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  1. Here is my cinematic project i've been working on, It's a peaceful watch for the Halo community :)

  2. Here's the new link to my Halo 4 montage. feedback is appreciated

  3. I made a small montage with clips from the Halo 5 beta 6 months ago. They're not amazing clips in anyway at all, pretty amateur tbh but i made it just to remember the beta highlights in one video. Enjoy!

  4. My first montage! it isn't amazing but oh well :)

    1. CoookkieMonster


      That was beautiful Dom, it was cool to finally see some Anniversary gameplay.

  5. I was always the biggest dick in Black Ops 2 where do i even start? Lets start of with things against my own teammates. On core, i used to shoot around my teammates so i'd giveaway their position on their map and i'd trap them in corners. On hardcore mode i'd flash bang the funk out of everyone when the game started, betray them and corner them (yet again). In search & Destroy i'd always try to humiliate the opposing team with a assault shield kill cam with an arrow pointing at them calling them things like miley cyrus and a bunch of other things (after i stunned them so they couldn't react fast enough). I was just a complete troll and never took the game seriously. But in halo, i'm like a child that doesn't like to share his toys in matchmaking with randoms, if somebody picks up a sniper before me and i've noticed they're a lower level than myself i'll usually just haunt them and betray them until i get my toy, except it isnt a toy, it's a funking 5ft long 4 round heavy sniper packing a real punch. If the likes of soda was in my game sure, let the better use the best but i don't know that with randoms and i don't give them much of a chance either.
  6. I miss playing halo customs almost every day, and to think mcc was going to be the ultimate place to play with ease

    1. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      It's managed to kill off a lot of the Halo community.

    2. CurvedBubbles


      Add me, my friends and I play all the time.

  7. check out my map trailer peeps, evoball is back!
    1. Bean05


      looks sweet dood

  8. .Player 2 of Co-op campaign is usually laggy .Players may not be in your game but it claims you can kick/make them party leader .Randomly connect to other players custom lobby .Sometimes in matchmaking, max players will be exceeded and the match will stair successfully with overflow of players .In halo 3, audio will sometimes will be missing during cutscenes .For par times, game will track your time but wont pop achievements 100% of the time .When accepting game invite, game will not attempt to connect .Hitbox in H2A matchmaking is slightly off in some areas
  9. if there's one thing that annoyed me instantly is that when Shank1289 left my game to leave my H2A Team rank went straight from 7 to 1, FOR NO FUNKING REASON!! This is the second time this has happened as i was a rank 4 last time i got de-ranked fir no reason. I like my rank to be shown as my commitment to playing and have other players be happy that they have someone with a decent rank land on their team because lets be honest, we all look at our teamates before the match starts. I don't want to have to restart again just so people have to look at me as if i've just got the game.
  10. Awesome setup, tred!
  11. Big or small console or pc Show off what your gaming setup looks like, what kind environment are you in when you sit down and play games? Here's mine: I have a wii, xbox 360 and xbox one from left to right, on top of the xbox 360 is the Avermedia Game Capture HD. Also on top of my xbox one is the Avermedia Game Capture HD II which i use to record currently. Inbetween both my xbox's is my condenser microphone that i also use for recording. The rest of the setup is pretty much a bunch of GAMESS SHOW ME YOUR SETUP NO MATTER WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE!!
  12. For me personally as soon as i get my copy i will be jumping straight into H2A campaign so i can record all of it and then upload it all to my channel because i love halo and it will get a bunch of views on day one. as soon as i complete the campaign though i will be heading straight to forge to explode my mind with all the terrain!!! I'm not the only one who's excited by this, close your eyes and let your mind be free on what kind of landscape you can build, because you most likely can now and chances are that made you smile because the fact we can forge terrain will show how unique we can all be in our depths. Just to put straight forward in order before i start to type bibles of excitement, i will be doing: 1. H2A Campaign for my channel 2. forge races, mini games and competitive maps 3. play classic halo multiplayer because i never got the chance to 4. Playing competitively all around 5. Picking up achievements along the way
  13. If there's one thing my mind is wanting to have hands on is terrain incline and decline. Use this as the reference picture and imagine it how i describe it put into forge This is the closest thing i could match with my imagination but imagine the road was dirt and those new race gates placed say every 30 meters. That's the kind of thing i'm visualizing right now and i can imagine all of you are thinking about kinds of maps you can make too. Terrain options are literally making me want MCC more than i already do and trust me, i want it so bad it's the first game i've pre-orderd in my life!
  14. I cant wait to speak to this community once more, When you're next on xbox one nuked i'll invite you to a party or something and catch up with you.
  15. After watching this video i knew i had to return to one place where i knew people felt the same excitement, HT! That's right i'm back and i did say very early this year i would return in halo 5 but it looks like the chief collection took it's place and boy does the forge look so diverse. The whole fact of us now having place able terrain instead of scrounging off of the little terrain we had on forge island instantly had me begging for more. If there's anything that caught my eye the most it was the race gates, they look like they've been pulled out straight from a N64 racing game and placing them around maps will really give our maps that race feel. Just think of it, our budget is no longer our pieces by money but instead how many pieces are placed on the map. I can't begin to imagine all the possibilities with all the funky scripting like making structures appear and $%&* blow up!!! even though it was a small taste of scripting and we didn't actually see the UI of the scripting, i can only imagine that there are going to be more than just buttons and explosions. This next step of forging will do more to revolutionize forging but will in fact change it forever. -People can now make In-Game looking Competitive maps for many game types -linear or non-linear infection will be so much more diverse for map interactivity like gates ect. -Races can now be really personalized and themed with REAL terrain options giving us to make a field open track to the roughest of canyons This really is going to bring out what our minds really imagine when we think about map landscape and separate our creative differences as forgers. Nuked and bean can make even crazier kinds of maps than in halo 4, Orion can make all his maps beginning with C, even more COLOSSUS than before, Wolf can still be a terrible racer but in a bigger scale and whiskey can make those killer maps well..... even more killer!!!! (I know some of these people don't have xbox one yet but hopefully we will see them return) I've always been big into halo and even before seeing the forge i knew i would come back to HaloTracks, but know that i've seen a good taste at 1st hand i'm more excited than ever to make a return to my favorite community in my time of playing games. To the future of forge spartans!!! ~DoM