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    I'm definitely a big halo racing fan! I like playing videogames in general and I really like to have fun! ^-^ Im also a bigggg RPG fan girl! :D

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  1. Halo 5 Mayhem Tournament this Wednesday at 7PM EDT!

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    2. Mrs StarStrukk

      Mrs StarStrukk

      On a side note. Is the shoutbox '5-shout' rule still in effect? I feel like as long as you don't spam or go overboard it would be ok. I mean, I'd hate asking for someone to say something just so I'm able to post an update there as well, regarding my tournament's status.

    3. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      If it's important, it's always OK.

    4. Mrs StarStrukk

      Mrs StarStrukk

      Don't scrap the MCC tournament. I can move one of the two to Saturday, I just need a few responses from HT as to which they prefer so I can make the right arrangements and changes.