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  1. The Poor Man Hill Fire
  2. sign me up sir
  3. Gittian was chaotic being a short track and all Box Hill, loved the route on this track, Hunter slips by at the very end another fun track vantage, zzSOzz lags, hunterhasproblems, alex has a sweet pass on hunter in the end Cassieopia, only half the lobby when of the rollover, demo royally screws up even Thang beat him, zzSOzz passes alex in the end, alex commits suicide New castle- hunter slips by again, close race for all except soda who smoked everyone Chrysolite - No
  4. saiyan me up
  5. I'll join the birthday back up roster
  6. fast reply... last spot
  7. Hot pursuit
  8. i'll race
  9. I'll join, and I'll have the time of my life.
  10. mon or thursday work for me
  11. sign me up, main roster