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    I'm definitely a big halo racing fan! I like playing videogames in general and I really like to have fun! ^-^ Im also a bigggg RPG fan girl! :D

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  1. Wth Jeff? I thought I told you to make the walls purple damnit.

  2. Wow!! Just wow!!! My heart is filled with so much pride right now. All Superiors in every caption for every competition this marching band season. Head held high, eyes with Pride.

    1. Mrs StarStrukk

      Mrs StarStrukk

      31 total trophies, plaques, and medals for the 2016 season! To some, these may just be mere plastic, metal, and wood, but to 65 students, band staff, and band parents, this is a tangible for all the hard work, sweat, tears, sacrifice, time, effort, talent, and God's blessings this year!

  3. #DownWithTheNonBeliever

    1. OrionHardy



  4. Damnit Jeff. I told you not to rearrange the furniture while I was gone.

  5. Year 2 as Band Director. Day 2 of band camp this year is in the books! 3 more days then the premiere on Saturday!

  6. There's so many great titles I'll be getting. I could write an essay about the games I want. Obviously I'm most looking forward to Final Fantasy 15 & VR, because nerdgasm. Between all the press conferences this year, Sony definitely killed it. Crash remastered? That's a childhood and a half right there. Days Gone, Last Guardian, Horizon Zero Dawn all look sick. The VR looks outstanding. The God of War kick off almost got me out of my seat, not to mention the amazing orchestra. Plus much more. I have to tip my hat off to them. Sony did a great job with their showcase this year.
  7. Packing up tomorrow and heading to the airport! Can't wait for E3 this year!

  8. My Pikazard is so cute<33

  9. Today could easily be described as the best day of my life! Got married to the woman I love and had a great after party! Also, keyblade fights are much better than slow dances. <3

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    2. CoookkieMonster


      Lol I love how you've already changed your username accordingly. Congratulations!

    3. PurpleCHYNAsaur
    4. Stair



  10. In approximately 36 hours I'll officially be a married woman <3

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    2. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      Congratulations, Star! Have the happiest of lives together!

    3. Stair


      I didn't realize you changed your display name, so at first I thought it was Jeff posting this. I was so confused. Congrats!

    4. OrionHardy


      And I never got an invite :p