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  1. it was me, i set the world on fire

    1. ImSOshiftfaced


      you can't stop my communist hacker bots

  2. I'll sacrifice some people, i'll continue to sacrifice innocents in order to better the halo reach forge community. im a weirdo wtf i meant i'll forge a track... pft, also gonna try and co-forge w/ my buddy ll bromway ll
  3. 1. reset 2. spam fritter 3. mt. lelsuvius
  4. I'm a demo-god
  5. Stop deleting my status... you might as well delete me, because it aint gonna stop, and you're too slow

    1. ImSOshiftfaced


      And again. you all can go funk yourselves

  6. night time doesn't work for me, who hold SX races at night anyways wtf... I wake up to race... not wait to race. psh
  7. you are sodamnbadddddddasssssss

  8. Patch Notes: Forge: New/Updated Features: Buttons added for "spawn all despawned objects" and "reset objects to spawn locations" You can script translation of up to 500 ft, instead of previous cap of 100 ft File Browser limits raised to 500 saved items Parallax improvements Added new skybox theme: Ascendance Increased size of map by 20% horizontally and 45% vertically With this change, lighting will be below the center boundary markers (diamond shape boundaries on sides). Above lighting will not be as detailed but still acceptable for many cases. It is designed to be best for aerial combat and/or non-core gameplay zones New Assets: MP Ball Base Gravity hammer added to weapons palette Halo: CE Pistol Added to weapons palette Added new Pelican props (PROPS>VEHICLES>PELICANS>) Closed - Closed up, in-flight version Open - Grounded version; Open back door Door - Snap on back door for the Pelican Gear - Snap on landing gear for the Pelican Added new UNSC Drop pod props (PROPS>DROP-PODS) Drop-Pod: UNSC [closed] Drop-Pod: UNSC [open] Drop-Pod: UNSC [door] Drop-Pod: UNSC [air-brake] Added 64' variants of several objects for people to replace tiled objects and help reduce object counts Bridge [64x16x3] Wall [2x64x12; simple] Wall [2x64x16; simple] Wall [2x64x20; simple] Wall [2x64x24; simple] Wall [2x64x4; simple] Wall [2x64x8; simple] Wall [2x64x12; detailed] Wall [2x64x16; detailed] Wall [2x64x20; detailed] Wall [2x64x24; detailed] Wall [2x64x4; detailed] Wall [2x64x8; detailed] Wall: Window [2x64x12; clear] Wall: Window [2x64x16; clear] Wall: Window [2x64x20; clear] Wall: Window [2x64x24; clear] Wall: Window [2x64x12; shielded] Wall: Window [2x64x16; shielded] Wall: Window [2x64x20; shielded] Wall: Window [2x64x24; shielded] Trim [6x64x10] Railing: Bar [1x64x4.5] Railing: Shielded [1x64x4.5] Cover: Solid [2x64x4.5] Cover: Jersey Barrier [3x64x4.5] Cover: Street [4x64x4.5] Cover: Tech [4x64x4.5] Props>Toys> Grunt [toy] (!!!) Forge Bug Fixes: Fixed issue where Monitor would not use backup map spawns - you should always load into a map when in Forge mode now Fixed issue with menu spinners incorrectly displaying the lowest possible value when they're set to highest possible value Fixed issues with Glacier map to improve general stability and usability Fixed issue with normal/fixed physics on Man Cannon [uNSC] The kill ball can no longer be shoulder bashed. Fixed issue with locked objects floating away Fixed issue with 'Reset Position' script not always resetting position Corrected size issue on Block [64x4x2] Corrected size issue on Block [64x2x2] Fixed issue with tertiary color on Hazard Suit [5x4x11] Fixed issue with color selection on all grid pieces. Now the squares alternate like a chess set. Fixed magnet placement on Ring: 16' [64x64x16; quarter] Added secondary color to Locker [3x2x7] Added magnets to Gravity Volume [32x32x32; invisible] Lined up magnets on open cargo containers with their doors on both man and vehicle sized models Corrected size issue on Block [32x32x48] Weapon pads can no longer be set to unsupported respawn time values ( > 10 minutes). Switch objects correctly update their position as you move them (fixes issue where switches would teleport to their previous position when you dropped them) Fixed bug on shields that caused them to stop Spartans shoulder bashing through them after being popped Forge Tweaks & Cleanup: Improved/cleaned up object palettes that had mix of headers and files Added folders under Structures>Floors and Structures>Walls with accent pieces for quicker access Added Rotation Type, Pivot, and Movement Type controls to the basic control helper settings Changed the physics of the Gravity Lift [invisible] base to allow players, etc. to pass through it; enables chaining Reclassified the scripts group from subsection to submenu Minor reduction to the Monitors boost speed; more tuning will come in future updates Added "Classics" to weapon type category "Set Color" script doesn't update the object's spawn point every time color gets set "Delete all objects" button no longer deletes "Locked" objects and will properly stop objects from respawning Disabled normal physics on a bunch of objects that aren't supposed to support them Named Location updates Added a set of named locations to the list. NOTE: Many of the new ones do not support VO combat chatter but do appear in the HUD. Alphabetized (English) the list
  9. Yeah bro, saw the Tweet about Purple's latest track and thought I'd check it out.

  10. dooooood, u signed on, for like a second

  11. you're a good guy pancake, don't lose focus, you'll do wonders.
  12. Also Underdog Racing/FLR Racing ran by Mr Superdecoy will be kicking off soon. Just gathering dedicated racers, who won't quit mid race or cause problems.
  13. New One from Breakbot/Irfane, “Man Without Shadow,” from debut album Still Waters Anyone hear it? It's funking good
  14. When abouts we're you gonna post the contest? Beach please...