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  1. I kinda forgot about HT the site looks great, the gallery is confusing though ... To be honest I miss you guys. But I wanted to "free you from the torture of the DRLS most dangerous lapper" for I have quit halo, it's not because of you guys, it's me, I've kinda lost interest in halo, forging, and gaming in general(I kinda got in trouble for my grades and my mom took my Xbox, I got back into skating again though. I kinda miss the old days of early halo 4 when we were all ...

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    2. Offrce


      See you later Wolf. Don't forget to keep making great sandwiches

    3. Camonized


      I wish you the best for your future. You're more than welcome to come back at any time!

    4. Wolf8499


      Well I decided to get a ps4 cause a lot of my friends have it. thanks for the kind words guys, I'll talk to yah guys on the other side