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  1. Excited to drop a new map this week, structurally done just need to add aesthetics.

  2. You know it's time to stop forging and sleep when you hear the birds tweeting and the sun coming out

    1. Camonized


      Been there before!

    2. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      #chirp #chirp

  3. If you did bring it back you probably want a grading scale less vague than OK, Good, Great etc. Perhaps a number or star based system might be to your benefit. Maybe up the production value on the videos too, less volume more quality, perhaps some music, different shots and a commentary.
  4. Couple things, the lack of base sheilds in this game sucks, the amount of pieces is pretty mind blowing but the file sharing sucks so much.

    1. Populare


      We have base shields, look in objectives. They're called infection shields now.

    2. ASC2016


      Nice, I only had a couple minutes to look through the objects so I must have missed them. Thanks for the heads up

  5. How many maps do I have to submit to get my Map Maker rank back?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. MtnDewX97


      What he said.

    3. NukedIceCream


      To double confirm, you only need one. If you can't submit the application through the tracker send me a PM with gamertag/map name

    4. ASC2016


      Thanks guys, I had mini heart attack when I thought I had forgotten how to make a banked turn but all is well so expect a application soon.

  6. I just ordered a Xbone so I may be back in the game soon

    1. Wolf8499


      hey bud how you been

  7. Someone lend me a Xbox One and MCC so I can make a track right quick

    1. ASC2016


      Also just want to thank everybody for the BOH4 nominations

    2. CoookkieMonster
  8. Can you throw Portside on the testing list?
  9. Remake Balloon Battle/Coin Runners from Mario Kart.
  10. Just posted my first map in 11 months.

  11. Don't ask for suggestions for people to feature on YouTube, just pick who you think is best. Otherwise it just turns into a shitfest.
  12. So glad your back ano

  13. Sign me up. After the tournament would it be OK to test a demo track of mine? Also the gamertag i'll be using is DaGriffinater.
  14. Wow I saw that like 5 mins after I posted this. Delete the thread. Thanks Office.