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  1. Please note this isn't meant to be offensive to anyone. Just for laughs and giggles! WhiskeyWarm Wisdom: 70 Intelligence: 85 Speed: 95 Stamina: 60 Special Ability: May cast "Win" on targeted tournament. Casselfied Strength: More than you Stamina: More than you Speed: More than you Pissed: At you Special Ability: Automatically casts "Rage" with each encounter. Wolf 8499 Strength: 1 Stamina: 1 Racism: 85 Lapped: 99 Special Ability: May summon "Sandwich". May cast "Bathroom Break" on targeted tournament. Orionhardy84 Strength: 1 Vitality: 3 Wisdom: 85 Adorableness: 95 Special Ability: Can cast "Admin Power" on targeted forum post or thread. Immune to Cute-type spells. Dom Motionless Dexterity: 50 Anger: 50 Stamina: 50 Cannibalism: 90 Special Ability: Automatically casts "Last Lap Failure" with each encounter. Can't use Winning-type spells. NukedlceCream Strength: 80 Dexterity: 10 Speed: 60 Stamina: 90 Special Ability: May cast "Cancel" on targeted tournament. May change to Wizard-class during an encounter. Bean05 Dirtiness: 99 Lag: Yes How much: Too much Really: Sorry bro Special Ability: May cast "Voice-Pitch Change" during an encounter. Jeffh3962 Wisdom: 75 Speech: 90 Dexterity: 60 Stamina: N/A Special Ability: May cast "Commentate" or "Stream" on targeted race or tournament. xNJD1x Stealth: 99 Grammar: 99 Parenting: 99 Tryhard: 99 Special Ability: May cast "Correction" on targeted everything. May cast "Daycare" with each encounter. May cast "Stalker" with each encounter. BxA Real Deal Living His Life: 75 Smoove: 85 Singing: Really Bad Splash: 60 Special Ability: May cast "Prove It" with each encounter.
  2. For those that don't know what the lag-out rule is or how it works, I'll explain it first. How it works is when you lag out of a race, have bad black screening, or some sort of major issue such as getting stuck and being physically unable to get out of it; you get your worse position out of the entire tournament for that race(s). This includes missing a race from being late to the tournament & having to sit out a race during the tournament. However, if the race is over halfway completed you get the position you were currently in at that certain point in the race before the incident occurred. Once you hit a third lag-out rule you receive last place points (out of total tournament attendees) for the race, basically a DNF. This change will be made to the rule. From now on if you miss a race from being late to the tournament or have to sit out a race, then you will receive last place points (out of total tournament attendees) for the race(s). Any individual involved in an incident like this didn't lag out of a race nor did they have any big issues and it is unfair for someone to win a tournament or place high in the standings when they weren't present for a race from being late or missing out. The rest of the rule will remain the same. ~ Le Star
  3. I want to try my hands at making a squad again. Thanks to a recent Demo lobby with myself, Jeff, Cassel, Rob, Sodapop, & purple; I'm inspired to make the phoenix rise from the ashes and become successful once more. If you don't know what Demo is you've really missed out. If you want a taste of Demo go sign up for my tournament under the tournaments section of the forums. Anyone who is interested in bringing back Demo please comment here! We need 10 people to make another great squad on HaloTracks! To let people know, HT Demo will have American and European tournaments, to be fair to all. Sign Ups Miss StarStrukk Bean05 DemoTrtl gogetarulez xNJD1x PANCAKEMUFFIN TheOffice1808 Masta Hippie NukedlceCream ImSOshiftfaced neudlez Itz Nugget 095
  4. Hello HaloTracks! This months Member of the Month is someone very dear to all of us. He has been a very large part of keeping HaloTracks together over the last year. We gave @NukedIceCream the honors of being April's Member of the Month to help show him that he is still loved around the community, and all his efforts are being acknowledged by each and everyone of us! Thanks for all your hard work here on HaloTracks, and creating awesome maps for everyone here to enjoy! What is it like to be a member here on HaloTracks? "Being a member on HaloTracks is a great experience. There are a lot of members that have a positive attitude that can brighten up your day. I have been a member of HaloTracks since about 2 months before Halo 4 was released. Since then I have become embraced in the community and have been doing my part to improve it and help it grow. The abundance of squads and variety of tracks in the gallery gives you the opportunity to participate in whatever kind of racing you enjoy, whether it be competitive supercross racing or casual racing on sky tracks." You participate in some of the popular squads on HaloTracks, what is it like for you? "I started out racing in the DRL as soon as it got started back up in Halo 4. I have been helping with it since the beginning becoming a leader and helping introduce a few of the components that exist today. I enjoy it as it is a casual break from the more competitive squads such as HTSX or my new upcoming squad HT Terrain. HTSX is a very competitive environment which challenges your skill and makes you perform the best you can. I also am looking forward to HT Demo which is returning under the leadership of , and . My squad HT Terrain has also been a fun project to run as it allows me to do what I enjoy doing, racing terrain tracks and helping others learn more about them." You've been an Elite Map Maker on HaloTracks for a little over a year, how does this make you feel? "My initial reaction when I got promoted was pretty funny. I joined @CoookkieMonster’s game as he was forging a track and he then proceeded to write “HT” out of fusion coils. I of course went onto HaloTracks to find a message from him saying that I was promoted. I had a bit of a laugh and it gave me the motivations to bring out a greater variety of tracks. My personal favorite track that I have built would have to be my roller coaster map, Drop Off. This track brought me back to how I used to forge in Halo: Reach and has fueled me to continue to make roller coasters on Halo 4. My least favorite track that I've made is my Demo track Rocky Road. I don’t really like playing on it, as it was rushed and I didn’t take my time on making it as good as I could have. The most challenging thing that has come to me as an Elite Map Maker is pushing myself to put out high quality tracks on a more consistent basis as well as keeping up with my map posts. I am also trying to push myself to improve in the areas that I’m not that good at such as aesthetics, motocross tracks, and a few other small areas." As an Elite Map Maker, how do you help out other inspiring racetrack forgers? "I enjoy helping others make their tracks better because I feel that if everybody gets better, then everybody will push themselves even more to put out more original and higher quality tracks. I have begun to do more stuff for the community such as various tutorials for the race gametype and for getting better at forging terrain tracks. I am also rather open to doing co-forged tracks with other people as long as they have an idea and start building a track with it." What is life like for you outside of HaloTracks? "I am currently in my second semester of 11th grade in high school. Up until recently I haven't given much of a care about school so I have found that I am going to have to try quite hard if I hope to get into the programs I want to do when I'm done. The main thing I struggle with is anything that involves writing due to a lack of interest and creativity for assignments. I want to proceed into video game design when I'm done in high school because I really enjoy video games, and I am currently taking a course in school that is based around them. I have also had a great opportunity to visit a local game studio where I learned about what goes on behind the scenes and also got a sneak peak at an upcoming game. I am also going to have a great opportunity to go back to the studio this year thanks to my school! Every year we raise money for charity and the top 10 people who donate get to go. So far I have raised over triple the money I had last year so I am really excited to have the chance to go back. On a different note I have recently moved to a new house so I will be adjusting to that over the next month while constantly wondering where everything is and what light switch does what. I am hopefully going to begin making youtube videos again in the future once I get set up at my new house." What do you hope to bring to HaloTracks to help further it’s future? "I hope to continue to bring out tutorials and helping newer forgers learn the ropes. I also want to continue to forge high quality tracks and bring out new and original ideas. I also want to continue and reach my goal of having 75 maps in the Halo 4 section of the gallery, which I am slowly reaching. One of the main things I hope to do is to run my own successful squad. I have currently started a squad all about terrain tracks as that is my personal favorite kind of track in Halo 4." If you ever decide to depart from HaloTracks, what do you want to be remembered as/for? "I don’t know when I will depart from HaloTracks, but if I do I of course would like to be remembered as the first overall draft pick of HTSX Season 7 who cannot write to save his life. In all seriousness, I would like to be remembered as someone who helped out the community and produced high quality tracks." Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed!
  5. - Wouldn't let me remove participants. Adding them after didn't work on results submission. - First time through only allowed results for 5 of 6 maps. After clicking finalize: "Sorry, something went wrong." - Second time through it kept results from first submission and let me put in results for map 6, all before making me redo full results again under the same second submission. Before which I stopped. (I.E Cassel actually finished w/ 90, redoing results would make him finish w/ 180) Never attempted a third try. - Unless I'm colorblind, the text is a dark grayish color when inputting results and blends with orange background making it near impossible to see. Possible fix?
  6. This isn't the squad shutting down or going to the archives, this is the squad going on more of a hiatus. For several reasons. First reason is Destiny. One of the most sought games of the year that everyone wants to buy and play, with not very many wanting to hop on Halo; and it'll be this way for awhile even into the release of the MCC. Second reason is the MCC. With the MCC being an Xbox One exclusive, not everyone will have the money to buy the game itself or the console needed. It's not fair to make an automatic transition and leave the others behind that won't have the access or ability to get the MCC. Third reason is the general attendance and Halo population. Halo 4 is at the end of its lifespan, maybe even beyond it. It's gotten to where not many people are online or don't even want to play Halo 4 anymore, crushing the attendance of DRL tournaments. It's not as fun as it use to be. And some might say the DRL has become more of a chore rather than a treat. That being said, the DRL is going on a pretty long hiatus. Season 2 will be postponed for quite some time, with only a casual DRL tournament being held here and there. Were waiting until things settle after the MCC release to make the decision to keep the DRL casual with the occasional tournaments, or push for it to have the seasons we been introducing to the squad.
  7. If I click the "Edit" link on my first comment there in the pic, when it goes to the text box it automatically inserts a space character like if you pressed the "Enter" key.
  8. General Rules Race Rules Squad Tracklist
  9. Based on feedback through messages, XBL conversations, and general perspectives from the Season 1 thread; I'm going to try my best to give you guys a rundown of how the points system and leaderboard for our seasons will work. Also so everyone knows, ties will be counted in tournament placement and dirtiest racer placement for this scoring system. For a recollection of the points system you can view the Season 1 thread right here. In this example I'll be using one of the last three Halo 4 DRL tournaments, Friday tournament #59. Friday #59 Standings: 1st: Miss StarStrukk - 89 Points (2 DR Votes) 2nd: BxA Real Deal - 87 Points (0 DR Votes) 3rd: Bean05 - 83 Points (9 DR Votes) 4th: HunterUnit751 - 77 Points (2 DR Votes) 5th: A Rabid Tourist - 74 Points (7 DR Votes) 6th: i ImpROBable - 66 Points (8 DR Votes) 7th: DRG Thang Baby - 65 Points (1 DR Vote) 8th: AlexJ189 - 63 Points (4 DR Votes) 9th: Error5577 - 49 Points (7 DR Votes) 10th: DemoTrtl - 0 Points (1 DR Vote) Tournament Placement: Miss StarStrukk (+10) BxA Real Deal (+9) Bean05 (+8 ) HunterUnit751 (+7) a rabid tourist (+6) impROBable (+5) DRG Thang baby (+4) AlexJ189 (+3) Error5577 (+2) DemoTrtl (+1) Dirtiest Racer Placement: Bean05 (+10) impROBable (+9) a rabid tourist (+8 ) Error5577 (+8 ) AlexJ189 (+6) Miss StarStrukk (+5) HunterUnit751 (+5) DRG Thang baby (+3) DemoTrtl (+3) BxA Real Deal (+1) Total Points Earned: Bean05 (+18) Miss StarStrukk (+15) a rabid tourist (+14) impROBable (+14) HunterUnit751 (+12) BxA Real Deal (+10) Error5577 (+10) AlexJ189 (+9) DRG Thang baby (+7) DemoTrtl (+4) ---------- So, for now, assuming the leaderboard is empty the points total from just above would be what is added to the leaderboard. As you can see even though I won the tournament, Bean05 is ahead mainly because he raced more dirty than I did. And some of the positions are really close thereafter. The main reason we are deciding to use this system, aside from being easy to use, is because were wanting the more talented drivers to get more dirty, and the more wrecking oriented drivers to get acclimated to being near the front of the pack. You have to perform well on the track and get the most insane wrecks to be at the top of the leaderboard. I hope this explanation helped everyone understand the system, and I can't wait until the first season starts!
  10. Rule Changes: - No whining, complaining, excessive ranting or anything else that brings the atmosphere of the lobby down. - If someone breaks one of the above rules, contact the host in a mature manner via a message after the race, and s/he will review it. *rest of mic rules* - Never insult the tracks we use or anything about them, especially if the creator is in the game. If you honestly believe a map used is unsuitable for tournament use, please wait until the host posts his/her tournament result topic and then leave a post maturely explaining why it should be put down as non-recommended. Tournament Changes: The European Tues./Mon. tournament will be removed taking place immediately. The American tournament will be moved to Saturday at 5pm EST, having a host rotation of Office and Orion. And Friday tournaments will remain at 3pm EST, with a host rotation of Mitch, Star, then HunterUnit. This change takes place after Orion hosts Friday tournament #60. The Reach tournaments for now have an undetermined official time as were trying to figure out a suitable time to get the most participants, so expect the time to bounce around the next couple of tournaments. But they are locked on Thursday, however. EDIT: Reach tournaments will be alternated between 3PM EST & 6PM EST to give Americans and Europeans a fair chance to participate.
  11. 1 Meliora 2 Frostbound 3 Rotundra Did my voting based on who was able to utilize both sides of the map the best, followed by the quality.
  12. 1 Reset 2 Spam Fritter 3 Raildoors
  13. H2A Demo Tournament tonight at 8PM EST


  14. Just to offer my opinion, I'm skeptical of a season on H5. If you push it, the activity could definitely be there as far as participants go. It's just the Goose man. Regarding the tracks I would have to say that any tracks used would have to have a very high quality per standards because of the Goose. Jeff, it would probably be a good idea to have a prerequisite list of items, or mandates I guess?, that a track would need to have in order to be used for a season on Halo 5. I think the possibility of a season is there, just skeptical about it. But as most would say you'll never know for sure unless you try. It might play out well. As for the current would-be track list, the most gripe I have is with Miquian. I feel like a couple sections/spots would need a small bit of handiwork before it's suitable to be used. Still really solid overall though. Don't see anything else. Really though, all tracks could use some touch-ups.
  15. What's everyone's hopes for what's going to be revealed at E3 this year? Discussion time! Heres mine: - Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Kingdom Hearts 3 - New BioShock - Borderlands 3 - Bloodborne 2 - Red Dead Redemption 2 - Resistance 4 - The Last of Us 2 - Death Stranding - Smash Bros for the Switch __________ With the FF7 Remake & Kingdom Hearts 3, I only see one of the two making an appearance at E3 this year mainly because they're both Square Enix's biggest projects. FF7 to me is more likely for the fact that it has a larger community behind it, but on the other hand Kingdom Hearts 3 has been in development hell for much, much longer. That's not to say it's not impossible for both to make an appearance. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD LET US GET RELEASE DATES FOR THESE!! With 2K making BioShock a permanent franchise, I could see a new BioShock. Hopefully... it's not as bad as Infinite. I personally didn't like it that much. I wouldn't be surprised if Borderlands 3 didn't surface at E3 even though it's already been confirmed as a game. There just isn't much advertising out there or any backing for it at this point in time. I personally prefer Bloodborne over Dead Souls or Dark Souls, because I love the scenery in Bloodborne soooooo much more. With them being done with the Souls series for now I'd like to see a new Bloodborne come out. Red Dead Redemption 2. Grand Theft Auto. Cowboys and horseys. And all the pewpews. And all the things. Rockstar are pretty avid developers and like to make their games right. HOWEVER, I wouldn't be surprised to not see RDR2 at E3 this year with it being pushed into Spring of 2018. I absolutely love the Resistance series. Not very likely to see it, but one can hope right? NAUGHTY DOG PLEASE GIVE US A RELEASE DATE FOR THE LAST OF US 2! That is all. Even if Death Stranding turns out to be a steaming giant pile of doodie, I will still throw money at the game to support Kojima. The man makes wonderful masterpieces. Lastly, for right now, Smash Bros. I don't see a new title coming out for the next three or four years. But Nintendo would be very stupid to not bring the recent Smash Bros to the Switch. It has an incredibly large fan base, and wide community support. Maybe even bring it with a few new characters, new levels, game modes, etc. For a company on its last legs, this is almost a must for Nintendo.
  16. HAHAHAHA! Jeff you're so funny! No, really. I'm pissing myself. Lol.
  17. So with the Mayhem tournaments bringing in a lot of interest lately to the Halo racing community, there've been little actual Mayhem tracks that have been forged on Halo 5 to counteract that. By definition of "Mayhem" I mean - collision courses, pitfalls, traps, obstacles. Not just a track with dirty racing enabled by fault of rules. If you need an example, refer to OrionHardy84's 'Coprophemia' or 'Criss Cross'. We need more Mayhem tracks! That being said I propose a question to the HaloTracks community. How much support, as a whole, would be given to a Mayhem Forge Contest for Halo 5? How many people would forge a track for this? I may consider offering a prize such as Xbox Giftcards, or XboxLive Gold, to the winner or podiums; but only if there is a big enough turnout to warrant it, as long as that's ok with HT administration, in addition to the usual map feature. Closing statement. We need more tracks in general. We need more Mayhem tracks. Support for a Halo 5 Mayhem forge contest? Yay or nay?
  18. Anyone else down for trying to make this happen?
  19. If I knew a few more people that would make a map for this, this would turn out to be a decent little contest. Double the turnout and I'd be extremely pleased. I'd like to see this happen.
  20. Remake Donglow from Halo 4 and you'll instantly win.
  21. That wipeout at 5:08. I approve.
  22. Really you could build any type of map, as long as it fits the bill. You could do a Supercross with cross-jumps and a backtrack section or two. That's provided they would work consistently both ways lol. Just a regular track isn't what I would be looking for. Just to lighten things up.
  23. Ohai durr. For those that don't know, I had recently hosted a Halo 5 Mayhem Tournament. To my knowledge it was the most packed tournament on HaloTracks in quite a while; and I say if you missed this one, then you definitely missed out. Everyone had an absolute blast! Between the awesome maps, great battles for position, crazy wrecks, and drunk Bean, this was one of the best tournaments I've personally hosted. Everyone was cooperative, and had a good attitude the entire tournament. Heres to many more great tournaments to come in the future! _____ Drunk Bean Quotes: "Kenjamin your voice is so sexy." "Get off my map! Yeahhh take it!" "Oh man, step-up king baby. I'm better than all of you." "I missed his voice. Orion you sexy beast." _____ Huron Miquian SX Riverbank Raceway Inhumed Timberland Trail Coprophemia *Screenshots provided by Camonized
  24. I think everyone had the most fun on Orion's map, Coprophemia.
  25. MCC Halo 4 tomorrow. Halo 5 on Saturday.