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  1. Two words...Instant Boner
  2. An "object" to add water to an area. Like if you have a lower area you want water on and it is not on the ground, you can just flood that area of the map. Ex. For an endurocross track where you want water you can have that spot lower (as usual on real tracks) you can add water to that spot. Same with LAVA!!!!!!!
  3. Sign me the funk up Also if it was on Gittian we would all lose majorly to to NGayD
  4. funk it sign me up
  5. Sign me up
  6. Sign me up
  7. i am pretty sure that yoshi is not on TLDR and the team leader that is Pwnage that is
  8. Sign me up
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  11. Keep the track me and a few others have already race over three hours on it today and found our lines through the retard sections.lol
  12. just saying that ihatethepackers is pwnage/packers btw
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