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  1. the map gallery is 'cooler stuff' - clutter bad for new visitors - can there be a pending area, so those orphans can be used in tourneys, but not be displayed with gallery maps?
  2. Forge logo or digital file logo? ...I'm not always up-to-date. Was something incorrectly used?
  3. KEE Specs - vol. THREE. 32 Maps 24 Skilled Forgers 2 fun music cuts from my oldest son's new EP.
  4. All things in moderation... choose wisely.
  5. Excellent! Nice run Autzen! - you have the LEAD! ...for now.
  6. I found, and have been addicted to, a cool map and game setup by rpgallagher (mini-game forge legend). His Map - 'Nuremberger Time Trials' and gametype - 'Race V1 2 Laps' - I made a quick video to slap you with the gauntlet. slap! slap! ...If you are fast, and have a high score, post it on the video comments. Links to the files in the description. Drive Fast! Have FUN!! It's a Challenge... the only prize is being fastest. proof of full run expected. ...or you can just let ME be the fastest time. Cheers, Kenjamin1 MI - JAMN
  7. "Weld Wars" - get a big group and try this universe! see Gallery post.

  8. New Map - Lost Highway - after spending too much time on interstates this summer...

    1. Mad Hatter

      Mad Hatter

      In the past month i have driven around 7500 highway miles i believe. I live less than a mile away from work too....

  9. Rain or Shine - The Show Goes ON! - Rockin' tonite with my sons at Metallica-A7X-Volbeat at Tiger Stadium in Detroit!!!! Yesssss!

  10. Hearing this "everywhere" ...and I love it! - these kids are from Frankenmuth, Michigan. Rock IT!
  11. @OrionHardy Orion likes BIG Balls, we've got big Balls... sure, we can re-script the soccer ball. I'm suggesting you not try to re-invent, but adapt the Battle Golf setup (which can be set multiteam). There are template maps in 343 featured, and there are dev design docs out there like the ones for 'race' and 'koth'.
  12. Rocketball!!! - it could maybe be a multiteam Battle Golf setup, with players spawning in vehicle. (could use golf balls and have Club as 2nd weapon.??
  13. Hey, can the 'Completed Tournaments' list have the most recent tourney on top? ...only as good as your last performance...
  14. hernia right, - I forge on xbox.
  15. @OrionHardy - I dunno bout no scriptin' ? - It sounds fun, and do-able! I'm hoping to be on during the day Tuesday. 6/20. Oh, I just finished my most recent 'WIP' - Cirque de Crayon - Mayhem for Mongoose, ...lil bit like Orion's copropoophernia.