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  1. I would try to do an 'intentional' mayhem map... maybe one with multiple crossing paths? on Barrens or Depths?
  2. Love Rollercoaster - seek the video...

  3. Hi, I'm sorta proud of this next one - "Love Rollercoaster" - features 8 of the best coaster-style maps in H5.
  4. Thanks to all involved!!! The whole night was a laugh riot! These are Awesome screenshots of the fun maps we raced. GG's
  5. ^ - 200th post!
  6. I still Forge. I still Race. Four Months into the return of RACE to Halo! Since December, we've all found ways to tweak these brains and game settings to suit our needs. It's awesome! Not "official data", but I can safely say... we've had a Race Map added to the H5 browser (with 'correct' gametype settings) every 15 hours, since Dec.8th. Nice!!! I've inspected more than 120 race maps for the "KEE Specs" videos, I have another 50 from pre-Monitors Bounty that still don't have checkpoint setup, some great ones too. I made this video to give key data to veteran map makers, and extra guidance to less experienced race building hopefuls. I tried to keep the focus on the "Required Guts" and "Easy Modify" items used in the RACE gametype. It was fun to try to jam as much details in here to give forgers freedom to do what they want more easily. Have a look. - Kenjamin1 MI *** Shout out PSA for HaloTracks! Thanks HT!
  7. I would like to learn more... this is an excellent explanation of the brain setups. Thank You!
  8. KEE Specs Vol. TWO - 47 more cool forge RACE maps...
  9. I have added the timed killzone feature to "iceBEAR Region" and "The ROCKTAGON". To make them better suited to the next tournament (...maybe April?). I may add some additional mayhem to rocktagon, and have found only one or two other maps that have Rocket Race setups. If you find any or make one let me know. Thanks!
  10. ...when asked about 'magnet link' editing, awhile back. Is this a thing yet?
  11. The openers for Avenged Sevenfold and Metallica this summer. Volbeat - I'll be at the Detroit Show!
  12. most of you know, I'm a Dad to three sons, 21-19-19, I scored tix to a concert this summer!!! So, the 4 of us are gonna ROCK! - I'm So Fired-Up! ...In my younger pre-dad days I was a 3 show a year concert goer. (76-96)

    1. xEasyTargetx


      Congrats on the tix, didn't know that you had kids, does this mean I can call you Daddy Ken?

    2. Superior Forger

      Superior Forger

      Koolest Dad ever! Shoot you go to concerts, play Xbox live, and you forge some great maps. AWESOME!!! Now I want to leap forward in time and get my life situated so I can get back on xbox live and enjoy!

    3. Kenjamin1 MI

      Kenjamin1 MI

      Ha, Easy... crazy uncle ken would be more accurate. TRED - chill bud, time speeds up all by itself, success and good things happen to those who work for it. ...and yes, go forge a map!

  13. A Fun Map! - dash, I think this can be a map gallery post. Touch base with @Le Hefe, to get the info.
  14. Dissent - see new gallery post. Wasp Race & Wasp Slayer.

  15. I'm collecting for Vol. TWO... I have about two dozen fresh maps already. Tag your map with 'race' or the default 'mode race' and use the "Race" gametype (Alpine/Jungle/or ducains, etc.) - or message me the map name. I may also include some other types of "HALO MotorSports" maps and mini-games, like Rocket Race.