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  1. And the hype for Halo 5:Guardians begins.
  2. Sign me up and it'll be 12am for those people who haven't put their clocks forward yet.
  3. Here's me just sitting here figuring out what the hell is going on.
  4. Sign me up please so I can ruin my and somebody else's day.
  5. Sign me up plez!
  6. I'll try and remember this one. Also Cairo Tombs.... what kind of monster are you?
  7. I'll sign up.
  8. NPR for The Win!!! Sign me up!!
  9. Sign Me Up!!!
  10. This on 360 or One? If 360 then sign me up, if One.... well the lack of said console becomes some what of an issue.
    1. AdamMc66


      I feel like I could drop-kick a giant right now.

    2. ImSOshiftfaced
  11. Yeah, it was pretty horrid. Sorry about that.
  12. I'm a media manager on ORL so I visit that quite a bit and I visit Halo Customs when I'm bored and looking to play a game. Also because I have no social life I visit SpaceBattles and it's sister site Sufficient Velocity. I'm also on Alternate History and Reddit as well.
  13. I had heard about HT through other drivers in the ORL although the reason I joined was to troll CoookieMonster in an update which went down..... well.