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  1. I bought my very first brand new car last weekend. It's a 2018 KIA SOUL+ :) Time to move on to a new chapter of my life :)

    1. xEasyTargetx


      Achievement Unlocked: Midlife Crisis 

  2. I ran my 1st 5k yesterday :) My time was 37:30. Not as slow as I thought. I rand over 3 miles Monday and Wednesday so I was prepared for the small battle!

  3. You planning to host another rocket race tourney bud? Last one was a blast!

  4. most of you know, I'm a Dad to three sons, 21-19-19, I scored tix to a concert this summer!!! So, the 4 of us are gonna ROCK! - I'm So Fired-Up! ...In my younger pre-dad days I was a 3 show a year concert goer. (76-96)

    1. xEasyTargetx


      Congrats on the tix, didn't know that you had kids, does this mean I can call you Daddy Ken?

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  5. Taking a brief visit home. See you guys Friday or Saturday!

  6. Congrats to Hatter and EasyTarget for the BLUE Team victory in the Rocket Race Tournament!!!

    1. xEasyTargetx


      wooooooooooooo! it was a blast, hope to see more rocket race tourneys :D

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  7. Sad to say it, but after 13 years my beloved cat, Neo, passed away this morning. Contrary to urban myth, he was an all black cat that brought me good luck. Miss you, buddy.