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  1. omg...... haven't been on this website in years. I am glad to see that its not totally dead. Anyone who remembers me, how ya doin?:drinks:

    1. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      What's up dude. Good to see you. How are you?

    2. Sodafied


      I remember you and I’m trying to become more active by hosting tournaments 

  2. bought title change and have no idea how to use it :p

  3. FU** YEAH!!!! Sign me up plz 😋 What is that in mountain time? On iPod
  4. EVERY ONE I AM ME!!!!
  5. Aheh😅 wrong button. I would assume the thingy is for Xbox one?
  6. chocolate pizza onion wing cheese burger

    1. Offrce


      I'll take one please

  7. i will probably do a couple of DRL races this next little while

  8. SIGN ME UP! S up guys/gurls? did ya miss me?
  9. warthogs eh? SIGN ME THE F*** UP!!!
  10. so disappointing...... i wanna get a title cheange but i still need 5 HT points tho :( (DO NOT DONATE HOWEVER unless you ask if itz k with me first cause i don't want people sending me a bunch of HT points)

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. ShaddoBlade


      Pro tip: Don't tell me not to do something.

    3. radicalm3at


      i will never understand Murica

    4. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      I've got Twix.


    1. radicalm3at


      (accidently hit enter sorry)

      i have some terrain maps on my file share (halo 4) and i would LOVE if someone took my maps and made them compatible with DRL game types or taught me how to make them so

    2. Mrs StarStrukk
  12. sign me up i am willing to make a sacrifice and mark my words, I WILL BE VOTED DIRTIEST RACER EVENTUALLY!!!!! (unless stars godlike connection just rejects my every time i attemt to wreck her ; _ ;
  13. *rage quit* lol
  14. I'll be there unless my plans change
  15. if any one cares, ill be posting some of my best maps on my file share. The more downloads i get the more maps ill make, so go download them

    1. radicalm3at


      the first three maps i will post are: Milky Way, STAR RUN and a map that i need to rename that will be called Fun to play with, not to eat. so please download them that would help alot

      PS: feel free to send any kind of feedback about my maps.

    2. ImSOshiftfaced


      Most downloaded list worthy

    3. radicalm3at


      have you actually seen them or not?