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  1. That wipeout at 5:08. I approve.
  2. Really you could build any type of map, as long as it fits the bill. You could do a Supercross with cross-jumps and a backtrack section or two. That's provided they would work consistently both ways lol. Just a regular track isn't what I would be looking for. Just to lighten things up.
  3. So with the Mayhem tournaments bringing in a lot of interest lately to the Halo racing community, there've been little actual Mayhem tracks that have been forged on Halo 5 to counteract that. By definition of "Mayhem" I mean - collision courses, pitfalls, traps, obstacles. Not just a track with dirty racing enabled by fault of rules. If you need an example, refer to OrionHardy84's 'Coprophemia' or 'Criss Cross'. We need more Mayhem tracks! That being said I propose a question to the HaloTracks community. How much support, as a whole, would be given to a Mayhem Forge Contest for Halo 5? How many people would forge a track for this? I may consider offering a prize such as Xbox Giftcards, or XboxLive Gold, to the winner or podiums; but only if there is a big enough turnout to warrant it, as long as that's ok with HT administration, in addition to the usual map feature. Closing statement. We need more tracks in general. We need more Mayhem tracks. Support for a Halo 5 Mayhem forge contest? Yay or nay?
  4. I think everyone had the most fun on Orion's map, Coprophemia.
  5. Ohai durr. For those that don't know, I had recently hosted a Halo 5 Mayhem Tournament. To my knowledge it was the most packed tournament on HaloTracks in quite a while; and I say if you missed this one, then you definitely missed out. Everyone had an absolute blast! Between the awesome maps, great battles for position, crazy wrecks, and drunk Bean, this was one of the best tournaments I've personally hosted. Everyone was cooperative, and had a good attitude the entire tournament. Heres to many more great tournaments to come in the future! _____ Drunk Bean Quotes: "Kenjamin your voice is so sexy." "Get off my map! Yeahhh take it!" "Oh man, step-up king baby. I'm better than all of you." "I missed his voice. Orion you sexy beast." _____ Huron Miquian SX Riverbank Raceway Inhumed Timberland Trail Coprophemia *Screenshots provided by Camonized
  6. - Wouldn't let me remove participants. Adding them after didn't work on results submission. - First time through only allowed results for 5 of 6 maps. After clicking finalize: "Sorry, something went wrong." - Second time through it kept results from first submission and let me put in results for map 6, all before making me redo full results again under the same second submission. Before which I stopped. (I.E Cassel actually finished w/ 90, redoing results would make him finish w/ 180) Never attempted a third try. - Unless I'm colorblind, the text is a dark grayish color when inputting results and blends with orange background making it near impossible to see. Possible fix?
  7. MCC Halo 4 tomorrow. Halo 5 on Saturday.

  8. Jeff I'm not talking about that one. I'm talking about the one Zerker helped modify.
  9. Are you referring to the Xbox 360 Halo 4? Or the Xbox One MCC Halo 4? The best way for the 360 version is to use the modded Race gametype which a majority of us have. For the Xbox One version it's best to use the KOTH gametype, what we used originally on the 360. There's an old guide to set that up on the site.
  10. Halo 5 Mayhem Tournament this Wednesday at 7PM EDT!

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    2. Mrs StarStrukk

      Mrs StarStrukk

      On a side note. Is the shoutbox '5-shout' rule still in effect? I feel like as long as you don't spam or go overboard it would be ok. I mean, I'd hate asking for someone to say something just so I'm able to post an update there as well, regarding my tournament's status.

    3. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      If it's important, it's always OK.

    4. Mrs StarStrukk

      Mrs StarStrukk

      Don't scrap the MCC tournament. I can move one of the two to Saturday, I just need a few responses from HT as to which they prefer so I can make the right arrangements and changes.

  11. Mainly directed at Le Hefe, and the other site administrators, I've noticed some issues with the tournament creation system as part of the new website layout. Keep in mind I'm using an Alienware desktop computer. I don't know how new the website/skin is but I thought I'd post what I found anyways. --------------- Page 1 - No matter what time I put, it always defaults to 12:00AM CDT (or midnight) but the date is fine. - I can't choose a tournament group. (General, HT Demo, HT Supercross, etc) - I can't view tournament level rewards, but I can select the various tournament levels. Page 2 - Nothing noticeable. Page 3 - Either the graphic frame for the tournament header is freakishly small, or the graphics I'm using are ridiculously large (I don't think they are...) which is somehow making me think the frame is messing up. Soooooo.... idk. - When adding hosts under the search menu it lists the various members in a single list fashion instead of, persay a grid. However, when the single list fashion is long enough to bypass the barrier of the bottom of the page I can not move the page (such as using the scroll bar, mouse wheel, or magnifying glass app). I can still click on page tabs, links, and other things; which I have to do to get off the page and to a different one. - The track types list appears in a single list format and drops down into the track selection box. No issues with that otherwise. - I do not see any map overview pictures when selecting maps. I also CAN NOT add any maps whatsoever to a tournament. After I input the amount of laps/minutes and click 'select' it just takes me back to the tournament selection screen without adding the map(s). Page 4 - When adding a brand new ruleset and/or rulegroup within, its duplicated at random. Percentage of occuring is unknown, but I have seen that it happens. Removing either set or group, the original or the dupe, removes both simultaneously; also at random. Page 5 - It tells me to click the checkmark to verify the tournament but it redirects me in 30 seconds anyways? Just didn't make much sense to me is all.
  12. Wth Jeff? I thought I told you to make the walls purple damnit.