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  1. 1- Tsavo Redux 2- Meliora 3- Straights MX
  2. Is there a method to download the pc forged map entries to play on console? They look FUN!
  3. 2nd Entry - Radon Rally - JAMN The forge hub contest moves a little slow... Race on this and "Eight" for FUN anyway!!!
  4. Thanks! I may not have time for a 2nd... but maybe? Oh, btw... "EIGHT" Drive IT! ...Do I LOOK Serious? - ENTRY
  5. Well, my first entry is ready for testing... I may do just one more map to submit... Anyway, let me just say that the 'Breakout Arena' is a slutty whore and an unfriendly canvas for forging. This Bitch eats blocks and changes lighting and other crazy bs. SO! It's gonna be COOL! ...Its a full mayhem track, cross-traffic, explosives, and 511 scripts! I'm finishing decorations and cameras, then it'll basically be good for groups to use. It is probably not a good map for a solo drive. Opponents are essential. The more the merrier. I hope more HT forgers will enter the contest.
  6. So, an author can submit more than one map, right? ...this is a CA$H MONEY! contest kids... Bring IT!!!!
  7. Rocket Race Tourney Dec. 9th.

    Sign-up in Tournaments!

  8. Rocket Race DEC. 2017 OPEN! - to enter... click-open Racing Tab (above) and select Tournaments... Add Yourself as a Participant TODAY!
  9. The tourney is gonna happen. Even if just two teams, I'm gonna host some fun! As I have been reviewing the maps and the gametype for multiple teams, I find that the awesome prefab setup by AnonFriction has much different gameplay than the version I was trying to make with IC Entropy, AddiCT3d 2CHa0s and some friends. The AF gt has extra player shielding and normal movement and wacky abilities ON. Mine has normal shielding and slowed movement with NO wacky stuff. The difference is noticeable when you are OFF your vehicle and moving on foot, to get back on, or to try to troll like a punk. Do we agree on player traits when a driver/passenger are off vehicle in a game? AF seems to be in the "NO getting OFF your ride" camp. He even included a clever kill-system with his hill and control brain prefab. It comes with an instant killzone and two connected and scripted teleporters which cycle on and off. This gives you 2 maybe 3 seconds to get back on before the killzone activates and ZAP! He uses 500% shields and health, so when on foot, unless you take a rocket to the face, you probably keep walking. Mine (and I may be remembering RR wrong), is from the "Fall OFF, or exit, you ARE a TARGET!" camp. You move REAL slow, you can't jump, you are a slow moving target and vulnerable to damage and death. None of the maps I have setup use the auto-killzone, maybe because I figured slow moving Spartans on foot aren't scoring points, are likely to get blown-up, and Can Get Splattered when hit by a vehicle! ...Oh so satisfying! But, when it comes to the tournament I want to be sure all participants AGREE on how the Player Traits are set. Settings that we have set up differently (other settings are nearly identical [I use 10% assassination]). SETTING -- AF's vers. -- JAMN's vers. Vehicle -- corp GunGoose (golden goose) -- oni GG; vehicle is indestructible (protecting occupants) as set in game map settings. Primary -- SPNKr prime -- ad Victorian; Secondary -- tarturaus gavel -- scourge of fire. Genades -- 6 Frag. -- 1f &1s; both use infinite ammo, NOT Using bottomless clip. Weapon Damage - 100%; Melee/knkbk - 200%/400%; Gren.Dmg./knkbk - 200%/300% Shields -- 500% -- 100%; Health -- 500% -- 100%; Dmg Res. -- 200% -- 100%. Radar HUD -- OFF -- ON w/150% radius; Wacky stuff (thrust-charge-pound) -- ON -- OFF. Movement -- 100% -- 50% with 80% on fwd/back/strafe/jump/clamb. 110% gravity. Post some opinions below, PLEASE... I have a tournament to run this Friday!!! *Sign-Up now at HaloTracks 5.0 ! ! *update - I'm editing the OP with HIGHLIGHT on settings we'll use in FEB.17 Tournament. I have the gametype searchable in my files - 'RR by AF 4 HT FEB 17' - MI#ugc_halo-5-guardians_xbox-one_gamevariant_Kenjamin1 MI_c583db4b-31cd-446b-9307-62607c8948a9
  10. Thanks! @CHa0s, I have a group of UK Rocket Race enthusiasts I hope will attend. I have two "can't make it's" from Australia. I work nights most weekends and I don't want to miss this... It's Rocket Race!! I have asked some new folks to visit HT and join this conversation. I hope they become HaloTracks members and join us on the 9th! The gametype we have agreed to use for Rocket Race in Halo 5: Guardians was conjured by scripting wizard AnonFriction. Waypoint LINK - All of the maps we'll use can be found in the HaloTracks Maps Tab above, click the Mayhem icon... Links to the video streams of February's and June's Tournaments are above (in this post thread)
  11. At this point, I think Saturday Dec. 9th, maybe around 2pm..???
  12. Alright then, maybe Dec. 9th or 10th?? I'll start begging my friends and frienemies to attend. The Maps are all avail. in my files and bookmarks if you wanna practice...
  13. OK... me and you chief... Five of the best maps we've used in previous Tournament Events (Feb. & June). It would be great to have 5 or 6 Teams for this!!! 1. Deadlock RR 2. FW Canyon RR ...modified since last time. 3. Ridgeline Rocket Race 4. Avalanche RR 5. The ROCKTAGON Team with the highest total points/checkpoints is the winner. Give me some input on WHEN I should do this. Night-Day? Weekend? ...It will need to be before mid-dec., ...?
  14. If the Halo 5 population and activity weren't so slow right now, I'd just post a RR Tourney and you'd all sign-up. But, I'll ask... Do we want to have another?? I only had 3 teams attend the last one. I'd Host another, comment if you are interested. Thanks!
  15. the map gallery is 'cooler stuff' - clutter bad for new visitors - can there be a pending area, so those orphans can be used in tourneys, but not be displayed with gallery maps?
  16. Forge logo or digital file logo? ...I'm not always up-to-date. Was something incorrectly used?
  17. 52 Maps 28 Forge Artists 3 co-Forged 1 from Le Hefe... KEE SPECS - Volume ONE - Halo Race Maps Thanks HaloTracks! - JAMN
  18. KEE Specs - vol. THREE. 32 Maps 24 Skilled Forgers 2 fun music cuts from my oldest son's new EP.
  19. All things in moderation... choose wisely.
  20. Excellent! Nice run Autzen! - you have the LEAD! ...for now.
  21. I found, and have been addicted to, a cool map and game setup by rpgallagher (mini-game forge legend). His Map - 'Nuremberger Time Trials' and gametype - 'Race V1 2 Laps' - I made a quick video to slap you with the gauntlet. slap! slap! ...If you are fast, and have a high score, post it on the video comments. Links to the files in the description. Drive Fast! Have FUN!! It's a Challenge... the only prize is being fastest. proof of full run expected. ...or you can just let ME be the fastest time. Cheers, Kenjamin1 MI - JAMN
  22. "Weld Wars" - get a big group and try this universe! see Gallery post.

  23. New Map - Lost Highway - after spending too much time on interstates this summer...

    1. Mad Hatter

      Mad Hatter

      In the past month i have driven around 7500 highway miles i believe. I live less than a mile away from work too....