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  1. Prove it?
  2. General Ranking: 1. Halo 3 2. Halo 2 3. Halo 3: ODST 4. Halo: Reach 5. Halo 4 6. Halo 5 Racing: 1. Halo 4 2. H2A 3. Halo 3 4. Reach 5. Halo 5
  3. why not let it fly?
  4. Why not let it fly
  5. not a chance
  6. Rce
  7. Sign up for my tournament brother!

    1. Kat2BKittnMe


      I cant I work until 5 pacific

    2. eNJayDizzle


      Aight I'm in.


    3. Superior Forger

      Superior Forger

      I might if you promise not to cut with all four tires on every curve lol


  8. You should try the new tournament system to make these my dude
  9. Halo 5 If I can get enough sign ups I plan on starting the league sometime in January/February
  10. (Placeholder banner until I make a legit one) HT Overall the latest and greatest squad on HaloTracks, Racers will be duking it out on their favorite Supercross, Motocross, Ovals and Grand Prix tracks through 12 weeks of intense racing to determine the HT Overall Champion. I have a lot of plans for including an All-Star weekend and recorded race coverage and recaps through the whole season. If you're interested in this type of racing then I encourage you to sign up! Squad Requirements: Name: HT Overall Mission Statement: HT Overall is a Competitive squad full of racing on mainly Grand Prix and Supercross tracks. Anyone can Join. Members: 1. BxA Real Deal D
  11. If anyone wants to race on Halo 5 sign up for my one hour endurence tournament 

  12. Prove it
  13. I'm a pretty casual player when it comes to Halo, at least nowadays I am. I don't really play Halo 5 competitively or even at all when it comes to matchmaking. Swat - Diamond 4 FFA - Platinum 4 Slayer - Gold 6
  14. Have a Smoove birthday Jeff!

    1. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      Now let me tell ya somethin', brother... I will.

      'Preciate it, dood!

  15. From what I've practiced on so far I like most of the tracks.