Professional. It's just something I find fun and I hate when people get super competitive and ruin the game with seriousness. I have zero tolerance for it. Just like I have zero tolerance for Alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. And don't even get me started on disrespect! For those of you that don't know, I am a die hard Straight Edge Christian. I stand proud of my life decisions. I can't say I'm satisfied with the amount of bad relationships I've been in, but fingers crossed I will find that special girl!


I started forging racetracks towards the end of the Halo Reach in 2012. I only forged 4 or 5 maps in Halo Reach and they were not that great, but you got to start somewhere right? I forged another 30 or so in 2013 on Halo 4 before I gained recognition. I later became an Elite Map Maker under the GT "TheRedEyedDevil" and continued to forge High Quality tracks until the end of the Halo 4 in 2014. I started forging in Halo MCC H2A in January 2015 under the GT "Superior Forger" and am currently Forging in Halo 5. For future reference, in the next Halo Edition (hoping it has a better tile than Halo 6), I will be forging under the GT "Supreme Forger" as Reckless Riley once mis-read my "Superior Forger" Gamertag in a map feature of one of my hit-maps.

H4 Racetracks by TheRedEyedDevil (As Elite Map Maker)

TRED's 45th



Collision Fusion

Collision Fusion 2

E 4 Extraneous



H2A Racetracks by Superior Forger


Record Breaker

Pumpkin Patch



PO-PO Police


Occupational Hazard

Catastrophic City

Superior Logic

Roads of Art




H5 Racetracks by Superior Forger

Dark Side

Go Army

Nitro Runner (Most Liked Racetrack in All of Halo 5)


Mystifying Enclave

White Wrath Mountain