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  1. 1. There should be a neat streamer tab thing where you cans see who's live on the site(approved streamers only; if you want to be safe about it).

    2. It would also be kinda cool if in the tourney system you could choose a team color based on the gametype(hardcore for ex.) first come first server type of thing. If you want to go nuts you could also add a request feature so players could trade colors. This would avoid the sometimes awkward "I wanted to be that color" conversation. It would also give players an incentive to sign up early instead of 10 minutes before the race starts xD.

  2. 28 minutes ago, Le Hefe said:

    @xEasyTargetx Yeah, I've thought about that. I think I can also stop players from spawning if there are other teams in the checkpoint.

    What I'm thinking is changing the way checkpoints are done. So that they're not prerequisites for getting points from completing a lap, and just as alternating spawn points that trigger when players enter... if that makes sense.

    that makes sense

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  3. the first map seems like it's gonna be really fun man. as for the waterfall maybe put a cliff arena in front so you only see the waterfall when you drive by it idk. also i'd be willing to coforge with ya. im not too good but im trying to learn

  4. What is this?

    "I'm making a YouTube series featuring all of the HaloTracks players. Just submit your Halo Xbox DVR clip s(only clips with vehicles in them). It can be MCC or Halo 5. If the clip doesn't have vehicles, I will only upload it if I have no other choice or if it's too good/unique not to show. Hopefully this will be fun and bring new people onto the forums."

    Who even are you and why are you doing this?

    "I'm Easy, I'm friends with Cam and Jeff and sometimes other people. I'm pretty new to the forum, but I've been around a while I guess. I'm doing this because this community deserves to be bigger. I also have no life and think this would be something fun to do."

    Hopes and dreams:

    "That people will actually submit clips and Jeff will add me to the media team."

    How to Submit:

    "Submit your clips by replying to the topic with a link to your Xbox DVR clip. Feel free to use either xboxclips.com or xboxdvr.com for your submissions."


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  5. I want to make a track in Halo 5, however I'm not sure what the standards are for a good track. I want to build it for competitive racers, not really a roller coaster or smooth as silk double wide where the guy who holds forward harder always wins. Any tips or "rules" you have for building tracks would be appreciated.

  6. EasyTarget, I've taken screenshots of your recent games and your voting post. Your vote is believed to be fraudulent because you haven't played the maps, which is a requirement to cast a vote on the maps. I'm declaring your vote null and void until I see the maps appear on your recent games list, and afterwards you may resubmit your vote.

    If you have questions, you may PM me for info.








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