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  1. Welcome Halotracks forgers! Demotracks is making a comeback as most of us are in quarantine from the rest of the world. It was a true learning experience to learn how to make a demo tracks, after many failures finally came success. Looking to expand the epic fun demo-tracks list. So without further ado, lets have a Demotracks Forge-Off. Deadline: Start Date: Saturday May 2nd End Date: Sunday May 17th Testing/Judging: Start Date: TBD - Early map submissions may be tested Earlier Judges TBD Prizes: 1ST - TBD 2ND - TBD 3RD - TBD Note there will be prizes, just not decided upon at this moment. Rules: 1) Must be a Fresh-Start Map from date of this post 2) Co-Forge is allowed (please be sure to identify the authors) 3) Must have Blocker Shortcuts and be identified as such so that the racer can't take them and cheat 4) Must have kill boundaries in spots where racers/blockers are not suppose to be (better gameplay experience) 5) Must be a H2A Map 6) Finished Map must be posted on Halotracks "under Demotracks". Please be creative with your post, sell your awesome map! View the below video for any information pertaining on demotrack requirements and/or just an idea of what it is if you new here: Hope to see some old school forgers return from the dead. Happy Forging!
  2. Thank You all for your submissions. Submissions are now closed. Voting will commence soon.
  3. Map Name: Artifact Creators: Superior Forger & Tote Trays
  4. Posted a map "Eye in the Sky" needless to say the editor in which to upload a map is buggy. And I can't edit my own post. Lets talk the issues. Issue List: 1) Selecting a Map name is not obvious. I mean it says map name, but first time around I had no idea where to name my map. Maybe it's just me. 2) Text editor I understand is limited now, kind of takes away the flare that I like to add to my map posts, but I get it, nobody really wants to read map posts anymore. 3) Uploading Images - Once images are uploaded, there is no way to delete them, i.e. change the order in which they are displayed. Also uploading images should be specified a one at a time policy rather then figuring out how to use it with little to none direction. 4) Though I selected MCC, after the map post was created, it said Reach. 5) I hit submit post with just my name as the author "or map maker" and it didn't submit, so I went to add author, obviously couldn't find my name because I was already the poster, but that screen wouldn't let me back out until i selected somebody else "a second person" - which now as the map is submitted has two other authors that did not create the map. 6) Can't edit my own map post. I understand from the past why that might not be allowed, but when it comes to fixing things that didn't go perfectly planned the first time around. I think perhaps a time of edit in hrs before post is locked from editing should be put in place. Unless it's just a bug all together. That concludes a few things that I spotted without going to much further into details.
  5. I'm in the planning phase for making a new map as well.
  6. H2A Demotrack Forge-Off next two weeks! Be sure to sign up!

  7. I'm going to be building a few tracks for H5. Do I have any competitors?

  8. StarStruck is hosting an H2A Demo Tourny today, we need some of the old players that know the rules. Lets have some epic fun!

  9. Performing Data Management Tasks: Currently in the process of moving videos to my FHR channel from my two main accounts that I uploaded to years ago. FYI, my xbox TRED account is not more. I was unable to login with that ID and it gave me a new GT. Don't know if you can find my old maps from the Halo 4 days anyhow. It's more so history now. Superior Forger is my only account now. If Halo 6 becomes a smashing success and forge is great then I will certainly try and make a few maps, but until then I will remain inactive in forging halo racetracks.

  10. I liked Casslefied better, IDK who this "Camonized" character is...haha!
  11. Got a new computer and going to be making vids again for FHR. Mostly just map previews,

  12. halo 5

    In the process of finding all Halo 5 Racetracks, not everybody tags theirs and I don't remember all of the gamertags of people that made them, but I am going to continue the FHR Preview Series to Halo 5. Need some new categories so please feel free to jump right in and give me some ideas. Also feel free to post all of your racetrack names with your gamertag or of that of someone else. Thanks Everybody!
  13. I think I will make my last racetrack for the mountain dew series and combine Code Red & Blue. It will be a hard coaster!

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      Le Hefe

      Work hard, brother

  14. I'm working my way up to prepare for running a Marathon this year :) Ran 9 miles in 2hrs yesterday evening, VA Beach.

  15. Post some picks and details about that epic sound system you may have in your trunk or what you dream on getting in the future! I had two twelves with 360 Watt setup in my old 2014 KIA SOUL which was pretty decent bass for my 1st one. But now in about 3 weeks I am getting a custom sound system put in the tire compartment of my new 2018 KIA Soul because not having any Bass at all is depressing. I wanted 2 15" Subs made by DS18, but as you can probably guess, I was told by several experts that anything over or near 2000 watts would destroy my car or be so expensive to get my car to run that much power and not to mention a few modifications would have to be made which would surly void the warranty. Which needeless to say the DS18 subs run at an RMS of 1500 or 2000 watts minimum, meaning a peak of 2500 to 3000. I am going to get: 2 Rockford Fosgate P3D4-12" 4 ohm 600 Watts RMS Subwoofers with the Rockford Fosgate Ultra Compact 750 Watt MONO Amplifier "FOST750X1BD" Eventually I will change the door speakers with JL Audio speakers or some other high quality audio speakers that can keep up with the defining loud bass the Rockford's will provide! I decided to not use a box this time; instead both 12" subs will be facing up in the rear tire compartment which should be a perfect fit for my sound system. Don't know where the amp is going to go at the moment, I don't want to mount it on the back of the seat again... I can't wait to feel that deep bass again (it will be deeper this time).. In case you didn't know a KIA Soul is like a giant box already, so you don't have to try to hard to get a good sounding sound system going! I'll Post some pics and videos when it's installed!
  16. I bought my very first brand new car last weekend. It's a 2018 KIA SOUL+ :) Time to move on to a new chapter of my life :)

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      Achievement Unlocked: Midlife Crisis 

  17. I got my very first tattoo today! I've been thinking of getting one for many years now and finally did it! As most of you may know, I've said on many occasions that I am Straight Edge. I even made a racetrack a few years back in H2A called "sXe" which is one of the main symbols to represent Straight Edge. I of course added the cross inside the "X" to represent that I am a Straight Edge Christian. When I was young, in my teens I made three promises to God and they were to NEVER drink, NEVER do drugs, and to NEVER smoke or consume tobacco products. These promises are my foundation of who I am today. I do not do it to say that I'm better than others, I do it for me! It's who I am. Even being Straight Edge all these years, this year has been a struggle for me, I even almost lost myself and forgot who I was. But in truth fellas, when I needed him most he came through for me and saved me yet again from falling into the darkness. I was cruel, I was mean, I was depressed and I was alone! God gave me a friend, a second family, and freedom of will to resist all life's darkest temptations. Fact is, all my life I have been looking for my purpose, I can't say that I have completely found it yet, but it is a start. I am a long distance runner, currently Half Marathoner and pushing Full Marathoner status by September this year and Ultra Marathoner next year. I've always wanted to sing Christian music, so I sing at church. I am going to pick up a form of Martial Arts after I become an Ultra Marathoner next year. And I believe many other great things like this will slowly define me and contribute me finding my purpose, because life without purpose for me is not a life worth living. Everywhere in life I have been asked "what are my goals". Many times I didn't have an answer, but I believe the goals we make for ourselves are what in retrospect define us of who we are and give us purpose, sometimes for a short period of time and others through our moral standards built on through our decisions and dedication. Tattoo Specs: Pride - I am proud of who I am and who I have chosen to be! I make my own damn decisions and I take fault for my actions because I am not one to ever become under the influence of any drug or mind altering chemical! Seem harsh? It's called responsibility, maybe if I didn't loose this sweet girl I knew for many of my school years to a drunk driver I wouldn't despise alcohol as much as I do today. Seven years today, my heart still feels like it was yesterday. R.I.P. "Jazmen Skye Foreman". Honor - I will honor my lifelong decision for it is now in my blood or deep beneath my skin to bear a mark of yet a reminder of who I am and the choice I made to be and to bear this mark tell the death! Respect - Treat others with respect, always! Take a step back from time to time and observe the culture of others, but do not judge. Not everybody was raised in the same backyard with the same beliefs and support system. Not everybody will have high moral standards, but that doesn't mean we can't still be friends. sXe - Straight Edge ~ No drugs, alcohol, or tobacco for life and no promiscuous sex! Cross in the middle of the "X" - Christian Phrase "Life Worth Living" - This is the life I have chosen. To stay true to myself and always remember and remind myself through life's hard times that this is who I am and who I will remain forever! Colors: Black, Red, and Orange Bottom Line: From this experience and my high threshold for pain, I can honestly tell you that it really does hurt! Some places hurt worse than others, back of the calf is a tender place so it wasn't as bad as the alternatives. But all in all I'd have to rank this on a pain scale of 8 out of 10. It only took an hour and a half, most parts were just strong vibrations while others were spikes of pain resembling a small bee sting or a sharp object being scratched against your skin when you have bad sunburn. It's painful for sure and I was trying really hard to think of something else other than the needle going into the back of my leg with that awful noise, but all I could think of was that! All in all, $340 for a tattoo and the minor torture was not too bad and I would no doubt get another one some day. Share your Experience: Do any of you have a tattoo(s)? Why did you get one, does it have meaning or is it just something that looks cool? I want to hear your experiences, reply to this topic and post an image of your awesome tattoo!
  18. How bout some classic Halo 4 Demotracks on Xbox One's Backwards compatible halo 4? How bout getting some of the old crew together, I just saw "ImSOshiftfaced" rise from the dead. Maps and best time will be decided by you all in the comment section of this post. Superior Forger out!
  19. Yea, I was going to, but I wanted to see who would be interested first before I pour the time in creating a demo tourney.
  20. I'm sound proofing my car next weekend, then in a few months I'm going to install a 15inch sub and down fire it into the empty spare tire compartment of my 2014 KIA SOUL! I probably wont need the two twelves anymore, anybody want to buy them? It's simple, two twelve inch subs with box and 360 watt amp. But has a pretty good kick! I just want to feel a harder thump!!!

  21. Life without my Xbox has been fantastic! I miss you guys and often look back on all the fun times we had. Thank you all for the epic fun we had in the day, I'll never forget that I was first pick in Demo, hahah!

  22. I just got two Twelves put in the back of my Soul!!! The bass is incredible :)

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  23. Today is my official last day of gaming. I was on the delete final button today to delete my account "TheRedEyedDevil" and received a message from another fan of my tracks and decided to keep the accounts alive at least so others can enjoy the content I created because I'm pretty sure all maps disappear when the account is deleted. However I will never log into these accounts again and my X-girlfriend will be getting the xbox since it's not worth money anymore (at least not worth my time to get money for it). But both accounts will be removed, appearing offline with no descriptions, however the maps will forever remain until Halo is no longer supported or the accounts are deleted from inactivity by Microsoft. Thank you all for the wonderful years of fun, popularity, advice, and racing. This concludes my last, peace brothers ~
  24. It's been a long while since I've talked to anyone here, it wouldn't surprise me if I was forgotten. But I just wanted to write my last essay where I dedicated a portion of my life to making Halo racetracks for the Halo Racing Community. It has indeed been long and fun journey to have shared many extraordinary highlights with you all. Though most of us don't see eye to eye I can say that if I learned one thing from it all is this: I learned how to take constructive criticism at it's fullest and do better (most of the time). But the 2nd part of that is that it also prepared me for the world and how to take it in the face! So I thank all of you (You all know who you are). So where have I been and what have I been doing with my life? Well, for starters like most people who want to succeed, I got a job (my dream job to say the least).. I wont go into boring details about what my job is or what I do, but I enjoy it and look forward to growing to my greatest potential. Besides my job, I broke up with my 1st girlfriend about 3 months ago and started dating online. Found a few women that I was interested in and vice versa but nothing ever came of it. I am in a long distance relationship at the moment with a girl I've only met only twice: 1st time was at my 16th birthday party and the 2nd time was at her best friends baby shower last weekend. The distance makes it hard and the fact that she is in the Army makes it even harder, but I feel that she is the one so I will find a way to make it work. On a side note I started going back to church on Sundays after 10 years of never stepping foot in one. I go to a Pentecostal Church, I tried non-denominational and didn't like it so I go to the type of church I grew up in and really like it. I decided to get more in touch with my faith in the Lord and obtain a better understanding of the Bibles' scriptures. I have also picked up running again and am running a half marathon in mid-November and a full Marathon in March. I'm really looking forward to it all. I've been forever changing in my life, I've pretty much given up games all together. Though I have the time to play, they don''t interest me anymore. It's not just Halo, it's all games, which is good because I want to move on to better things, and I have. The only thing I'm missing in my life is my own house. That's pretty much it. I expect to move out and buy my own condo in about two years and with any luck at all I'll get married too. I know I've made several of these posts in the past saying how I'm leaving, but this is the last time, I promise. Depending on the answer to the poll attached is how I will proceed from here. I will be finished after I beat the new Assassins Creed game probably by the beginning of December, then I will sell and delete the remainder of my games. Thank you all for such a wonderful experience, Superior Forger ~ TheRedEyedDevil