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  1. New Map - Lost Highway - after spending too much time on interstates this summer...

    1. Mad Hatter

      Mad Hatter

      In the past month i have driven around 7500 highway miles i believe. I live less than a mile away from work too....

  2. Rain or Shine - The Show Goes ON! - Rockin' tonite with my sons at Metallica-A7X-Volbeat at Tiger Stadium in Detroit!!!! Yesssss!

  3. Hearing this "everywhere" ...and I love it! - these kids are from Frankenmuth, Michigan. Rock IT!
  4. @OrionHardy Orion likes BIG Balls, we've got big Balls... sure, we can re-script the soccer ball. I'm suggesting you not try to re-invent, but adapt the Battle Golf setup (which can be set multiteam). There are template maps in 343 featured, and there are dev design docs out there like the ones for 'race' and 'koth'.
  5. Rocketball!!! - it could maybe be a multiteam Battle Golf setup, with players spawning in vehicle. (could use golf balls and have Club as 2nd weapon.??
  6. Hey, can the 'Completed Tournaments' list have the most recent tourney on top? ...only as good as your last performance...
  7. hernia right, - I forge on xbox.
  8. @OrionHardy - I dunno bout no scriptin' ? - It sounds fun, and do-able! I'm hoping to be on during the day Tuesday. 6/20. Oh, I just finished my most recent 'WIP' - Cirque de Crayon - Mayhem for Mongoose, ...lil bit like Orion's copropoophernia.
  9. OK, I have watched the stream video and you are right, with one or two more teams, that would have been too much. So, let's say Bottomless Clip is a fun option for parties smaller than 8. "option" I posted complete stream footage for both the FEB and JUNE tournaments - *added some mood music to the first match of the June event... FEB JUNE
  10. Did you write this before or after the Tourney (where we had bottomless clip)?? I thought it helped it be ROCKET Race again, not hammer race. imho - @Entropy42 - thanks for signing up and trying. We only had 3 teams but it was a great time. I'll keep you in the loop for next time!
  11. Well, that's true, but what 'issues'? The rockets currently have small effect on the travel of the gungoose, not as much as the hammer. You do still need to aim and hit a target while moving, so do all the teams, someone will get through and still score. I will be happy to test this out before the tourney if anyone has other concerns, or thinks it might be fun.
  12. Hello! I am planning to host another Rocket Race Tournament next week. (Friday I think?) Right! Great! - so get the teams back together, and invite the H5 players you know to join us. Let your friends know they can sign up solo (as a registered HaloTracks member), and we'll get teams organized before Race Time. This is mostly a great casual time with friends, who all plan to stop Hatter & Easy from repeating as champs. Whatever it takes. ONE New question - Can we discuss the option of "bottomless clip" on the rockets? - ?? - @NOKYARD @Le Hefe *some friends use this option and it helps give the rockets a chance to move something. It might be worth testing. ? Almost all of the maps we used last time have been updated by their authors, upgraded and improved!!! - It's gonna be fun!!
  13. You planning to host another rocket race tourney bud? Last one was a blast!

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Kenjamin1 MI

      Kenjamin1 MI

      ok, how about Fri June 9? I add it tomorrow

    3. Kenjamin1 MI

      Kenjamin1 MI

      yep, Friday - 7pm - ...full moon

    4. Kenjamin1 MI

      Kenjamin1 MI

      @xEasyTargetx - so, go sign-up! @Mad Hatter , you too! (You must be defeated!)

  14. Thanks for taking a look. I had an alternate ending that was 'fail' packed, but I had trouble getting explosions to sync on beat. (cheap editing software)
  15. I would try to do an 'intentional' mayhem map... maybe one with multiple crossing paths? on Barrens or Depths?