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Don't Forge much anymore. I would say Halo isn't my favorite either. I think Assassins Creed is my personal favorite game to play, but I would say I enjoy quite much seeing all the creativity in the Halo Forging that thousands of people have put together over the years as Halo has evolved. These days I work a full time career and study hard and read a lot. I'm also into investments so I spend a lot of time in research and yatta yatta.. In the days where I can fully have a day to myself, I get out of bed early Saturday Mornings and run for miles. I've made it my personal goal to run Every Saturday no matter how bad the weather or how bad I feel. Just Do It! ~ You got to set goals for yourself.

I run a Half-Marathon event every year, looks like 2020 is canceled, so maybe I will run the Full Shamrock to make up for missing this years event. I really hope they don't cancel the Christmas Races, I loved running those events!

A little about me: Straight Edge, Christian, Long Distance Runner (Heavy Class), I enjoy playing Billiards Pool (8-Ball (BCA Rules), 9-Ball, 10-Ball, One Pocket). I'm pretty decent - I am very good at bank shots, hard cuts, and Masse Shots - my specialty! I prefer 9-Ft over 7-Ft, but can devastate most opponents on both.

I'm super chill, so send me a message on xbox live or here if you want to connect, peace!