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  1. I've decided to give up with well thought out map names. From now on all my maps will have completely pointless and random names.

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      Creme Egg GP coming soon!

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      Alex = The best forger ever

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      2 words: Shazzle's Surprize

  2. Hey there, forgers. Do you know the situation in H2A when you made a great map, but it would always crash when being played with a larger lobby? Well, I think I have found the reason for that. No good news. You may have noticed that every map you make has got a certain byte size. Well, if that byte size is over a certain point the map won't load with a certain amount of people. Let me explain (The following part is contained of details - if you want to see the important message, skip the spoilers) : The next part includes examples and speculations, but important ones. So at the beginning of MCC I made a map that was full of large cliffs, but only had like 200 objects. We didn't know why, but it worked with a 14 player lobby. It was laggy, but it worked (as I said before, byte sizes have nothing to do with framerate issues, that would be another topic about rendering objects). That map has got about ~6000 bytes. Five days ago I checked out all of the maps' byte sizes and they all made sense to me in the matter of lobby experiences and overall performances. I came to the solution that a map has to be under a certain byte size in order to work with a bigger lobby. In the following I want to share my speculations to the byte sizes and how they affect a custom game. If you want to make a map that can support 14-16 players and has got multiple rounds the byte size has to be under 5000-6000. A map that supports 10-12 players and has got multiple rounds should have a byte size of under 7000-8000. One that plays with exactly 8 players should have under 8000-10000 bytes (multiple rounds) or under 9000-11000 bytes (one round). One/Two player/s can play a map with any byte size together without having any issues. With three players it already could be crucial if they play a map with over 13000 bytes. Keep in mind that all these results are not official. You understand that it is pretty difficult to decree standards due to connection failures, no dedicated servers in custom games and other bugs in the MCC. So I'll leave you with these speculations that are vague, but may not be all that wrong; and they should be taken seriously. Thanks for reading this. Please tell your friends about this thread and fill in your own experiences. I suppose this is pretty important for every single forger since I don't think that :343: will fix that issue in the near future. But as you will know the Halo Forge Community is indestructible. We'll just deal with it. Note: This whole guide was made by Buddy Jumps. All credit goes to him.
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  4. My Xbox One arrived with a faulty disc drive. Fair to say I'm not going to be in a good mood for DRL tonight.

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      Welcome to the Favorites list ;)

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  6. I demand a Cassel Crasher user bar!

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      Mrs StarStrukk

      *alex gets hate mail instead*

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      You need to legit wreck me in a non DRL tourney and you can't be already forbidden from attaining one. Read the rules for more information!

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      You just paved the way for your own death my friend. I am going to destroy you!

  7. Kinect or No Kinect for Xbone?

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      unless you *really* want one, dont get it

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      i dont have one just takes time getting used to the interface which is full retard

  8. 1 o'clock in the morning on new years day? If I'm home by then I'll attend.
  9. Happy boxing day everybody!

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  11. What is the difference between SX, MX, AX and Nationals?

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  13. Pluvial Crust got featured.