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  1. 1 Meliora 2 Frostbound 3 Rotundra Did my voting based on who was able to utilize both sides of the map the best, followed by the quality.
  2. 1 Reset 2 Spam Fritter 3 Raildoors
  3. H2A Demo Tournament tonight at 8PM EST


  4. Just to offer my opinion, I'm skeptical of a season on H5. If you push it, the activity could definitely be there as far as participants go. It's just the Goose man. Regarding the tracks I would have to say that any tracks used would have to have a very high quality per standards because of the Goose. Jeff, it would probably be a good idea to have a prerequisite list of items, or mandates I guess?, that a track would need to have in order to be used for a season on Halo 5. I think the possibility of a season is there, just skeptical about it. But as most would say you'll never know for sure unless you try. It might play out well. As for the current would-be track list, the most gripe I have is with Miquian. I feel like a couple sections/spots would need a small bit of handiwork before it's suitable to be used. Still really solid overall though. Don't see anything else. Really though, all tracks could use some touch-ups.
  5. HAHAHAHA! Jeff you're so funny! No, really. I'm pissing myself. Lol.
  6. What's everyone's hopes for what's going to be revealed at E3 this year? Discussion time! Heres mine: - Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Kingdom Hearts 3 - New BioShock - Borderlands 3 - Bloodborne 2 - Red Dead Redemption 2 - Resistance 4 - The Last of Us 2 - Death Stranding - Smash Bros for the Switch __________ With the FF7 Remake & Kingdom Hearts 3, I only see one of the two making an appearance at E3 this year mainly because they're both Square Enix's biggest projects. FF7 to me is more likely for the fact that it has a larger community behind it, but on the other hand Kingdom Hearts 3 has been in development hell for much, much longer. That's not to say it's not impossible for both to make an appearance. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD LET US GET RELEASE DATES FOR THESE!! With 2K making BioShock a permanent franchise, I could see a new BioShock. Hopefully... it's not as bad as Infinite. I personally didn't like it that much. I wouldn't be surprised if Borderlands 3 didn't surface at E3 even though it's already been confirmed as a game. There just isn't much advertising out there or any backing for it at this point in time. I personally prefer Bloodborne over Dead Souls or Dark Souls, because I love the scenery in Bloodborne soooooo much more. With them being done with the Souls series for now I'd like to see a new Bloodborne come out. Red Dead Redemption 2. Grand Theft Auto. Cowboys and horseys. And all the pewpews. And all the things. Rockstar are pretty avid developers and like to make their games right. HOWEVER, I wouldn't be surprised to not see RDR2 at E3 this year with it being pushed into Spring of 2018. I absolutely love the Resistance series. Not very likely to see it, but one can hope right? NAUGHTY DOG PLEASE GIVE US A RELEASE DATE FOR THE LAST OF US 2! That is all. Even if Death Stranding turns out to be a steaming giant pile of doodie, I will still throw money at the game to support Kojima. The man makes wonderful masterpieces. Lastly, for right now, Smash Bros. I don't see a new title coming out for the next three or four years. But Nintendo would be very stupid to not bring the recent Smash Bros to the Switch. It has an incredibly large fan base, and wide community support. Maybe even bring it with a few new characters, new levels, game modes, etc. For a company on its last legs, this is almost a must for Nintendo.
  7. Anyone else down for trying to make this happen?
  8. If I knew a few more people that would make a map for this, this would turn out to be a decent little contest. Double the turnout and I'd be extremely pleased. I'd like to see this happen.
  9. Remake Donglow from Halo 4 and you'll instantly win.
  10. That wipeout at 5:08. I approve.
  11. Really you could build any type of map, as long as it fits the bill. You could do a Supercross with cross-jumps and a backtrack section or two. That's provided they would work consistently both ways lol. Just a regular track isn't what I would be looking for. Just to lighten things up.
  12. So with the Mayhem tournaments bringing in a lot of interest lately to the Halo racing community, there've been little actual Mayhem tracks that have been forged on Halo 5 to counteract that. By definition of "Mayhem" I mean - collision courses, pitfalls, traps, obstacles. Not just a track with dirty racing enabled by fault of rules. If you need an example, refer to OrionHardy84's 'Coprophemia' or 'Criss Cross'. We need more Mayhem tracks! That being said I propose a question to the HaloTracks community. How much support, as a whole, would be given to a Mayhem Forge Contest for Halo 5? How many people would forge a track for this? I may consider offering a prize such as Xbox Giftcards, or XboxLive Gold, to the winner or podiums; but only if there is a big enough turnout to warrant it, as long as that's ok with HT administration, in addition to the usual map feature. Closing statement. We need more tracks in general. We need more Mayhem tracks. Support for a Halo 5 Mayhem forge contest? Yay or nay?
  13. I think everyone had the most fun on Orion's map, Coprophemia.
  14. Ohai durr. For those that don't know, I had recently hosted a Halo 5 Mayhem Tournament. To my knowledge it was the most packed tournament on HaloTracks in quite a while; and I say if you missed this one, then you definitely missed out. Everyone had an absolute blast! Between the awesome maps, great battles for position, crazy wrecks, and drunk Bean, this was one of the best tournaments I've personally hosted. Everyone was cooperative, and had a good attitude the entire tournament. Heres to many more great tournaments to come in the future! _____ Drunk Bean Quotes: "Kenjamin your voice is so sexy." "Get off my map! Yeahhh take it!" "Oh man, step-up king baby. I'm better than all of you." "I missed his voice. Orion you sexy beast." _____ Huron Miquian SX Riverbank Raceway Inhumed Timberland Trail Coprophemia *Screenshots provided by Camonized
  15. - Wouldn't let me remove participants. Adding them after didn't work on results submission. - First time through only allowed results for 5 of 6 maps. After clicking finalize: "Sorry, something went wrong." - Second time through it kept results from first submission and let me put in results for map 6, all before making me redo full results again under the same second submission. Before which I stopped. (I.E Cassel actually finished w/ 90, redoing results would make him finish w/ 180) Never attempted a third try. - Unless I'm colorblind, the text is a dark grayish color when inputting results and blends with orange background making it near impossible to see. Possible fix?