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  1. oh yeah so im back

  2. hey guys, its been a loooong time aye?

    1. Le Hefe
    2. Wolf8499


      just living life dude, i discovered a show that a few of the Canadian members here may know. its called Letterkenny, uhh in a couple weeks I'd be out of school for a year and I'll be starting boxing in a few weeks, how bout you bud?



  3. Ever since the halo transition to Xbox One, I just don't feel like I'm apart of this community anymore because no one is on the 360 anymore (its understandable why too) and I plan on getting a PS4 for my next console, and maybe getting a Xbox one in the future too. but we'll see.

    1. Superior Forger

      Superior Forger

      add me on 360. "Superior Forger". I'll hang with you sometime bro!

    2. Wolf8499


      i dont have a mic anymore and with school and stuff im pretty tied up.

  4. You know with all these mongoose air controls I see stunt tracks making a huge comeback

  5. Funking Star Wars man...

  6. I kinda forgot about HT the site looks great, the gallery is confusing though ... To be honest I miss you guys. But I wanted to "free you from the torture of the DRLS most dangerous lapper" for I have quit halo, it's not because of you guys, it's me, I've kinda lost interest in halo, forging, and gaming in general(I kinda got in trouble for my grades and my mom took my Xbox, I got back into skating again though. I kinda miss the old days of early halo 4 when we were all ...

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    2. Offrce


      See you later Wolf. Don't forget to keep making great sandwiches

    3. Camonized


      I wish you the best for your future. You're more than welcome to come back at any time!

    4. Wolf8499


      Well I decided to get a ps4 cause a lot of my friends have it. thanks for the kind words guys, I'll talk to yah guys on the other side

  7. I'm still waiting for Tool's new album. All I know is that it'll be a funking masterpeice
  8. I feel like ive missed so much since my huge hiatus from halotracks

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    2. Wolf8499


      well i cant use my xbox anymore because of family bs

    3. TurbTastic


      You in the middle of a quest bro?

    4. Wolf8499


      nah man my mom took my xbox and stuff cause im not doing well in school

  9. Tool- Forty six & 2
  10. I just want to see her again

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    2. MtnDewX97
    3. Mad Hatter

      Mad Hatter

      What do you mean same? You are the only one macking on Wolfs woman.

    4. MtnDewX97
  11. Could someone buy me a new Xbox power cord?

  12. Ad removal update! ive sucsessfully deleted the provider ads and other Bs and my computer is running better

    1. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      Did you remove any registry keys associated with the adware?

    2. Superior Forger

      Superior Forger

      It's always fun going into the registry. Don't you just love it when it denies you access, lol. If that happens then you really got problems...

    3. Wolf8499


      i went into safemode then to Ced the :\Program Files (x86) deleted the adware and any thing else I dont remember downloading then i restarted the computer and went to chrome there were more ads, checked my extentions and saw an adware deleted that and emptied out the recycle bin

  13. so i've owned my xbox 360s for like 3-4 years now and i experience random framerate drops when i play call of duty zombies(solo) or when i am forging on halo reach and in other games and i have a feeling that its really dirty in the inside and is the cause of the fps drops; anyone want to try and help me with this problem?

    1. NukedIceCream


      The 360 is running hardware that was garbage 8 years ago, just how it goes

    2. Wolf8499
  14. Can some one please help me with removing provider ads off my computer its popping up on every website i go to and when im on ht its the worst its every where; and it makes me not want to go here

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    2. Offrce


      ^ That sucks

      And hey, I'm not the guy who teabagged the entire HaloTracks gallery ;)

    3. Superior Forger

      Superior Forger

      ^ That was kind of random considering it was so long ago.

    4. Wolf8499


      well good thing is i just got my bike back; bad thing is i need a couple stitches on my lip... it was a good fight though... was fun to beat up the kid that stole it

  15. how about a like button or a ratings system in the maps gallerie?