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  1. Get some cool ancient greek name like... Rectumius Edit: Sphinctus Anuxius Pinus Nipplosius Edit2: Use more than one... I AM NIPPLOSIUS SPHINCTUS <last name>, SON OF <your name>
  2. This one made me lol the hardest xD
  3. Hmm...
  4. What type of videos gogeta?? I own a samsung galaxy s2
  5. Banned for being so gangster.... ... yo?
  6. Bowels
  7. Just post it brah... Look, you can post whatever. It wont matter. (oh my gosh so embarresing to see myself in those clothes again!!!)
  8. cool. like... really cool.
  9. drawing her
  10. 5 User(s) are reading this topic 1 members, 4 guests, 0 anonymous users GUESTS STOP GOING THROUGH OUR NONSENSE
  11. watching two 9 year olds play Halo on easy... Im slowly losing the will to live.

    1. gogetarulez


      LOL. Dude when I was 9 I pwned that shit :p

  12. Ugh....
  13. tík vinsamlegast...
  14. ahah hell no, wish I had those stache genetics. Yanni's stache is real though, he's just a sexy beast.