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  1. If anyone wants to race on Halo 5 sign up for my one hour endurence tournament 

  2. Prove it
  3. I'm a pretty casual player when it comes to Halo, at least nowadays I am. I don't really play Halo 5 competitively or even at all when it comes to matchmaking. Swat - Diamond 4 FFA - Platinum 4 Slayer - Gold 6
  4. Have a Smoove birthday Jeff!

    1. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      Now let me tell ya somethin', brother... I will.

      'Preciate it, dood!

  5. From what I've practiced on so far I like most of the tracks.
  6. Well as some people may or may not know, I'm a Pokemon TCG player. I've placed 2nd at 3 league cups this season and have made top 8 and top 4 in 6 others this season. I've been crowned by most of the community as the king of second place this year. One of my goals is to finish 1st in at least one league cup by the end of the season. Some other goals of mine are to top the upcoming National Championship in July and top a regional championship. As far as video game goals go: - Win an HTSX Race - Be Diamond rank in all gears of war 4 playlists (Highest Skill Rank) - Win a game of H1Z1 KOTK (I cry every time) - Beat Call of Duty 2 on veteran ( I cry every time)
  7. Crysis 4 Gears 2 remastered Lost Planet 4
  8. Looks like what cassel does in your day to day HTSX race
  9. Rewatching some of the season 7 HTSX races. never forget the smoove moves 

    +/- Dominance Award

  10. A Smoove donation has landed
  11. Well, the king of smoove just got some more free time, Any racing events going on soon, I would love to give Halo 5 race a try one of these days.

    1. Kat2BKittnMe


      planning on a sx season in june

    2. RealDealD


      sweet, I can't wait.


  12. Its official, I logged in so HT 5.0 is officially smoove.

    1. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      Thanks for tellin' us something', brother!

  13. Name: Darion G. Miller Gamertag: BxA Real Deal D Age: (19 Years Old) Gender: Male Nationality: American Tenure: 3 Years (4 in Febuary) Affiliation: Muscle Milk KTM (Formerly) Tactical Advantage (formerly) Team Smoove (Formerly) Status: Active Top Achievements: HT Grand Prix Champion - [season 1] - {Halo 4} HT Grand Prix Team Champion - [season 1] - {Halo 4} 3rd Overall Team - Tactical Advantage - HT Supercross Leaderboards - [season 7] - {Halo 4} 1st Overall - Real Deal's GP extravaganza - [Halo 4] 1st Overall - Stars Halo 4 Midnight Tournament - {Halo 4} 2nd Overall - Orion's Wrecking Warthogs Tournament - {Halo 4} 3rd Overall -Classic Halo 3 Throwback Tournament #2 - {Halo 3} 1st Overall - Official DRL Friday Tournament #54 1st Overall - Official DRL Tuesday Tournament #19 1st Overall - Official DRL Europe Tournament #43 1st Overall - Official DRL Europe Tournament #25 1st Overall - DRL Real Deal’s Tribute Tournament - {Halo 4} 1st Overall - DRL Season 1 Tournament #18 (Perfect Tournament) 13th Overall - DRL Overall Leaderboard 1st Overall - National Series 2016 Race #3 Birch Hill MX Notable Records: 28 Overall DRL Tournament Podiums 4 Overall DRL Dirtiest Racer Awards 10th Overall - HT Supercross Season 7 17th Overall - HT Supercross Season 6 12th Overall - HT Supercross Season 5 Current Accolades: +Pro Racer - HT Grand Prix Prospect - HT Supercross Only holder of the Smoove Moves +/- Dominance Award Casselfied Of The Year Award winner 2013 Raunchy Racer - HT Dirty Racing League
  14. Great update Jeff! With the race game type now in Halo 5, I can feel my Smoove level rising!
  15. Looks great Jeff! Needs more smoove though in my opinion.