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  1. another random edit i didnt have the clips to make it


  2. a montage for soda. read the description for context

    1. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      Consider posting a topic for this in the Showcase forum, bro. You'll get more responses over time with one.

  3. im gonna hop on 360 this weekend to clip for a solo project i've had on hold forever now if anyone wants to join me

    1. xSODAPOP 13x
    2. Camonized


      Hey man, me and EasyTarget picked up where you left off. We could use your input.

    3. Shadow Forges

      Shadow Forges

      just hmu ill be on pretty consistently for a while

  4. Christmas Choketage:

    1. Offrce


      ish...except all of those clips would be incredible if I did them

  5. Cassel's scrapped minitage:

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    2. Shadow Forges
    3. Rob



    4. xSODAPOP 13x

      xSODAPOP 13x

      My boy Shadow puttin' in work!

  6. Halo 3/Reach Tritage featuring Shadow, Soda, and Cassel:

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    2. PurpleDinosaur


      Good watch. Made me miss Reach surprisingly.

    3. ImSOshiftfaced


      Damn shadow, nice shots.... camera shots I mean... no you suck at halo

    4. xSODAPOP 13x

      xSODAPOP 13x

      Yeah yeah Shadow, putin' in work

  7. Remeber that clip I got on Single Halo Clips a few months ago? lol

    1. Camonized
    2. Jab
    3. xSODAPOP 13x

      xSODAPOP 13x

      That's actually so cool Shadow, you dah man!

  8. Here's all that I could recover of the Return after my hard drive crashed. Debated on uploading it because it was an old save and I had done a ton of work on it but I actually like it a lot. especially the intro and first clip.

    1. Offrce


      Kewl, now I miss Reach again.

    2. Jab


      Young jab on the shot

    3. ImSOshiftfaced


      nice vid, I like how it's a montage of multiple ppl

  9. Logic Concert was INSANE!!!!

    1. Jab


      Can't wait to hear about it

  10. Alright this video needs all the attention it can get. This montage had more jaw dropping moments than I can count. I've never seen a player utilize icicles in halo 3 more than Hyena. Honestly the intro impressed me. Please give this a watch

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    2. Rob


      hyena is such a god at montages its ridiculous. i just wonder how many he tried crazy stuff before it worked...

    3. Pancake


      Simply incredible. Both simple and incredible.

    4. Camonized


      Wow. I wonder how he pulled off the power drain/overshield trick.

  11. So I guess I'll start posting on here whenever I make a video or there's a video relating me so here's a video I started but didn't like enough to finish:

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    2. CoookkieMonster


      Ok, well based on the older videos on your channel it looked a lot like you may have been

    3. Jab


      Shadow wolf wishes he was half the forger shadow forges is

    4. Le Hefe

      Le Hefe

      Everyone wishes they could be half the Forger I am.

  12. Just got on SHC:

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    2. xSODAPOP 13x
    3. Camonized


      Shadow! How is le minitage coming?

    4. Shadow Forges

      Shadow Forges

      Slowly but surely its coming together. School's gotten in the way for the past few weeks but I have some great ideas I'll put to the test this weekend.

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